Evil Eye Bracelet Broke: What does it mean? 9 Reasons!

Jorge Silva
Evil Eye Bracelet Broke: What does it mean? 9 Reasons!

Evil eye bracelets are one of the spiritual amulets of protection.

They can also be used as pieces of jewelry to adorn the hands of people.

Over the years, several myths and superstitions have flown around concerning this bracelet. Some have proven true over time, while others seem to not have enough evidence to back them up. 

When you use this bracelet, it is believed that it can break at any time due to some reasons.

Therefore, have you noticed a constant breaking of your bracelet? Trust me, it is okay to be disturbed about this.

Especially when you don’t seem to know much about the power of an evil eye bracelet. 

That is why you should also read this article till the end.

I have recently discovered some interesting facts you might want to pay attention to concerning the breaking of evil eye bracelets. After reading this article, you will either be conscious of your bracelet or be happy that it broke. 

There are 9 spiritual reasons for the breaking of your bracelet, and we will look into all of these in clearer detail. However, before we do that, there are important questions we must address.

Therefore, let’s get into the topic right away.

My Evil Eye Bracelet is Breaking: It’s Normal?

Evil Eye Bracelet

No, it is not normal for your evil eye bracelet to break. Just like every other piece of jewelry, it should not consistently break.

Although, there are deep spiritual reasons that explain why this should happen.

However, it is still not normal to constantly experience this

Imagine getting a new set of evil eye bracelets and they all broke within a short time. This goes beyond just being careless.

It runs deep into spiritual matters, which we will discuss later on in this article.

Have it at the back of your mind that your bracelet that broke is not normal. Especially when you never hit it against a hard substance

This could be used as a sign from the universe.

It can pass a message to you, which your spiritual eyes must be attentive enough to receive.

Whether it is an evil eye bracelet or just a normal piece of jewelry, it is not normal for anyone to suddenly break.If you have had experiences with it in the past, then you are about to get clarity concerning the different ways to interpret that experience

What does it mean when your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks?

Broken evil eye bracelet

Spiritually, when evil eye bracelets break, it has the following spiritual meanings:

  • The first spiritual message that can be gotten from this experience is about letting go. In the spiritual world, the spirits can break your bracelet when it is time for you to let go of certain things. You will also observe that the bracelet that broke was your favorite evil eye. Once it happens, remember this message.
  • In addition to this, you can catch a glimpse of the future through this experience as well. The spiritual world speaks of a new season through the breaking of evil eye bracelets. Especially when you’ve used this bracelet for more than 2 years. It means that it is time to give way to a new season of life. Furthermore, this sign also tells you to be open to new ideas from your creative mind. 
  • According to myths, the purpose of this bracelet is to protect people. Therefore, when it breaks, it could also mean that you are surrounded by negative energies. When a message like this comes to you, take extreme caution. Look out for the areas of your life that are vulnerable to attacks, and protect them by all means necessary. 

What does it mean when your Evil Eye Necklace Breaks?

Evil Eye Necklace

Your evil eye necklace will break because there is a threat.

For instance, when someone threatens you at work, your evil eye necklace will break because you are fearful of such a threat. It is believed to be evidence against you.

Biblically, it is referred to as giving in to the spirit of fear, which is of the archenemy satan. 

Does this mean that the threat will play out? No, it does not.

This experience was only given to help your mind. It is given to protect you from further losing your confidence.

It is a message from the universe to prevent you from giving other people influence over your life

Just as we all know, the evil eye is meant to protect us from negativity. Therefore, when it breaks, it could also mean that you have given in to negative energy.

You can take this message in 2 ways:

  • Firstly, as a motivation to stay positive at all times. 
  • Lastly, as a caution sign to guard your heart against negativity. 

Can Negative Energies Break my Evil Eye Bracelet?

Evil eye and negative energies

Yes, it can.

This is one of the 9 spiritual reasons for the breaking of evil eye bracelets.

When negative energy is too much in your atmosphere and your mind, it can bring about a crack in your bracelet.

Another good side to this is that; keeping this bracelet around you helps you to know when negative energy is around.

Once it breaks, you will see it as a sign that negativity is around and immediately switch to positivity before any negative effect takes place in your mind. 

You can use this as an omen as well.

Because negative energy brings bad luck, keeping your bracelet around you can ensure you take instant precautions when it breaks.

Since evil eye bracelets indicate the presence of negative energies, it is the best way to ensure that bad luck does not come.

As you take instant precautions after the signal from your bracelet, the effect of negativity will be reduced to the barest minimum. 

Pay attention to this with your mind. Always watch your bracelet closely. To avoid too much exposure to negativity, make sure you are early when the bracelet breaks.

Now, let us talk about the 9 spiritual reasons why your evil eye bracelets will break. 

