11 Best Crystals for Pendulums: Benefits, Power and Images

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11 Best Crystals for Pendulums: Benefits, Power and Images

Crystals are an ancient tool used by many cultures worldwide to predict the future, find lost items, and even heal the sick.

Pendulums are also antique tools that can be used for similar purposes, such as finding lost objects or healing the sick.

While countless crystals could be used in pendulums, 11 specific crystals stand out best in pendulums of all kinds.

Should I use crystals in pendulums?

Clear Quartz Pendulum
Clear Quartz Pendulum

Pendulums can be used with or without crystals.

Crystals offer a variety of meanings and powers that depend on what you are trying to achieve.

  • Choosing the right crystal for your pendulum will help you get your desired answers and support your desired outcomes. 

Some popular crystals for pendulums include Amethyst, Aventurine, Carnelian, Jasper, Kyanite, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Selenite (or Moonstone), and Zincite.

These crystals have various properties, but they all have one thing in common – they promote well-being.

There is no wrong way to use a pendulum, so find the best fit by reading about each stone.

  • Amethyst is often considered an all-purpose stone because it brings spirituality into everyday life.

It calms emotions while providing a balance between spiritual thoughts and actions. Aventurine has been said to stimulate good luck and fortune and bring calmness.  

  • Carnelian has a reputation for promoting vitality and strength and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.  
  • Jasper promotes physical strength and mental clarity when worn close to the skin.

 What are crystal pendulums used for?

Rose Quartz Pendulum

Crystal pendulums are a divining tool that can be used to answer questions.

Crystal pendulums work by the user asking a question, holding the pendulum over the crystal, and waiting for it to start moving in one direction or another.

This will either mean that your answer is yes or no. You can use many different types of crystals as a pendulum, each with its special meaning.

Some examples include amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, and labradorite.

Amethyst is believed to have calming properties so it could be good for meditation; labradorite can bring clarity and insights into everyday situations; clear quartz provides clarity and enhances energy flow, while rose quartz brings love into all aspects of life.

11 Best Crystals for Pendulums with Meaning and Powers

11 Best Crystals for Pendulums

Crystals have been around since dawn, and their uses and powers are no secret to anyone familiar with them. But what crystals are the best ones to use when using pendulums? Let’s find out together!

1) Amethyst

Amethyst necklace
Amethyst necklace pendulum

Amethyst is a powerful healing stone, and it’s also said to clear the negativity in your life. 

  • To use it as a pendulum, it’s best to get one at least 10mm wide;

  • Hold the stone in your hand and use your other hand to move the stone from side to side;

  • You can ask questions such as Is my name? Who am I speaking with right now?

  • If you hold the crystal still and let go of it, there are different meanings for what happens. If it swings backward, you’ll know there’s a yes answer to your question.

In addition to being helpful during meditations, amethyst crystals are said to be great for attaining wisdom when worn or used as a pendulum.

2) Rose Quartz 

Genuine Rose Quartz stones
Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a heart-chakra stone, and it’s one of the most popular crystals for healing.

It’s often recommended to people who want more love because it helps with self-love and compassion for others.

Rose quartz also helps with emotional issues such as grief, depression, and loneliness.

It has been used for centuries as a calming influence on emotional disturbances that can cause insomnia or nightmares. It enhances both physical and emotional healing. 

3) Clear Quartz

Clear quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an all-purpose crystal, and it’s also a perfect choice for pendulums.

It helps to amplify the energy of other stones, so combining it with a stone that aligns with your intention will help boost its power.

Clear quartz can access information from the past or future or in divination.

It can also be used as an amplifier for any healing work you are doing yourself.

The versatility of this stone makes it a great choice for beginners!

4) Smokey Quartz

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a grounding stone that can help you feel better when you feel out of sorts.

It has a happy energy and is also good for working with the root chakra.

Smokey Quartz is associated with the element earth and can be used to calm down after a stressful event, like a job interview or meeting.

5) Citrine

Citrine crystal

Citrine is a powerful stone that amplifies the energy of any other stone it touches, making it an excellent choice for your pendulum.

It also helps with patience and self-discipline, which are important qualities when using a pendulum.

On top of that, citrine’s bright color will help you keep cool while waiting for the answers.

6) Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye stone
Tigers Eye stone

Tigers Eye is a protective stone that brings courage and confidence.

It also enhances creativity, self-esteem, and clarity of thought. Tigers Eye is traditionally used for grounding, balance, protection from nightmares, and healing.

The key word here would be the crystal pendulum, not the pendulum itself.

The traditional use is to ground oneself and clear oneself with tiger eyes.

