Can You Wear Amethyst Every Day? Who Should and Should NOT

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Can You Wear Amethyst Every Day? Who Should and Should NOT

Amethyst Crystals are among the world’s most popular gemstones and have been in existence for thousands of years.

The name which was derived from the Greek word  “amethystos” meaning sober explains why it has so many healing properties

They are formed in long prismatic crystals that were created from volcanic rocks and the color generally comes in deep purple, reddish-purple tinge or pale purple ting.

The gemstone is very hard; weighing up to 7 on a Mohs scale and is very durable. As a result, it is ideal for different Jewelry production and other industrial purposes.

The gemstone is believed to have some healing properties which center more on a sober mindset.

The color is a symbol of peace, cleansing and calming energy. It can protect the wearer from negative energies and purify the body of all toxins.

Nonetheless, this wonderful gemstone cannot be worn by everyone and we’ll be looking at some of the reasons in this article. 

Who should wear amethyst every day?


Amethyst gemstone is believed to have a lot of healing properties.

These healing properties happened to come with some negative effects. As a result, not everyone can wear them.

The following people are free to wear the Amethyst gemstone:

  • Individuals whose Zodiac sign is either Leo, Cancer or Scorpio. The gemstone is compatible with these sets of individuals and they hardly suffer any side effects. 
  • People whose planet Saturn is affecting their energy. Amethyst can help them keep away negative energy. 
  • People who suffer instability in their life. Amethyst gemstone is believed to help them attain stability by the calmness of their mind and maximum serenity and tranquility. 
  • When you want more from life, Amethyst is believed to help you have the energy and willingness to do more for yourself and your family. 

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Who should not wear amethyst every day?

Holding amethyst

Not everyone should wear amethyst every day, not because it will interfere with your aura but also because your lifestyle can destroy the crystal.

Individuals who have a hard time managing their anger should not wear Amethyst. The reason is that it tends to aggravate such emotions in them. 

People who are clamoring for change in any area of their life, be it career, character etc. are not advised to wear the Amethyst gemstone.

The reason is that Amethyst is believed to help the wearer maintain their current position (whether positive or negative). In such a case, it will end up hindering their efforts. 

Amethyst should not be worn if there’s every tendency for you to always sweat or be in the water. The reason is that water damages the crystal. Therefore, If your kind of job or lifestyle requires that you always sweat or get wet, you should not wear the gemstone. 

If your lifestyle requires you to stay under the sun for too long, then you should not wear the gemstone.

Too much exposure to the sun does not have a good effect on the gemstone. It tends to fade and wear off easily.

If you are working with chemicals or certain cleaning objects, you should avoid wearing the gem. The reason is that the gemstones are damaged by these crystals. 

You should not use gemstones if you are not feeling well, especially in the morning. Wearing the gemstone can deteriorate your health at that point. 

If you have issues sleeping at night, you should avoid the gemstone. The reason is that as it tries to keep the negative energies away, you will find it more difficult to sleep. 

Can I wear amethyst every day?

Amethyst on wood

Yes, you can wear Amethyst gemstones every day, as long as you do not experience any side effects wearing them. 

It is a hard gemstone so it’s very durable and can be worn for a long time without tarnishing. 

Also, if you want to enjoy the numerous benefits that come with wearing the gemstone which includes a soothing and calm mind, stress relief, a cure for anxiety and insomnia, and a surge of sufficient energy, then you should wear it every day!

How do I know that amethyst works for me?

Amethyst cleanse

You will whether the Amethyst gemstone is compatible with you if you experience any of the following.

Amethyst is believed to have a lot of healing properties that bearers usually enjoy. If you experience them with the gem, it means it works for you.

Its major healing property is in helping the bearer maintain a sober mind. If you experience this benefit when you wear them, it can only mean they are suitable for you. 

It is also believed to help anyone get over an addiction. If you are in this category, it means the gem will work for you. 

If you lack direction and stability, wearing the gem is also believed to help you find direction and stability in your life

If you feel more relaxed when you wear the gemstone, it also means the stone is good for you as well. 

If you notice positive changes in your life then that can only mean the gem is indeed working for you. 

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How do I know amethyst doesn’t work for me? 5 Side effects

Touching amethyst

Bearers whose bodies are not compatible with the gemstones experience a lot of side effects when they use them.

This can either mean the gemstone is not working for them or they are undergoing the healing process. Some of these side effects include:

1) Nausea and Bloating

Some people nauseate whenever they are putting on the gemstone. It is very common among women and it occurs because the energy of the gemstone is reacting with that of the body.

If you notice this, you should stop wearing the gemstone and probably see a medical practitioner.

You can also visit an expert to ascertain which gemstone will be more suitable for you. 

A part of the healing process involves the removal of blockages in the body. Most of the time, it comes with abdominal bloating.

Although this should not freak you out, you can minimize this side effect by activating the Crystals. 

2) Restlessness and Nightmares

When you experience restlessness or nightmares while wearing the gemstones, it only means it is not compatible with you. 

This is because it generally causes instability in people incompatible with it and this can manifest as disturbed sleep or nightmares. 

It is more feasible if you are already suffering restlessness and need healing. 

It is therefore advisable you consult an expert before choosing your gemstone to avoid such side effects. 

3) Emotional Outburst

Amethyst gemstone can cause emotional outbursts because of its ability to heal the Chakra, it tends to bring out repressed emotions.

The bearer could begin to laugh, cry or experience euphoria for no reason. 

Although these are believed to be healing processes, which will stop after a while, you should see an expert to make sure it is just the healing process and not a sign of incompatibility. 

4) Headache and Migraine

Amethyst gemstones are known to also induce headaches and migraine.

It is attributed to its ability to help bearers develop psychic ability and intuition since it’s connected to the crown Chakras and the third eye. 

The modulation of the energies of the brain by that from the stone often affects the pineal gland.

This change could be difficult for some people to handle especially those with a blocked or imbalanced third eye. 

They tend to suffer symptoms like headaches and migraines. 

Although this can be part of the healing process, it is also advisable you meet an expert to ascertain if the gemstone is compatible with you. 

In the case of the healing process, the frequent wearing of the gemstone will help one’s body build tolerance

Otherwise, this side effect will fade away with time as the healing completes. 

5) Dizziness

Dizziness could be a sign that the gemstone is not working for you. Usually, the bearer feels light-headed and will tend to fall

If it goes away after some days, it could mean a sign of the healing process.

In this case, you should take things gradually during that period, and avoid standing up too fast. It will fade away with time. 

However, if it doesn’t go away, it should be a sign of incompatibility and requires that you see an expert to know the right thing to do. 

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Final thoughts

The Amethyst gemstone is believed to be powerful as a result of its numerous healing properties.

To know your compatibility, you should observe the effects of wearing them; whether they are positive or negative.

Nonetheless, these healing properties came along with lots of side effects that made them unsuitable for some people. 

If they are negative, you will need to speak with an expert to recommend a better gemstone that is more suitable for you.

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  1. Is there any gemstone safe for everyday wear ….for example green tourmaline is for prosperity but not good to wear Tues and sat…any idea why?

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