11 Labradorite Combinations: Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Amethyst

Rita Smith
11 Labradorite Combinations: Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Amethyst

Labradorite is a stone that inspires positive change and unflinching focus. It encourages us to connect to our intuition to better handle the uncertainties found in the circumstances of life.

This crystal has many things to offer that can even be more amplified when paired with other stones and crystals. 

Two heads, however, they say are better than one. Hence, the idea behind combining two or more crystals is to create a powerful crystal combo.

This also means that they can complement each other and cover their weaknesses because the weakness of a particular crystal might be the strength of another crystal.

There are a few things you must consider before you start combining crystals. You don’t want to combine two crystals that are conflicting.

However, crystal pairings are useful for energy accumulation. If the crystals aren’t conflicting you can even combine up to six crystals.

Let’s now explore 11 Labradorite combinations. Have a good read. 

Should I combine Labradorite with other Crystals?

Holding Labradorite

Yes, you should! I mean, why not?

For example, I love chocolates, so for me, two chocolate candies are always going to be better than one.

While two might not be better than one in some cases, this is a kind of scenario where two is better than one

Combine them and start enjoying the benefits of donning a combined crystal accessory. 

So if you do get a crystal that is complementary to the labradorite then you should feel free to combine them.

What Crystals go well with Labradorite?


Many crystals go with labradorite. You can call labradorite one of the most accommodating crystals you’d find around.

So you have more crystals that combine well with labradorite than crystals that don’t

This article seeks to save you from the trouble of thinking about the crystals that go well with labradorite. 

11 Labradorite Crystal Combinations

Spiritual properties of Labradorite

When different crystals combine with labradorite, there are seemingly specific things they offer. Certain benefits are peculiar to each combination. 

This would answer the question of the crystals that go well with the labradorite.

1) Labradorite with Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that’s popular for helping people uncover their inner selves.

It helps you form a deep connection with your essence

When you pair Labradorite with Lapis Lazuli, you can be sure that this pairing would inspire a journey into yourself to discover things that you never knew were there. 

Their combination would bring deep self-dependent peace into your life. A peace that’s not dependent on what’s going on around you.

You’d learn to let go of things you cannot control and rather focus on the things you are in control of. 

The labradorite-lazuli combination also improves your attention span. You’re able to focus and concentrate more on the things that truly matter to you. 

2) Labradorite with Rose Quartz  

Rose Quartz is a crystal that’s famous for it is a crystal that stimulates feelings of love.

Some have even labeled it “The life crystal“. It combines well with several crystals and gemstones, labradorite isn’t any different. 

If your relationship is in a precarious state, about to break down, and you want things to turn around for the better, a combination of rose quartz and labradorite would gladly come to your aid.

The combo would inspire each of you to bring out the best versions of yourselves by causing deep reflections on you. 

And maybe you’re not necessarily having any problems in your relationship, but you just want to spice things up.

If you want to explore and change the dynamic of things in the relationship, then this combo would help you accomplish that as well. 

3) Labradorite with Amethyst  

Amethyst is a crystal that helps you get rid of the fears that are hindering you from achieving your dreams, or from becoming a better person. It has deep meditative powers. 

A combination of labradorite and amethyst would help you break off the shackle of limitation in your mind.

It would help you break free into the fulfillment of the things you’ve always dreamt of. 

This combo is a must-have if you’re a person that’s big on meditation and being introspective. They would help you calm your mind and focus on the things that truly need your focus. 

4) Labradorite with Sodalite  

This combination of labradorite and sodalite is very big on self-awareness.

They facilitate deep introspection even to the seemingly minute details of your life. And as a result of this, you get a better understanding of who you are. 

Sodalite helps you to get clarity on what your core values as a person are, and then labradorite helps you focus on and nurture those values.

It is an important part of life, every human being should have values they live by

This consequently helps you decipher what you want to do with your life. 

