15 Lava Stone Meanings and Healing Properties

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15 Lava Stone Meanings and Healing Properties

Lava stone or lava rock has existed for centuries and possibly millennia.

It is one of the oldest minerals on earth. Because of its qualities and properties, several ancient cultures revere this stone and believe it to be a sign from the gods

  • Is this belief true or not? 
  • When you see this stone or get it for yourself, should you attach any spiritual meaning to it?
  • Does a lava stone have healing properties?

All of these questions will be answered in this article. Read on to find out.

What is Lava Stone?

Lava Stone
Lava Stone

This stone is made from a volcanic eruption. It is also called basalt or lava rock. The stone is solidified lava. It came from fire.

When volcanoes erupt, the lava that flows out will cool off and solidify to become lava stone. 

It is used as an accessory and for spiritual purposes.

Some people use it for beauty, while others use it for more spiritual and intensive purposes. This stone does not look attractive at the initial stage. However, when thoroughly processed, it becomes shiny and attractive

Several spiritual meanings and properties can be enjoyed by using this spiritual artifact. Let us look into them.

What is Lava Stone Good For (Spiritually)?

Spiritual Benefits of Lava Stone

This stone is good for the following:

  1. For beauty: If you want to look exquisite, try using the lava stone. Wearing it enhances your beauty. It makes people look attractive. It is said that women wore this stone as pendants and bracelets to seduce their husbands. Till today, women still do that. Therefore, if you need a perfect material that can seduce your man, then this is the best.

  2. It is good for controlling anger: People who have anger issues can use this stone for self-control. It brings your emotional pressure under control. All you have to do is hold about 5 of these stones in your hands and caress them with your hands. Doing this sends soothing energy across your spine. With this, you will become calm. Dreaming of this stone also sends a message to you concerning anger. It tells you to keep your emotions under control.

  3. This stone is good for spirituality: Do you desire to draw closer to the spiritual realm? Then, this is a stone that helps. With its energy frequency, your mind can ascend into spiritual realms you never thought possible. Additionally, your consciousness will be in sync with the spirit world.

Lava Stone Metaphysical Properties


When you see this stone, always remember that it possesses divine qualities. Its metaphysical properties are associated with fire, water, and earth


In the metaphysical world, fire is a sign of passion. Therefore, this stone can imbue you with passion.

If you want to achieve anything, using the lava stone can be an extra aid to fuel your passion much more. With this stone, you will become more determined than ever before.

It fuels your conviction as well and keeps you on the path you have chosen.


This helps people to stay purified. Because of the water energy in the lava stone, you can be assured of purification.

It possesses the ability to purify your soul of negative energy.

Whenever you use this stone, be assured of pure energy transmission. It blocks out unnecessary energy frequencies. It also prevents negative energy from affecting you. 


Spiritually, lava stone helps us to connect with the core of nature. Because of its association with mother earth, people who use this stone become grounded.

The metaphysical properties of this amazing solid material cause our minds to ascend into the spiritual world.

Lava Stone Spiritual Meaning: 4 Messages for You

Lava Stone Spiritual Meaning

1. Strong conviction

Whenever the universe sends this stone to you as a message, it means you should build a solid conviction.

What do you want to achieve in life? Do you have a clue about it yet? If not, then the time has come for you to retreat.

Go on a self-evaluation and self-discovery journey.

This helps you to build a strong conviction for the times ahead. It also leads to the discovery of purpose.

2. Protection

Because of the energy that emits from this stone, it can be used as an omen of protection.

When you get a message from it in your dream, the universe is protecting you from harm. Because of this stone, your mind can be assured of safety.

This stone serves as a barrier between you and negative energy. It also protects you from the evil eye effect.

Anytime you dream of holding 3 lava stones, this means that your spirit, soul, and body are under the protection of the universe.

3. Be confident 

The moment you begin to suffer from low self-esteem, it might be time to call upon the energy of lava stone.