9 Reasons why your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks

Reasons why your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks

Your evil eye bracelets can break for several mundane reasons. It could be through impact with hard surfaces, or when it falls.

However, there are several other spiritual reasons for this.

These are deeper than the mundane and can usher us into a realm of consciousness.

I have studied the concept of the evil eye for years and the following spiritual reasons are the top-tier reasons you should never lose sight of

The breaking of an evil eye should never happen normally.

A spiritual force has to trigger this. All of these have been broken into 9 different parts, which you should pay close attention to. Let us discuss this right away.

1) When your environment is full of Negativity

This is the common reason for the breaking of your bracelet. The evil eye is meant to absorb negativity.

Therefore, when negative energies are too much, it breaks after absorbing as much as they can take.

Every evil eye talisman has a limit to the energy it can absorb.

Once it reaches that limit, the amulet breaks. Therefore, it could be because of the exceeding negativity in your environment. 

2) It has absorbed negative energy and cannot take any more

Spiritually, your evil eye will break after it has absorbed too much energy.

As explained earlier, there is a limit to the amount of energy it can absorb.

You need to pay attention to this fact. When you see a crack in your bracelet, it was caused by negative energy.

The limit of your bracelet has been exceeded, and it can take no more.

3) The bracelet has absorbed all the negative energy around you

Another reason is concerning the total absorption of all the negative energy around.

Anytime you see a crack in your evil eye amulet, spiritually, it means that the work is done. There is no more negative energy around you.

Therefore, the bracelet has to fall apart

4) Good Luck

The opposite of bad luck is good luck. Both come from energies.

Bad luck comes from negative energies, while good luck comes from positive energies.

Therefore, whenever your bracelet breaks after absorbing all the negative energies around you, it is a good omen.

It leaves you with positive energy, which brings good luck and fortune into your life. 

5) The effect of people’s evil stares of Jealousy has been neutralized

Do you know that the evil stare from people can disrupt your emotion? Yes, it can.

This is why you should wear an evil eye everywhere you go. One of the reasons behind the breaking of your evil eye could be a neutralizing effect.

When your evil eye breaks, it means that the effect of people’s evil stares has been neutralized. That is, you cannot be affected by it anymore. 

6) Carelessness

Spiritually, your evil eye bracelets can break to warn you against carelessness. It can be given to you as a sign to always be on your toes at all times. 

7) Protection from Spiritual Attacks

Your evil eye bracelet can also break after protecting you from a spiritual attack. Most times, this happens when you sleep with it. 

8) You are under an attack

Now, this is a different equation.

I have read about people who use fake evil eye bracelets. This has no protection, and will only break when you are vulnerable to a spiritual attack.

Therefore, when your bracelet breaks, and you feel depressed, awful, and exposed to negativity, it means you have become vulnerable. 

9) When the work of the bracelet is done

Generally, the reason your bracelet breaks is that its work is done.

After successfully protecting its wearer from misfortune and bad luck, it gives way.

Therefore, get yourself a new set of bracelets to continue to enjoy the protection of the evil eye talisman

Dream about Evil Eye Bracelet Breaking Meaning

Evil eye in dreams

Whenever you dream of your evil eye bracelet breaking, it is a prophetic sign from the spiritual world.

Through this dream, you will understand what lies ahead of you. It shows that there is a negative situation you might encounter on your journey.

However, you don’t have enough spiritual stamina and protection for such.

Therefore, when you return to your waking moments, the first thing you should do is take precautionary steps. Protect yourself from becoming a victim of what lies ahead. 

Another spiritual meaning of having this type of dream is the beginning of a new season. When you dream of breaking an old evil eye bracelet, it implies that you are ready to enter a new season of your life.

Finally, dreams like this could be a sign of good luck. In the physical world, the evil eye takes away negativity and sends good luck to people.

Therefore, the dream could be a prophecy that something good is going to happen to you soon.

Why is my Evil Eye Bracelet Unraveling?


This happens only after it has exceeded its limits.

This is why I always recommend having more than one evil eye bracelet. It makes it easier to instantly replace your evil eye amulet when it breaks apart. 

The reason your evil eye bracelet unravels is when every negative emotion, energy, and attack has been fully absorbed, and you are free from negativity.

This is not a bad luck sign

Final Words

Keeping more than one bracelet is the best way to never run out of this powerful amulet of protection.

Now that you have the possible reasons behind the recent break of your bracelet, I am sure you have the answer you’ve sought for a long time

Additionally, keep in mind that your bracelet might break as a spiritual message. Therefore, don’t just focus on the effect and reasons.

Also, pay attention to the different messages you can get from this experience. Everything around you speaks a message. You only need to pay more attention than ever before to listen. 

I hope you make good use of the information in this article and also implement all the useful tips given.

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