How To Cleanse Rose Quartz Crystal And Bracelet? 7 Ways!

Rita Smith
How To Cleanse Rose Quartz Crystal And Bracelet? 7 Ways!

Healing, love and compassion are some of the words that crackle in my mind when talking about rose quartz.

In addition to its comforting and gentle energy that is perceptible to anyone, this crystal is famous for its metaphysical properties and spiritual designs.

Rose quartz has a long history that goes back to the most archaic civilizations. It is said that in the year 600 BC, the Egyptians used this stone for its healing properties and beauty rituals.

Interestingly, already in Greek mythology, this quartz is one of the greatest insignia of the Goddess Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty and love.

It is therefore because of its undisturbed and graceful energy that, across the globe and throughout so many historical epochs, this stone is a symbol of love.

But, for your crystal or bracelet to work properly, it needs to be cleansed and charged regularly. Let’s now see 7 safe ways to cleanse your rose quartz.

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How to cleanse Rose Quartz crystal and bracelet? 7 safe ways!

Rose Quartz bracelet

Now that we know a little about the history and purpose of rose quartz, it’s time for us to know how to treat the crystal with the same delicacy with which it embraces us.

Since the good performance of a crystal is the mirror of the treatment it receives.

The same applies to the bracelet, regardless of its material. However, in this particular case, the durability of the bracelet depends on the treatment we offer it.

So let’s move on to our list.

1) Water cleansing

To carry out a water cleansing, we must first take into account the material of our bracelet.

That is, if the material consists of a metal that can oxidize with water, it may be better to use another cleansing method.

However, if your bracelet can come into contact with water without being damaged, then just dip your crystal or bracelet in running water.

The water could be from a natural source or, if this is not possible, from a faucet.

The important thing here is, while the water is washing our bracelet or our crystal, to visualize the negative energies also being carried away by the water.

Always pay attention to the crystal’s reaction to water, as this method is not valid for all crystals.

2) Visualization

This resource is for me one of the safest available to us.

It consists of just holding the crystal or the bracelet in our hands and conceiving with our mind a purifying and luminous light that embraces our instrument.

The secret is to imagine this vibrant and positive energy taking the place of stagnant energies, always trusting our intuition and keeping our focus.

3) Sunligh

This is a procedure that should not be done on very hot days or for long periods of time, Since the long exposure of a crystal to high temperatures has consequences for the crystal.

Continuing, with this technique you will leave your crystal or bracelet for about two hours or an hour, as you feel is better.

In this way, the sunlight will clean and recharge your crystal.

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4) Moonlight

If, on one hand, sunlight is more harmful, on the other hand, moonlight is more gentle.

Therefore, in this environment, it is enough for us to leave the crystal or bracelet exposed to moonlight on a full moon night.

Because the full moon cleans and rejuvenates the energy of our objects.

5) Sound cleansing

One of the most used methods for cleansing our respective energies is also one of the best for cleansing crystals and crystal jewelry.

Therefore, this technique consists of using the vibrations of certain sounds.

Such as Tibetan singing bowls, bells, our voice or tuning forks to carry out an effective and safe cleansing of our objects.

6) Salt water soak

Once again this is also a method that should be considered depending on the materials of our bracelet.

To start, put in a bowl with sea water or a mixture of water at room temperature with kitchen salt or Himalayan salt.

Then, immerse your instruments and let them rest there for a few hours.

In the end, remove the crystal and the bracelet and run them under running water at room temperature.

7) Selenite Charging

Selenite is renowned for its cleansing and charging properties.

For this reason, placing our rose quartz or our crystal bracelet close to a piece of selenite will help us to cleanse rose quartz without water or sunlight.

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What is the best way to cleanse Rose Quartz jewelry?

Rose Quartz bracelet

Some of the methods I mentioned earlier are the best for cleansing rose crystal jewelry, namely cleansing with:

  • Sunlight or moonlight;
  • Selenite;
  • Sound vibrations and cleansing visualization.

To this set, I could perfectly add cleansing using water and salt water.

