How To Cleanse and Charge Opalite? 9 Safe Ways

Jorge Silva
How To Cleanse and Charge Opalite? 9 Safe Ways

Opalite is probably one of the most beautiful gemstones I have ever seen all my life. Sometimes, I wonder how it was created!

As beautiful as it looks, it also possesses metaphysical properties, which means that you can harness it for any spiritual purpose you intend

Through an opalite gemstone, you can have peace of mind, have a good night’s sleep, invite positivity into your life and also become spiritually grounded. 

Because of how common it is, a lot of people make use of this stone for spiritual reasons. However, they seem to be at a fix when the stone suddenly stops working. 

Well, in this article, let us discuss the reason why your opalite stone suddenly becomes ineffective and also understand how to revitalize it. 

I will be discussing the 9 safe ways to cleanse and charge your opalite. Therefore, ensure you read till the end to find out these powerful pieces of information. 

Can I cleanse Opalite crystals?


Yes, you can cleanse opalite crystals. Just like other crystals, opalite is a form of gemstone that has spiritual benefits.

Therefore, it can be used for a wide range of spiritual purposes; some of which can contaminate its energy levels

While making my findings about this stone, I discovered that it can be used to expel demons. The beam of light that radiates through this stone makes dark spirits uncomfortable.

Now, during the process of doing all of these, negative energy and spiritual impurities will latch onto your crystal, which makes it contaminated for any other spiritual purpose. 

Therefore, you need to cleanse your opalite crystals to avoid getting exposed to negative energy

When your crystal emits pure energy, you won’t need to bother about any adverse effects from using it for whatever spiritual purpose and activity.

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Can I charge Opalite crystals?

one Opalite

Yes, you can charge your opalite crystals. Now, I understand that opalite is a man-made gemstone.

Unlike other stones that generate energy directly from the earth, this might not require much charging for use.

Another reason is that it is mostly used for fashion and aesthetic purposes. 

However, all of these do not imply that opalite is not a powerful gemstone. As I have stated earlier, it can be used to expel negative spirits and negative energies.

Therefore, you can charge it the same way you charge other natural crystals. 

There are several methods you can deploy to charge your gemstone. We will discuss these methods later on in this article. 

If you use opalite crystals for spiritual purposes, then, there is a need to charge them.

This gemstone can conduct and harness spiritual energy. Being man-made does not make it anything lesser in quality or metaphysical properties. 

Therefore, if you want to charge your crystal but are not sure if it is the right thing to do or not, I hope that you have found the answer you seek. It is okay to charge your opalite crystals

How can you cleanse and charge these crystals? Read on to find out.

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How to cleanse Opalite? 4 Safe ways

cleanse Opalite

Before we discuss the 5 powerful ways to charge your opalite, let us talk about cleansing it.

Negative energies can latch onto your stone after using it for certain spiritual purposes. This is why it is pertinent to cleanse it.

Here are 4 safe ways to ensure that your cleansing process is successful.

1) Water Cleansing

The moment you notice a strange vibration emitting from your crystal, it indicates the need to cleanse it properly

One of the safest methods of making this happen is through water cleansing processes. Using water to clean your opalite crystal ensures that all impurities are expunged from its core

Ensure to stay away from salt water, rainwater, or hard water with excessive mineral deposits.

Furthermore, don’t submerge your opalite crystal in water for an extended period. This might affect its quality after some time. 

2) Smoke Cleansing

Using smoke also cleans your opalite crystal. It is believed that the beautiful mix of colors in this stone is different locked smokes, which represent its energy levels.

Therefore, using smoke to cleanse your opalite crystal is an effective means of spiritual cleansing

To make this happen, you can either use sage or cinnamon. Both herbs/incense work in sync with the energy and properties of your crystal. 

After lighting the incense, move it over the crystal so that the smoke can engulf your opalite stone.

Once this happens, the spiritual cleaning process is over. You can begin to use this stone without any fear of being affected by negative energies. 

3) Earth Cleansing

By burying your opalite stone under the earth, you can finally rid it of any negative energy. Place this stone in the ground and bury it for 2 to 3 days

When this is over, new energy levels will be imbued into the stone. Thereby, making it ready for use

The energy from the earth expels demons, spiritual impurities, and negative energy from a crystal. It reconnects a crystal to the source of power

4) Sound Vibration Cleansing

This is another safe method to ensure that your crystal is properly cleansed. Negative energy vibrates at a lower frequency than positive energy

Now, when you make sounds at certain high levels of frequency, positive energy is released and generated. 

Directing the sound towards your crystal releases positive energy, which instantly releases any form of negative energy from your stone. 

You can practice this by making a humming sound, chanting, or using a bell for extra help. 

How to charge Opalite? 5 Powerful Ways

charge Opalite

Let us discuss the 5 powerful ways you can deploy to charge your opalite crystal. After using this stone for some time, it is required to recharge its energy levels. 

Below are some of the ways to make that happen.

1) Moonlight 

Opalite crystal is directly associated with the moon. It is believed to get its energy from mother earth and the moon. 

Therefore, the moment you notice a decline in its energy levels, place the stone under the moonlight and leave it till either midnight or dawn.

Doing this automatically recharges your opalite stone. 

The stone harnesses the light from the moon, transmits it into energy and begins to vibrate at a higher frequency.

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2) Visualization 

Since this stone was man-made, it is believed that we are like gods to the stone and can release our energy into this crystal for a recharge. 

Now, before you try this method, ensure that your mind is free from negative energy. Keep in mind that you will only give what you have. 

I practice meditation and gratitude before charging my opalite crystal with my imagination. 

The moment all of these are in place, hold your opalite crystal in your right hand and imagine energy coming out of your hands into the stone

As this happens, gradually shake the stone from the right to the left to allow the energy to completely imbue its essence. 

With this method, your stone can also be recharged

3) Burying it under the ground 

To recharge your opalite crystal, you can also try reconnecting it with mother earth. You can do this by burying it under the ground for 2 to 3 days.

After 3 days, pick your crystal and wipe the dirt off its surface. Instantly, you can begin to use it. 

Do you need to do anything before placing the crystal in the ground? No, there is nothing to be done. 

This is a very simple and powerful, but time-consuming method of charging your gemstone.

4) Sound Frequency 

By the use of sounds and vibrations, your opalite crystal can also be properly charged. 

The power of vibrations cannot be overestimated. It ensures that negative energy is expelled from an individual or an environment. 

Therefore, deploy this method for your crystal as well. To ensure this method is properly carried out, you can make use of tuning forks, bowls, or bells

Hold the stone in your hands and beat the bell or use the tuning fork on the bowl. As the sound echoes, shake the opalite stone and make a humming sound.

All of these combinations will lead to the expulsion of negative energies and the proper charging of your crystal for use. 

5) Sunlight 

This is another powerful way to charge your opalite crystal. By placing it under the sun, this gemstone will harness the energy from sunlight, which instantly releases energy.

Within 30 seconds to 1 minute, the process will be completed.

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How often should I cleanse and charge Opalite?

Opalite crystal

You can charge and cleanse opalite as often as possible. Once you use it, it is best to go through the cleansing and charging process.

This is how to ensure that your crystal is always ready for use

Charging and cleansing opalite also enhances its beauty and makes it more fashionable than ever before.

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Final Words

I am sure you learned a lot from this article! Henceforth, ensure you take proper care of your opalite crystals by keeping them clean and well-charged. 

These gemstones are beneficial for your mental health. Harnessing the energy from this stone calms your nerves and gives you a good sleep. 

This is why you should not take cleaning and charging it for granted.  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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