Wherever this stone dwells, people become supernaturally confident in themselves and the abilities they have. 

In your dream, you can also get this message.

The spirits are telling you to trust in yourself. Believe that you can achieve everything you put your mind to accomplish.

When you believe in yourself, the universe will turn its attention towards you, and this might attract good luck, opportunities, and prosperity to your life

4. You can withstand pressure

One of the qualities of lava stones is strength. It does not break easily.

Spiritually, this sends a message of inner strength and fortitude.

When you get this stone as a message from the spirit world, it implies that you need to develop a persistent mindset that does not give in to pressure.

Now, this might be a prophetic message.

Even if you are not going through any negative situations at the moment, the message has been given to prepare you for what lies in the future.

Therefore, pay attention to it, and let it guide you when times of pressure come into your life. 

11 Lava Stone Healing Properties and Benefits

Lava Stone Healing Properties

You stand to gain a lot when you use lava stone for yourself. Beyond the beauty, you stand to enjoy the following healing properties and spiritual benefits. These will help your mind properly harness the energy in your lava stone bracelet or pendant.

1) For sick people

Are you sick? Do you need a quicker recovery? Then, keep this stone close to your bed every night.

It releases the power to foster speedy recovery. People who use this for their health have recorded excellent testimonials and results.

Therefore, use it for yourself.

2) For people who are feeling weak

The power in this stone can restore strength to you.

If you notice that you feel weak after standing for too long or spending your energy on worthwhile causes, this might be due to a sickness, or other causes.

Whatever it is, the lava stone can heal you.

It restores strength to people who need it.

When you wear it on your neck as a pendant, you will stop feeling weak. After a while, fresh strength will be given to you. This is a healing benefit. You can enjoy this by using the stone for strength purposes.

3) It maintains good health

To prevent and avoid sickness from plaguing you, keep this stone around your home. It protects you from sickness.

With this stone around, you will maintain the good health you have. Additionally, you will receive constant messages from the universe about different ways to keep yourself healthy.

Beyond the protection from sickness, you will remain conscious about your health just by keeping lava stones around you consistently.

People who use this stone for health purposes rarely fall sick. They are strong and healthy at all times because of the healing properties embedded in this stone.

4) It heals people from depression

Depression is the root of sadness. Going for several therapeutic and mindset counseling sessions might work.

However, using this stone as an external aid is spiritually beneficial.

When you rub the lava stone on your chest in the morning, it rids you of depressing thoughts. Additionally, it makes you cheerful.

Are you going through depression? Use lava stone for yourself. The energy that emits from this stone will stop depression. It ensures that your mind stays happy at all times while embracing your condition as it is

5) It prevents anxiety

People suffering from anxiety and panic attacks can use this stone.

It has the divine ability to restore peace to people’s hearts. It eases mental stress and causes people to stay in control of how they feel.

For spiritual purposes, the lava stone ensures that you remain assured of a bright future. It tells you to not be anxious about anything.

Sometimes, you might hear a subtle voice speaking to you.

This came from the energy vibration of lava stone. It is meant to relieve you of mental stress and anxiety. Therefore, use it for yourself to get rid of anxiety.

6) Healthy Self-esteem

Lava stone maintains healthy self-esteem.

This is why you can use it to boost your confidence.

In the physical world, it enhances people’s beauty. Now, one of the major reasons for low self-esteem is ugliness and how people comment on other people’s appearances.

When lava stones enhance your beauty, they change how people comment about you and this also boosts your esteem.

Furthermore, lava stone is an encouraging sign from the universe. It reminds you of how special and unique you are. Furthermore, it tells you to not give in to an inferiority complex.

7) Protection from negative energy

When you use lava stone for yourself, you can be assured of protection from negative energy.

People try to stay positive. However, the presence of negative friends, words, and thoughts makes it difficult for positivity to thrive.

