Black Labradorite: Meaning and 7 Healing Properties 

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Black Labradorite: Meaning and 7 Healing Properties 

Black Labradorite is a stone that has been largely mined out of Labrador, Canada, where it has earned its name.

Coming from Labrador, its spiritual and metaphysical significance goes generations back to indigenous populations that believe this to be a stone of protection.

The Black Labradorite is a stone that is connected to the third eye chakra, the sixth chakra and the chakra of vision and foresight.

Black Labradorite can help with providing luck and strength during transformations. It can also bring courage and wisdom when you need help navigating a difficult change.

This stone can also help you to progress on your spiritual journey.

It will help you to heal wounds and work through trauma by looking ahead to hope, and deepening your spiritual experiences such as your dreams and meditative states.

Learn more about the Black Labradorite and seven of its wonderful healing properties here. 

What is Black Labradorite? 


Black Labradorite is a stone that is iridescent and dark in color. You will find streams of colors weaving through the stone.

The light that weaves through the Black Labradorite looks as if it is floating through the rock and dancing on the surface.

On its face, the Black Labradorite feels magical. The beauty of this rock comes from its composition of albite and anorthite, feldspar stone that gives this rock its stunning color.

You will see a lot of oranges and reds in this rock, contrasting well with its dark colors.

You can also see blue glitter on occasion and will see many pale shades going through the stone as well.

The stone comes from the territory of Labrador in Canada but can be found all over the world with Russia and Finland being home to large areas where this type of feldspar can be found.

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Black Labradorite Meaning 

Black Labradorite Meaning 

The history of Black Labradorite lends to its spiritual significance, but the history of every rock sometimes tells the story of its existence and does not create the story of its existence.

It was the Native populations in Canada that originally began using the Black Labradorite for its spiritual and healing purposes, but they did not create the story of this stone’s healing properties, they told the stories of what they saw

The stone was discovered by the Inuit people when one happened upon some stones caught in the rocks.

These were stones that looked like Canada’s aurora borealis, or, Northern Lights, and he found the stone to be calling to him.

These Native people would come to believe that the stone was the embodiment of frozen fire, and this fire was the connection between our physical beings and the spirit world.

This stone today is a powdered rock in many cultures that is used to cure many physical conditions.

It is also a rock of luck and is said to help people find their true calling and become successful in their journeys.

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Metaphysical Properties of Black Labradorite 

Metaphysical Properties of Black Labradorite 

The Black Labradorite is a stone that is said to help with change. It brings with it protection and healing that can help you to navigate the stress that is right in front of you.

A lot of the healing properties of the Black Labradorite are connected to your future and your projected success.

The Black Labradorite connects you to the inner freedom that you know is yearning to break through and help you to create a successful life. 

It is connected to your third eye chakra. This is the chakra that helps you to develop your inner vision, and use it to gain your own personal successes in life.

With Black Labradorite, your vision into the future is developed.

You will have greater dream recall, and with work with your spirit guides and angels, you will be able to better understand their significance in your life.

When you understand this vision, Black Labradorite helps you to embrace the courage you need to create powerful changes that will result in your success.

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7 Healing properties of Black Labradorite

7 Healing properties of Black Labradorite

There is a lot to get excited about when it comes to Black Labradorite. This is a stone that helps you to cleanse your auras and physical body of negative energy.

It helps you to get laser focus on your spiritual journey so that you can see what successes your guides know are in store for you.

In so doing, you find less stress and a world in your life that becomes more one of discovery and less of menial daily driven tasks.

Use Black Labradorite to experience any of its amazing healing properties: 

1) Ridding Your Physical and Spiritual Self of Negative Energy

Black Labradorite is a special stone that helps you to remove negative self-talk and explore the wonderful things that you say to yourself about what lies ahead.

This is a stone that helps you to feel better. When you have the courage to release negative people and negative energy in your day or your life, you will find greater peace within.

The Black Labradorite helps you to walk away from what is negative, and focus only on the optimism that is always within reach. 

2) Renews Strength and Courage Through Everyday Challenges

It can be very difficult to not get in our heads or to say no to things that could be bad for us, such as people or situations.

The Black Labradorite stones help us to feel stronger in saying no to negative, and saying yes to that which is positive.

This is a stone that will help you to feel what brave really feels like. When you do, it is an easy quality within yourself to become obsessed with. 

3) Improves Self Discovery and Reflection Skills

Black Labradorite connects you with your third eye chakra and crown chakras.

Chakras that get you closer to your life’s purpose and spirit guides.

With this, you will find a natural period of self-discovery and reflection, and learn that this reflection will become a lifelong part of your journey.

This reflection brings wisdom and answers. You will want to learn more about yourself as you grow.

4) Reduces Stress

As you learn more about what lies ahead and your life’s true purpose, you will see and feel less stress in your life.

This is why so many people engage in New Age principles and tools.

They help you to grow and feel less anxiety about the physical and practical elements in this world.

You see the bigger picture and worry less about the small one

5) Connects your Physical and Spiritual Self

This stone is one that will connect you to your physical and spiritual self.

When your physical body is aching and nervous, you can’t grow spiritually as quickly as you would when you are not in pain. That is being human.

We thank God or our Higher Powers when we are happy more than when we are sad. Physical pain can do this too.

Black Labradorite will help you to stay within and stay spiritual when you are not feeling well. 

6) Provides Vision Into the Future

This is one of the greatest gifts of Black Labradorite.

With this stone, you can align your third eye chakra and crown chakra in such a way that you see outcomes more than you do not.

You will become more skilled at creating game plans and seeing them through. 

7) Engages Discovery of Astral Travel, Dreams, and Strong Meditative Experiences 

The Black Labradorite stone helps you to harness the true meaning of your spiritual experiences.

You can work more with astral travel, which will take your spirit body to many places.

Your guides will ensure that you are protected and that you access the corners of your world that you are meant to.

With that, you can grasp the wisdom these experiences are meant to help you to grasp.

Meditation becomes a journey and not just a process that gets you through the day.

Black Labradorite Stone Spiritual Benefits 

close up black labradorite

There are many wonderful things about Black Labradorite, and you will experience spiritual benefits around you by simply bringing it into your home or your life.

You can practice with it for meditation and other spiritual journeys, but simply placing it in key areas in your home or work can help you to feel more joy.

This is a stone of change and luck and connects you to the chakras that help you to communicate with your Higher Powers. 

With Black Labradorite, you have the tools you need to connect to your greater vision and wisdom. The Inuit believe your wisdom is within you, and many cultures still do today.

This is a stone that will help you to cut through all of the negative energy that comes at you every day from the outside world. It helps you to stay within when you need to.

The face of wisdom you see on so many people is the face that happens when you find this inner wisdom and begin to understand its significance in your life.

Black Labrador can help you to reach that part of you within you.

Should I use Black Labradorite in my life? 


Everyone on this planet can use Black Labradorite to create success in their own lives.

This stone will help you to feel courage and strength and connect you to the wisdom from your guides that will teach you how to use that.

Black Labradorite shows you not to be afraid of your vision, but to embrace it. 

Harness the Power of Black Labradorite

If you are working on your sixth chakra, the third eye chakra, bring more Black Labradorite into your life.

You will also want to include it more in your life if you meditate, study your dreams, or want a closer connection with your spirit guides and angels.

When you need to hone in on your vision, Black Labradorite can help you to find the strength and courage within you to release fear and grasp what lies ahead. 

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