Hence the recommendation is that it be used as a crystal pendulum to ward off nightmares or bad dreams because of its grounding properties.

7) Aventurine

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

Aventurine is popular for pendulum work because it allows for quick and accurate responses.

Aventurine also can balance energy and bring stability to emotional states. It can help people with their creativity, intellect, and mental clarity.

The stones are also good for physical ailments like stomach ulcers or headaches.  

8) Hematite


Hematite is a powerful crystal that can be used for protection and grounding.

It can also enhance one’s connection with the earth, making it perfect for pendulum work.

Hematite can also be worn as an amulet or carried in a pocket to ward off negativity

When using hematite for divination purposes, ensure you are not prone to heavy metal poisoning because of its magnetic nature.

9) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli stone
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an excellent crystal for a pendulum because it stimulates clairvoyance.

It also makes the mind and body more receptive to spiritual guidance.

You can use this stone to open up your intuition and psychic abilities for divination purposes and other aspects of life

  • For example, you can use Lapis Lazuli for healing by holding it in each hand and visualizing healing light flowing from one hand into the other.

10) Carnelian


Carnelian is a beautiful orange-red crystal used to help manifest desires and goals.

It has been used historically in spells and rituals to attract money, success, and good fortune.

Carnelian is also a powerful grounding stone and an excellent stone for releasing emotional blockages.

11) Jasper

Zebra Jasper
Zebra Jasper

Jasper is an excellent stone for the base of a pendulum.

It can help you to focus and ground your energy, enhancing your intuition.

Jasper also has protective properties that help ward off negativity in the surrounding environment.

This makes it a great choice for healing work with clients or friends who are dealing with difficult situations in their life.

What is the best crystal for love?


The best crystals for pendulums that can help you find love are rose quartz, amethyst, and black obsidian.

These three crystals have all been known to promote love and affection in various ways. Rose Quartz is a stone of universal love and peace.

It helps open up the heart chakra and brings about feelings of joy, peace, and contentment.

  • Amethyst is a stone that helps heal emotional wounds and has long been used as a gemstone for promoting tranquility.
  • Black Obsidian is said to be good at absorbing negative energy, so it’s good for any type of situation where negativity needs to be released or minimized.
  • Another good crystal for love is hematite, which encourages pursuing higher knowledge while bringing balance and stability into one’s life. The power of this crystal may also help strengthen bonds with others and bring more love and prosperity into one’s life.
  • Citrine is a golden-yellow variety of quartz often used in jewelry making because of its bright color. It brings abundance, creativity, courage, happiness, success, and self-esteem.
  • Hematite isn’t just for matters related to love; it has been used historically to bring wisdom and enlightenment.

What is the best crystal for money?

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate (Image from: https://www.jami.pt)

The best crystal for money is the one that resonates most with you.

When choosing a crystal, think about what value you want to get out of it and how you want to use the pendulum.

If you’re looking for wealth, blue lace agate may be a good choice as it helps to stimulate the flow of energy and create prosperity.

Citrine will also help to attract success and increase motivation.

To manifest abundance in your life, amethyst may help as it brings peace and happiness. lapis lazuli.

You can always research online if this process feels overwhelming, but ultimately we recommend finding the stone that speaks to you!

Thinking about what you hope to accomplish or improve through your pendulum work is a great place to start. There are so many crystals out there, so pick one and give it a try!

What is the best crystal for good luck? 

Clear Quartz Crystal
Clear Quartz

The best crystal for good luck is Clear Quartz.

It can amplify any type of energy and is the only crystal that can be programmed with intent.

Amethyst is also a powerful luck stone, reducing stress while increasing calmness and peace of mind.

It assists in balancing life’s duties with one’s desires. Black tourmaline helps dispel negative energies and protect you from people who want to harm somehow or take advantage of you.

Blue Lace Agate helps those who need to focus on their physical well-being by encouraging mental clarity.

Citrine works well to manifest abundance, prosperity, or wealth by attracting what you need into your life without worrying about where it will come from.

Final Words

Pendulum dowsing is a technique that has been used since ancient times to answer life’s questions.

Typically, a pendulum is suspended on the end of a string or chain and allowed to hang down freely. This tool is generally used to answer yes or no questions and locate lost objects.

The length of the chain should be at least eighteen inches so it can easily swing back and forth.

When using a pendulum for answers about love, it should be suspended in the middle with equal weight on both sides to avoid swaying in either direction too quickly.

If you’re seeking guidance in making big decisions, you can use your intuition to ask two related but opposite questions Should I go to work? And Should I stay home? Once you get an answer from one side of the pendulum swing, flip it over and ask another question.

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