What is The Aries Birthstone? March and April Stones

Jorge Silva
What is The Aries Birthstone? March and April Stones

The first zodiac sign is Aries. People born between March 21st and April 19th fall under this zodiac sign. 

In astrology, Aries are known for their bold nature. Those with this zodiac sign are believed to be courageous to take risks. 

A lot of people seek to connect with themselves and discover their inner power. However, they have struggled to accomplish this. 

However, I have the perfect solution to this. Through birthstones, people can connect with themselves

In this article, I will unveil the birthstone of Aries. With this information, if you are Aries, it becomes a lot easier to reconnect with yourself and utilize your inner power. 

Therefore, read till the end to discover your birthstone and how to harness its power for your development. 

What is Aries’s birthstone color?

crystals on table

Aries’s birthstone color is white

Many people have mistaken Aries for Leo in many ways. Both zodiac signs possess a fiery attitude and determination.

Therefore, people quickly assume that both Aries and Leo share the same birthstone color, which is red. 

Well, as you can see, they are wrong to assume that way.

Aries might share some qualities with Leo; however, it has some unique characteristics, which makes white suit its origin. 

The reason Aries is attuned to the white color is because of its knack for new beginnings.

Its confidence and courage to dare new things make it look out for opportunities to start something new – be it a project, relationship, position, and so on. 

Furthermore, the aries’ birthstone color is white because of the aries’ positive approach towards life.

Unlike other zodiac signs, Aries is never pessimistic about anything. This is one of the fundamental reasons behind its confidence to try new things. 

Therefore, anyone who wears gemstones with white color harnesses the power of Aries. If the person falls under this zodiac sign, they will connect to their core, discover their inner abilities, and learn how to evolve into their roles. 

What is the March Aries Birthstone?


March Aries’s birthstone is aquamarine

This crystal is known to resonate with the qualities and characteristics of Aries because of its metaphysical properties and functions

One of the properties of aquamarine encourages people to take risks. This is similar to an Aries man or woman. They are bold to take daring steps.

Even when others don’t feel good about taking such a decision, Aries goes ahead to do it

Additionally, aquamarine attracts good luck and positive energy. Also, this is similar to the qualities of an Aries man or woman.

These people constantly have a positive approach and outlook towards life. When they use aquamarine, it is like connecting to their origin, which releases positive energies.

March Aries’s birthstone is aquamarine because the energy from this crystal is soothing and comforting, which is what an Aries man or woman needs.

Because of their stimulating lifestyle, a birthstone that constantly soothes their minds puts them in control and helps them achieve emotional stability.

What is the April Aries Birthstone?

diamond ring

The April Aries birthstone is a diamond.

This gemstone holds a significant place in the hearts of April-born Aries. Its radiance and strength represent the inner quality of Aries. 

With this stone, they are reminded of their resilience and fortitude to bear the loss.

For example, when Aries go through a difficult moment, they are prone to pushing against all odds. However, they can get disillusioned sometimes.

With diamonds, their minds are stable. They are reminded of their innate ability to stick through all the odds. 

Also, diamonds are the epitome of self-discovery. It uncovers the abilities of an Aries man and woman.

Spiritually, this stone brings all the potential of people to the surface. It reminds them of their significance to human existence. 

Additionally, Aries connects easily with diamonds because it reminds them to appreciate their uniqueness.

Unlike other gemstones, diamonds possess a unique radiance, quality, and features. This is also similar to the features of Aries. Thus, it is easy to connect the dots. 

If you are an Aries-born individual, the diamond gemstone is your best bet. It helps you reconnect with your inner self and get settled on your person.

8 Best Aries Birthstones for Luck and Healing

crystal jewel

Aries’ birthstones for luck and healing help Aries to overhaul the issues they face on their journey through life. 

If you desire good luck, there are birthstones you should use constantly. Also, healing of all kinds can be enjoyed with these stones. 

I did research and discovered 8 powerful Aries birthstones that will be of great benefit to you

Here are the 8 best Aries birthstones for luck and healing:

1) Aquamarine


The power of aquamarine cannot be overestimated

Over the centuries, this stone has brought good luck to people – including Aries. This is why it is one of the best birthstones for Aries.

It has the energy to attract good luck. If you desire blessings, fortune, and success, aquamarine is your go-to birthstone. 

Aries men and women look to this stone to reconnect with themselves and remind themselves of their ability to stay positive in the face of negative situations in life. 

The soothing energy of aquamarine helps Aries to attain emotional and mental balance. Even when they are under pressure, the power of this crystal keeps them calm nonetheless

2) Amethyst

holding amethyst

This is a great crystal for spirituality. It attracts good luck to Aries by attracting them to the spiritual world.

