What is Opalite good for Spiritually? 11 Healing Properties

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What is Opalite good for Spiritually? 11 Healing Properties

Opalite can bring you peace during troubled times. It is a gentle healer that will soothe your emotions when life gets tough.

It can also bring about feelings of happiness and serenity.

Meditating with opalite crystal can help open up higher levels of consciousness where divinity resides.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for people to find an opalite stone near the end of their lives or when they are seeking guidance from the other side.

Opalite is often given as a sign of closure by spirit guides and angels.

The calming effects on the mind can be felt physically too. Restless sleepers will often benefit from using opalite on their bedside table next to the lamp or under their pillow at night.

The gentle healing energies of opalite can clear away emotional blocks that keep us feeling stuck in our lives.

What is Opalite crystal?

Opalite crystal

Opalite crystal is a rare form of Quartz. It was initially discovered in Afghanistan.

Unlike most forms of quartz that are gray or white, opalite has a rich purple-to-black hue.

This makes it aesthetically pleasing and easier to find when tumbled.

The name opalescence comes from some opals’ translucent appearance; opalsites can have this effect too.

You can see through different colors inside the stone, similar to an oil slick on water. Due to its rarity, you may want extra care with your Opalite crystals.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, we recommend trying Black Tourmaline or Shungite stones instead.

Is Opalite a genuine crystal?

Real Opalite

The answer is challenging to confirm, as few gemstone sellers exist.

A simple google search indicates that it is merely a trade name or trademark for another type of crystal.

Some websites do state that they sell the stone, but then the links redirect you to sites with other kinds of gems.

Even if opalite is not a natural crystal, it has many healing properties!

Opalite helps to balance your emotions and soothe irritability. It also relieves stress by helping clear blocked energy channels in your body while calming your mind and soothing insomnia.

Spiritual meaning of Opalite crystal


Opalite crystal is an accurate representation of the beauty in life.

When you hold this powerful stone in your hand, you will feel a sense of calm come over you.

Opalite encourages self-love and spiritual growth while helping heal the body, mind, and soul. From a spiritual standpoint, Opalite crystal is a powerful stone that can help heal your body, mind, and soul.

This stone carries an energetic vibration of healing love energy.

Many people also use Opalite to protect against radiation and relieve stress.

When you feel stressed or in danger of being exposed to toxins or harmful energies, place an Opalite crystal on your body until you feel safe again.

You can do this by holding it close to your heart or wrapping it around your wrist.

If you need more protection from these external sources, consider placing one near the front door of your home and inside all windows.

Metaphysical properties of Opalite

Properties and benefits of Opalite

Opalite is a type of colorful opal found in South America that has been treasured for centuries for its beauty and ability to heal the body.

Not only can Opalite calm the spirit, but it also purify water when submerged.

Scientists have found out how this happens – different atomic arrangements of ions found in the opal cause interactions with other ions dissolved in water.

This interaction increases levels of hydrogen peroxide. When ingested, it aids with digestion because it strengthens one’s spleen. 

  • It also helps people who suffer from anemia. In ancient times, opal was thought to bring good luck if worn as jewelry or held during meditation;

  • It is considered beneficial for spiritual healing by those on the esoteric path;

  • Wearing an opal ring on your left hand brings happiness and joy into your life;

  • It supports dreaming and visualizing, essential elements in manifesting desires into reality. 

The stone may also be used to help someone experiencing grief over losing a loved one.

One should always cleanse their opal before wearing it again by running it under cold water and then leaving it in natural light for several hours.

Lastly, you can add more power to your Opalite crystal by rubbing lavender oil thrice daily for three days straight.

What is Opalite good for spiritually? 11 Healing properties

What is Opalite good for spiritually?

Opalite crystals are rare and beautiful gems that can bring you unparalleled healing and serenity spiritually and physically.

Not only are they some of the most beautiful crystals you’ll ever see, but they also have incredible metaphysical benefits that can assist you in balancing your chakras, healing traumas, and strengthening your immune system.

Here are 11 healing properties of opalite crystals!

1) Opalite crystals are soothing

Opalite crystals have been said to be helpful for mild agitation, nervousness, insomnia, burns, bruises, and nausea.

Placing opalite in the room where you sleep can help ward off stress.

Some people find they can let go of anger more quickly when they hold opalites in their hands or keep them close by.

2) They provide stress relief

Opalite is a type of calming stone with properties that can also be therapeutic.

It’s known to promote relaxation. It’s reported to help people get a good night’s sleep and help with any type of insomnia because it relieves tension in mind.

People who suffer from chronic pain or headaches say that wearing an opalite crystal on their forehead has reduced their symptoms.

It can also be used for spiritual enlightenment when put on the third eye chakra.

3) Can help with concentration

Opalite is the stone of peace.

Its gentle vibrations have a calming effect on those with chaotic minds or too many thoughts going at once. It is said to help with concentration by blocking out distractions.

Since its colors are soothing, it can also calm frayed nerves and promote relaxation.

If you work in an environment where you need to concentrate often, then keeping a piece of opalite with you will make things more enjoyable!

4) Improve your mood

If you’re feeling sad or mad, our list of 10 opalite crystals that can heal your body, mind, and soul might help.