5) Labradorite with Tiger’s eye  

Tiger’s eye is well known for fear and anxiety dissipation. It’s a kind of crystal that aids balance in your thoughts and your acts.

It ensures you take action from a calm state of mind. This will make you make fewer mistakes in your decisions. 

When you combine that with the focus, transformation, and change that labradorite inspires, you have a killer combo that can help you be the best version of yourself

This combo also helps to strengthen your resolve. Such that you no longer feel like other people need to validate your emotions and your ideas. 

6) Labradorite with Black Tourmaline  

Black tourmaline is popular among the crystals that offer protection and safety from bad vibes and evil spirits. They also help in keeping negative energy away from you

Labradorite is known for being one of the most powerful protection stones around the world. 

When you combine both, you can be sure that you’re heavily protected.

And as such, you can forge ahead in life knowing that you’re being protected by two very powerful crystals. 

The combination of them both also offers a revitalization of spiritual intuition and discernment

7) Labradorite with Clear Quartz  

As you go about your daily activities, it’s not unlikely that you’d come across some negative energies trying to get into you and disrupt the orderly flow of things.

Hence, you need to also cleanse your energy from time to time

The combination of labradorite and clear quartz would do wonders for you. If you intend to be successful in life, you mustn’t be home to negative energies. 

Meditating with clear quartz crystals and labradorite around you would help you pull down every blockade in your mind, also blocking out any negative thoughts. 

This will help you reach your full potential. 

8) Labradorite with Citrine  

Citrine is known for knowledge, deep understanding, and good intuition.

The intuition here would refer to that ability to be able to connect to your inner self, and yield to its premonitions.

Without question, there’s that inner voice of guidance that every human being has. It takes some practice to know how to listen. 

Combining labradorite with citrine gives you that push you need to be able to get connected with that inner voice of guidance.

It’s like connecting to your subconscious mind, hence you’d relate with things around you from a deeper place than most people around you. 

Meditating with Labradorite and Citrine is a good way to strengthen your intuition and your receptiveness to your inner voice. 

9) Labradorite with Garnet  

Have you been heartbroken recently? Or you’ve not been able to move on from a heartbreak that happened in the past? 

Then you might want to get this particular combination of labradorite and garnet.

Garnet is very instrumental in emotional healing and restoration. And with the combination of these two, your emotions would be whole and hale

This combo empowers and encourages your passion and courage for you to stand up for yourself and do what’s best for you.

It helps you to make the hard decisions with your head held high

10) Labradorite with Fluorite

Combining these two helps give you clarity, which in turn affects your decision-making.

You could say that they aid in the decision-making process, which is a very important part of being a human.

You’re where you are now at this point in your life because of the decisions you’ve made in the past.

The quality of life you’re living now shows the quality of the decisions you’ve made before now.

Hence, making the right decision and being able to take responsibility for that decision is very instrumental to your growth in life. 

Fluorite keeps you from overthinking with its serenity, it aids in fast decision-making. Labradorite on the other hand helps you to be able to identify the risks you’re about to take so you can evaluate properly. 

11) Labradorite with Selenite

Selenite is an angel stone, it repels anything evil. It offers protection from negative energies, bad vibes, and negativity as a whole. 

Combining these two crystals is like having a double layer of a firewall.

If any negative energy passes through the first, it won’t be able to escape the second. I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of that

They can also help you stay on top of difficult situations without getting overwhelmed. 

Can I use more than 2 crystals at once?


Yes, you can. Seeing that different crystals have different things they offer.

Having multiple crystals would amount to only good things.

Even though it rarely occurs, you still need to be observant enough to be able to notice if the crystals you’re bringing together are not conflicting. 

Final Words 

We’ve seen that combining two crystals have immense benefits that we can reap. Hence you shouldn’t have a negative mentality concerning that. 

If you happen to have the labradorite and any of the crystals listed above, now you know what they can do for you and those around you

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