However, I preferred not to do so because some materials are susceptible to water and these means are no longer the best.

However, on the other hand, the following procedures were not mentioned in the previous list because I myself decided to save them for this point because they are one of the safest and most effective methods.

They are cleansing through breathing and cleansing through smudging.

How does this work? Well in the case of breath cleansing, just hold your jewel between your hands and take a few deep breaths.

As you do this focus on releasing any existing negative energy. Finally, you will exhale towards the jewel with the intention of purifying it.

As for cleansing, you can do smudging. This method is as simple as burning sage or palo santo and passing the smoke from our herbs around our jewelry, as this smoke helps to purify our object.

How to cleanse Rose quartz for love?

holding rose quartz

We already know that when we want to work with a crystal in a specific sphere, defining our intentions while working with it is fundamental.

In this way, if you want to clean our rose quartz for love, we have at our disposal a generous range of procedures that we can use and which we have already talked about, such as:

  • Cleansing at the full moon or with selenite;
  • Visualization or through sounds — although in the latter we have to do it with intention, that is, focusing on the topic of love.

Next and in addition to these methods, you still have at your disposal meditation.

You can practice by projecting a more vibrant energy and focused on love into your crystal while meditating on the concept of love while holding the crystal.

Also, you have affirmations, which consist of the constant repetition of words related to love.

And finally, the rose quartz grid. Which consists of creating a grid of rose quartz and other crystals associated with love.

The important thing here is to create an order and pattern that resonates with you and that launches your intentions out into the universe, thus enhancing the love energies in these crystals.

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How often should I clean rose quartz jewelry?

Rose Quartz bracelet

The regularity with which we should clean our rose quartz jewelry is somewhat subjective. Since it all depends on how often you wear the jewelry and also on your personal intuition.

However, in order not to remain completely ignorant, I will give you some references here.

  • If you wear the jewel regularly: the ideal would be to clean it every week or every other week.

Because when you wear the stone daily, it is subjected to your energies and those around you and this could cause an overload of energies.

  • If you only use the jewel occasionally: namely on special occasions or events, the ideal would be to clean it immediately after use.

In that way, there will be no room for doubt and you are guaranteeing that the energy of your crystal remains clean and vibrant.

If, from my personal perspective, you notice that the energy of our jewel’s crystal has started to feel more fatiguing and heavier, then you should trust your intuition now.

As this could be a sign that your jewel is in need of cleaning. Listening to your inner voice and our intuition is fundamental in spiritual practices.

If you are going through a phase in which you are constantly going through emotionally challenging situations, the ideal would be to clean your jewelry at least twice a week.

As we already know that this practice helps the crystal to release the negative energies that are retained.

Last but not least, it is a possibility and it is really beneficial to clean your jewelry every full moon.

As I have already mentioned, the full moon has superior energy and purifying properties that help us renew and clean our energies.

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Can I clean rose quartz everyday?

Rose Quartz bracelet

There is not exactly danger in cleaning our rose quartz every day.

However, it is not really necessary and may be overkill, as rose quartz manages to maintain its energy for a relatively good period of time.

We cannot forget that we have to listen to our intuition and our crystal to understand its needs. Which is why we must take into account how we feel the energy of the stone, its energy cycle and once again our intuition.

Since, if we regularly clean our quartz, that is to say every two weeks or weekly, there is no need to do it every day. Unless we have subjected the crystal to very negative and intense energy.

Final words

Rounding off this article, rose quartz is a dazzling stone both in its solitude and as a jewel and it is a stone that has a special place kept in the most diverse cultures.

In this article we learn that when we use rose quartz, especially for the sphere of love, it is essential that its energy remains vibrant.

To help our stone in this regard, we have a wide range of procedures, even if we have to be always attentive to the energy field of the crystal and our intuition.

Finally, choosing to work with rose quartz is a uniquely intuitive and personal practice. Whether in jewelry or the stone itself, this is an insignia of love and healing and can help us to improve our well-being when used correctly.

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