The first thing to do is to find a crystal that resonates with you on an emotional level.

This will amplify the healing properties of the crystal for you. Quartz may be a good choice if you feel tired, as it’s known for its energy-clearing properties.

5) Boost your immune system

Opalite is a particular type of opal that includes an additional inclusion called hydrophane.

Hydrophane gives this opal the unique property of holding water without breaking down like other minerals with water inclusions.

This means that it feels warm from the moisture when you touch it. The ancient Greeks claimed opals were windows to heaven.

Today, people use opals for stress relief and healing purposes, including physical health and emotional well-being.

6) Help you sleep better

The calming energy of Opalite can be comforting when you’re having trouble sleeping.

It’s also perfect for taking the edge off of stress or negative emotions. As a meditation tool, it’s an excellent way to cleanse your aura.

Additionally, this stone will help open up your third eye chakra.

You’ll feel more empowered as a result.

7) Assists in healing body aches & pains

Opalite crystal can help relieve your body of aches and pains as it works to heal the pain source.

It is a powerful stone that can be used to clear energy blockages in various parts of the body.

In particular, this crystal will remove blockages found around the knees, ankles, shoulders, neck, and jaw.

As an excellent way to ground yourself when experiencing stress or anxiety, this crystal will have you feeling calmer before you know it!

8) Repel negative energy/emotions

Negative energy can cause illness, depress us, or even make it difficult to find a new job.

Negative energy/emotions like jealousy or resentment are straightforward to feel when living in a city.

When you want your negative emotions to dissipate for good, it’s essential to repel them before they sink in.

One of the best ways to repel negativity is with opalite crystals.

9) Promote positive energy in your life

  • Do you ever feel like you need a little energy boost to make it through the day?
  • A new routine?
  • Something to take your mind off of a stressful situation?

The good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to help yourself out.

One way to break out of that slump or provide therapeutic assistance is with gemstones! Specifically opalite crystals.

These beautiful minerals have a lot of different healing properties that can aid your physical well-being, psychological state, and spiritual understanding.

10) Keep you warm when it’s cold outside.

The opalite crystal not only soothes the soul with its calming warmth but also keeps those feeling chilled from the frigid winter air from catching a cold.

An opalite crystal has a low melting point, making it perfect for keeping you cozy when it’s cold outside.

It can be used to produce heat without any adverse effects, such as scorching or damaging materials near it.

Additionally, an opalite crystal is excellent at attracting positive energy that will help bring some light into your life and keep your spirits high during this time of year.

11) Open up higher levels of consciousness

Meditating with opalite crystal can help open up higher levels of consciousness where divinity resides.

It also activates the crown chakra to balance the entire system.

Studies have shown that meditating with opalite helps lower blood pressure by releasing body tension and fears from the mind.

The benefits of using Opalite every day

Opalite necklace

Opalite stones can be used for meditation, connecting with the Divine, focusing energy and intention on desired goals, or simply radiating good vibes.

The light emanating from the crystal has been said to have many healing properties. These stones are ideal for use during ceremonies or prayer time.

They also balance out yin-yang energy.

For example, if you feel too much heat in your life, an opalite stone will cool you down by giving off cold air like water dripping into hot soil.

Or if you are feeling overloaded, it will clear away excess weight or stress. It’s the perfect companion for anyone who thinks they’re not living up to their full potential.

Opalite ring, bracelet, and necklace meaning

Opalite bracelet

Opalite has healing properties that can bring balance to your body.

The following are a few pieces of jewelry containing opalite and their symbolic meaning:

  • The ring is an ancient symbol of love. It brings strength, wisdom, luck, health, and good fortune;

  • A bracelet is a personal accessory that will always be with you. You don’t want it to be tarnished or broken. Wear one that you like! Make sure to use lotion, so it doesn’t cause any irritation;

  • Opalite necklaces have been used as talismans because they contain holy powers and protect against evil spirits while giving you peace of mind. They also represent purity, which we could all use more of these days.

Take care of it by not exposing it to moisture, perfumes, lotions, etc.

Cleanse regularly with a soft cloth dipped in warm water and dish soap for best results!

Bracelets are also seen as symbols of unity because they bind together two things. Showing solidarity and unity towards a person or idea is essential in today’s society.

Final Words

Opalite crystals can have a profound effect on your life.

These 11 benefits of opalite crystals are just the tip of the iceberg; this beautiful stone has other significant advantages.

If you’re ready to transform your life, it’s time to explore the magical powers of opalite crystals!

Opalite is an energizing crystal that provides increased clarity and focus. As an emotional healing crystal, opalite brings balance in stressful situations.

Crystal lovers who use this powerful tool in meditation will be rewarded with peace and tranquility – making it a popular choice for anxiety sufferers.

Physical ailments may also be healed through the energy of opalite: anything from arthritis to shingles has been treated successfully with this gemstone’s help.

The most common way to find out if opalite suits you is by visiting your local crystal shop.

However, if you know exactly what kind of properties or power you need from your stones, there are many sources online where you can purchase them with ease. It was mentioned earlier that opalite brings balance in stressful situations. 

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