Can Amethyst Be In The Sun? Be Careful! 3 Risks 

Rita Smith
Can Amethyst Be In The Sun? Be Careful! 3 Risks 

As an owner of a crystal collection, a crystal garden, or a multitude of beautiful stones for crystal healing, you are probably wanting to take good care of them.

For any and every crystal you use for crystal healing, that will mean that you want to cleanse every crystal, charge them, and then use them for your own personal and spiritual growth.

These steps in crystal healing maintenance are important to ensure that you get the most from your crystal healing experience. 

As you work with crystals, you are using them to remove negative energy from your life.

You want to release trauma and clear out negative energy blocks. That dismal and negative energy has to go somewhere. But can it be cleansed or charged in the sun?

Amethyst can be put in the sun to charge it and energize it and optimize its use. But you do have to be careful. Learn about the five risks of putting amethyst in the sun here

Can I put amethyst in the sun?

holding amethyst

Yes, you can put amethyst in the sun, but you have to be careful. Putting amethyst in the sun is a way of charging it.

That brings energy and life into the crystal so that you can use it to its fullest potential. Solar energy has been used to energize crystals for thousands of years.

Amethyst is a crystal that is used to help you to harness your psychic and spiritual powers, to help you with sleep and dream recall, and to help you to connect to your spirit guides and angels.

When fully charged, amethyst can help you to reach that potential. You charge the amethyst by putting it in the sun.

While it is not dangerous for you or the amethyst to be in the sun, you will notice that it could change color if you do this for too long or too often.

You really only need to put amethyst in the sun for up to 15 minutes. The potency of amethyst as a crystal can change when the color changes.

That is because the purple of amethyst is connected to the purple of the crown chakra. The amount of time that you leave amethyst in the sun makes all of the difference.

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How long can I leave amethyst in the sun?

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You can charge your amethyst in the sun for as long as you want if you are not worried about it losing its color.

Nothing negative with your spiritual healing will be the result of leaving your amethyst in the sun. When you need to charge your amethyst, the sun is the best place to charge it.

The sun will activate it and energize it in a way that no other source on Earth can.

If you don’t want to lose the color of your amethyst, you will not want to leave it in the sun for more than 15 minutes.

This goes against most conventional schools of wisdom when it comes to charging a crystal.

Most New Age experts will say that you should charge your crystal for hours in the sun. Amethyst is a little bit different.

When an amethyst is left in the sun for too long, it will begin to change color. Some amethyst crystals will turn a darker shade of what they already are.

Some will even start to break down or crumble around the edges. You can watch your amethyst over the course of 24 to 48 hours when you are charging it in the sun for the first time. 

If you do not notice any immediate changes, give your amethyst a little bit of sun every day.

Remember that amethyst is good for spiritual healing. It will help you to align your crown chakra, and support the development of your relationship with your spirit guides.

Charging it in the sun is going to be an excellent way to nurture that potential.

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Why you should not put amethyst at the sun for too long?

Why you should not put amethyst at the sun for too long?

If you are charging your amethyst in the sun, find a place outside to do it. Anything you do with your crystals should be as natural as possible.

Putting amethyst on a window sill is an excellent idea, but outside in nature’s space is an even better one.

After you have put your amethyst in the sun for a little while, bring it in and cleanse it with water. And let the amethyst dry naturally.

Let’s now see the risks of leaving it in the sun for too long.

1) Color Change and Break

The main reason you don’t want to leave your amethyst in the sun for too long is that it will change color and break.

If your amethyst is going to change color from time in the sun, it will begin to turn a yellow shade. It may turn brown. Some amethyst crystals will turn white in time.

You will also find that the stone becomes stronger in the sun.

2) Composition Change

When the stone begins to change in color from the sun, it is also changing composition.

The sun’s energy is still activating or charging the amethyst, and this will release any negative energy or blocks within the stone.

You may find that the stone is more resistant to breaking, but you will also find that the luster of the stone will fade considerably. You may even see signs of the stone cracking.

3) Light Sensitivity

It will not take long for the amethyst to lose its color. You may want to check on the amethyst every few hours to determine if the sun is causing an issue with the amethyst’s shades.

When you are putting the amethyst in the sun, be sure to set the intention for a positive experience and for a safe charge.

The Amethyst is very sensitive to light. Extreme heat is not good for any amethyst.

Amethysts will turn green or white under extreme temperatures, such as 360 degrees Celsius. The purple will not withstand temperatures of 420 to 440 degrees Celsius.

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Be careful with your Amethyst!

Amethyst crystal

It is important to be very careful with your amethyst. An Amethyst is an exceptional stone that can provide exceptional crystal healing.

This healing can help you with dream recall, improved communication, stronger psychic abilities, and even help you to develop a closer relationship with your spirit guides and angels.

When the color and composition of the amethyst begin to break down, you may lose some of the effects that the amethyst is supposed to be offering you.

It is important to limit the amount of sun when it comes to the amethyst crystal.

You don’t want to increase the internal temperature of the stone. And you don’t want the beautiful color of the amethyst to fade from sunlight.

Any extreme temperature change is going to result in a color change for the amethyst.

You may wind up with a yellow amethyst or a white one. The amethyst loses its luster as well. Be very careful with your amethyst and you will enjoy it for a long time.

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Final Words

Amethyst is a beautiful stone with some special purposes when you use it for crystal healing.

It is closely connected to your crown chakra, which helps you to develop communication channels and a relationship with your spirit guides. It also helps you to become stronger spiritually.

Charge your amethyst with love and positive intentions, and keep it in the sun for under 15 minutes, and you and your amethyst will have a beautiful relationship for a long time. 

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