The best way to beat this emotion is to block off negative energy channels. Using lava rock/stone as a protective barrier is the best way to make this possible

With this, you will be protected from negativity. Your mind will stay positive and confident. Furthermore, you will begin to attract positive thoughts, which change the outlook of your life

8) Good Luck

This stone brings good luck to people’s lives. It leads to a turnaround. When you desire to live a good life, using lava stone is a powerful method to attract this.

Because of how precious and peculiar this stone is, it becomes easier to attract opportunities, wealth, goodness, and luck.

Dreaming of holding this stone also gives the same spiritual benefit. When you keep this stone around you, good luck will come into your life.

You don’t need to perform any additional spiritual ritual to make this possible. Wearing the stone on your body or keeping it in your home is a potential good luck magnet.

9) Healing of chakras

For chakra healing, use lava stone.

When you notice an imbalance in the vibrational frequency of your energy, it is a sign of chakra imbalance.

All of these will have effects on your body and mental health. Therefore, use lava stone for yourself

Rub it on every part of your body. You can also bathe with it.

Once the water flows to every part of your body, you will experience a sudden energy shift, which indicates the healing of your chakra points. It also raises your energy levels to a higher frequency and dimension.

10) Helps for decision-making processes

Do you need clarity of mind?

Then, meditating on lava stone helps. This stone can clear your mind. Whenever there is confusion and indecision in your heart, try rubbing the stone on your chest 3 times and your eyes 4 times.

This makes it 7 times. In the spirit world, 7 is a number for perfection and light. Therefore, expect your mind to be illuminated.

Another way to use this stone for decision-making processes is to hold it in your hand and meditate on its spiritual essence. Doing this speeds up your mental processing.

11) Spiritual healing

Do you need spiritual healing? Then, lava stone is the best for you. Because of the energy it emits, you will find it easy to connect with the spiritual world. Your spiritual senses will become activated.

Once you notice a connection loss between your soul and the spirit world, try getting a lava stone. You can wear it on your hand or your neck. Just ensure your body connects with the stone.

It reconnects the soul with your spirit and this helps your inner eyes to pick divine signals at all times.

Lava Stone Bracelet Meaning

Lava Stone Bracelet
Lava Stone Bracelet

The lava stone bracelet means control. It is an amulet that can be used to control yourself. People who lack self-control are given this bracelet to protect them from making mistakes.

For example, if you lack self-control in the way you talk, you might dream of wearing this bracelet. Once this happens, it is a message from the universe that encourages you to control how you talk.

Losing control can be curbed with a lava stone bracelet.

This is why you should have it with you at all times. It makes you emotionally stable.

How can I use Lava Stone?

Lava rock

You can use lava stone for the following reasons:

  1. For spiritual purposes;
  2. For mental purposes;
  3. For health;
  4. For beauty.

Before using lava stone, you need to understand its purpose. If you want to enjoy its healing and metaphysical benefits, then follow these steps:

  • Before wearing the stone, you need to be ready to accept its power. The energy from spiritual objects and animals will not work until we accept it. Therefore, accept the power of this stone before using it.
  • Determine what you desire. Once you cast an intention, the energy is given a direction. The best way to channel the energy of lava stone is by casting an intention.
  • Wear it on your body and say a little prayer.

Following these steps brings your desires to reality. It creates the perfect portal for the energy of this stone to travel into your life.

Can I use Lava Stone with other Crystals?


You can use lava stone with other crystals on one condition. 

These other crystals must have a connection with fire. Once this is absent, it is not advisable to use it with other crystals. The fire energy in this stone can disrupt the harmonic energy flow from other crystals

Use lava stone with other fire crystals. However, don’t combine it with other crystals with no fire element. It won’t deliver the result you anticipate.

Final Words

This article has provided the best answer to questions surrounding the lava stone’s spiritual meanings and healing properties. There is no doubt that you now know what to do about the stone

What’s next?

Harness the energy from this stone with your intention. Channel this energy by opening your mind to it, and get ready for transformation and positive evolution. 

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