The energy from amethyst is responsible for heightened spiritual awareness. For Aries, this stone helps their spiritual senses.

Amethyst is known for spiritual healing. As Aries, your determination to accomplish great things can affect how much you pay attention to the spiritual world.

Sometimes, in a bid to make certain things happen, you might begin to discard your inner voice.  All of these dampen your spirituality until you lose touch with who you are.

This is why you should keep amethyst around you at all times. It keeps your mind fixed on spirituality. Also, it increases your inner voice and deepens your intuitive powers. 

3) Green Aventurine

green aventurine

This stone is known for good luck, wealth, and success. Aries can connect with this stone on a deeper spiritual level. 

When an Aries man or woman uses green aventurine, they become a magnet for good luck. This powerful gemstone starts its work by clearing negative energy from your environment. 

Afterwards, it begins to infuse you with positive energy, which also brings good luck and success. 

Therefore, if you desire to achieve success at anything, as an Aries, always keep green aventurine with you. 

4) Ruby

red Ruby

The fiery energy from this stone makes it a perfect birthstone for Aries

This crystal helps with mental healing. Whenever you are under pressure as Aries, you should wear this stone either as a pendant, or a bracelet.

Its fiery energy strengthens your core. It gives you the inner strength to push back at pressure

Has your mental health been affected because of what you are going through?

The solution is keeping ruby around you. It helps you to reconnect with your core and strengthens your mind to never give up on your dreams. 

5) Black Obsidian

Black obsidian

When viewed in the light, this transparent crystal displays a lot of colors. This means that until it is viewed using the right medium, you might never discover these beautiful colors

The power of obsidian helps Aries to discover themselves. This stone shines the light of heaven into the soul of Aries. With this, clarity is given, and amazing self-discoveries take place. 

If you desire to understand that your zodiac sign is Aries with all its qualities, then obsidian is an amazing choice

You don’t have to wear it around. It is best to keep it in your home for constant energy distribution. 

6) Sunstone


This crystal is associated with the sun. It is known for its healing properties.

Therefore, as Aries, using sunstone as your birthstone heals your mind, soul, and most importantly, your chakra points.

This crystal ensures that your chakras are not out of alignment. 

With sunstone, Aries can also remain optimistic. The light of the sun can be harnessed through this stone, which has a lot of spiritual benefits. 

Using sunstone to reconnect with yourself has healing benefits for your chakra and your mind.

As you engage your mind and body to accomplish a task, keep sunstone around you for constant energy flow for healing and rejuvenation. 

7) Labradorite

Labradorite Crystal
Labradorite Crystal

For protection, this birthstone resonates with Aries. Its spiritual properties keep Aries men and women from danger, spiritual attacks and negative energies. 

As Aries, I use labradorite often. This stone ensures that you are not affected by the negative intentions of people. 

It also ensures that you don’t delve into the dark corners of depression.

While trying to accomplish a task, labradorite also supplies you with the mental strength and courage to dare things. 

Do you also know that this stone supplies faith? Yes, it does. It gives you the little push needed to improve your quality of life. 

8) Carnelian

lost of carnelian stone

This stone attracts good luck.

Made from the elements of nature, carnelian is one of the powerful birthstones for Aries. It harnesses the power of the moon, sun, earth, and fire

Therefore, Aries can become the best version of themselves by opening their minds to this crystal.

It also promotes self-trust and confidence, while attracting good luck and warding off negative energies.

Check here all the spiritual benefits of using Carnelian in a bracelet.

Can Aries man and woman use other birthstones?

Spiritual powers of hematite

Yes, Aries men and women can use other birthstones. Here are some other birthstones that can be used.

  1. Lapis Lazuli: It is useful for promoting confidence. It brings self-boost to the esteem of Aries. 
  2. Ametrine: This stone combines the power of amethyst and citrine. It helps with maintaining emotional balance and harmony.
  3. Fire Opal: This fiery stone is known for stimulating an individual, increasing passion, and revitalizing the energy core of Aries men and women.
  4. Sodalite: For Aries, this crystal helps with rational thinking and decision
  5. Hematite: This is for protection and spiritual grounding. 

These are 5 other birthstones Aries men and women can use. 

Final Words

You are free to connect and resonate with all the birthstones in this article. There are numerous benefits you stand to gain. 

Your zodiac sign makes you special and as Aries, you have the power of determination

Today, be determined to get one of these birthstones for yourself. 

Watch the transformation afterwards!

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