Can Rose Quartz Get Wet and Go In Water? Answered!

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Can Rose Quartz Get Wet and Go In Water? Answered!

Some believe rose quartz has been used as long ago as 7000 B.C.

Roman and Egyptian women utilized face masks made of rose quartz to maintain a youthful appearance by clearing up their complexions and getting rid of wrinkles.

Presently it is most often used in jewelry, decorative décor, and meditation.

As the name implies, it is a member of the quartz family of crystals and has a pale pink color.

It is made up of silicon dioxide molecules that form the crystal at extremely high temperatures.

Rose quartz is typically found across the United States, Brazil, Germany, India, Madagascar, South Africa, and Sweden.

Rose quartz is regarded as the crystal of unconditional love. It is said to create vibrations of love, emotional healing, and joy.

It is widely used to:

  • Enhance a sense of peace and tranquility;
  • Encourage self-love and respect;
  • Promote calmness;
  • Foster a mutual understanding;
  • Create compassion and kindness;
  • Heal relationships with others.

However, after being used several times, it needs to be cleansed and recharged. Can we put Rose Quartz in salt or salt water for that? Let’s find out!

Can Rose Quartz get wet and be in the water?

Can Rose Quartz get wet and be in the water?

Can rose quartz get wet? To answer this question, we need to understand what determines a crystal’s ability to withstand water.

The primary factor determining how resistant a crystal is to water is its measurement on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Minerals are classified on a scale of one to ten regarding how resistant they are to being damaged by other minerals.

This classification scale is called the Mohs Hardness Scale.

The higher the number on the scale, the more complex the crystal is.

Crystals with a Mohs score of four or less are generally considered unacceptable in water.

Rose crystals come in at a seven on the scale. This makes the rose quartz capable of being in contact with water without the fear of dissolving or being damaged.

It is even used in water bottles as a great way to enhance hydration.

Please note, however, that it is not necessarily safe to put crystals in your bottle yourself, as tiny fragments may become loose and cause a hazard when drinking.

Ready made water bottles containing rose crystals are widely available for purchase.

Can Rose Quartz go in salt water?

Can Rose Quartz go in salt water?

While rose quartz can be put into water, it comes with caveats.

For example, exposure to salt water should be limited. Water, being a solvent, breaks downand dissolves the salt, which is highly corrosive.

Therefore salt water can get into your rose crystal and begin to break it down and dissolve it.

So you should limit its exposure to salt water to a maximum of twelve hours.

Further, it is advised that you rinse it thoroughly after exposure to salt water.

On a side note, rose crystals can actually melt at high temperatures so avoid placing them in boiling water. Warm water is fine. Just make sure it is below the boiling point.

Can Rose Quartz go in Moon Water?

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

What is Moon Water?

Quite simply, Moon Water is water that is left to charge in the light of the moon.

Often it is fortified with crystals like the rose crystal and intentions.

To make Moon Water, you will need the following:

  • Water safe crystals like the rose quartz
  • A container – preferably a clear container like a mason jar. But almost any container will work in a pinch.
  • Clean water
  • A label to record the date and the moon phase the water was exposed to
  • Cleansing herbs (optional) such as lavender (for healing and relaxation), mugwort (ruled by the moon), sweet grass (for positive energy), or rosemary (for protection)
  • Intention to focus on (also optional) things such as healing, peace, love, etc.
  • A bowl and a lighter (also optional) for smudging herbs

Moon Water is best made under a full moon or a Gibbous Moon (almost full moon).

Never attempt to make Moon Water during an eclipse, as this will have the opposite of the intended effect.

How can I cleanse Rose Quartz?

Cleanse Rose Quartz crystal

There are numerous methods for cleansing rose quartz. Among the most popular ways are the following:

Soapy water:

Perhaps the simplest, most straightforward approach there could be!


Placing your rose crystal in a bowl of spring water is one of the best ways to keep it strong.

Alternatively, soaking it in a bowl with running water is a great way to cleanse it. Make sure it is completely submerged and pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth upon removal.

Salt water:

Salt water cleanse is one of the most traditional methods connected most deeply to the past.

Ideally, the salt water should come from the ocean, but you can create your own at home.

It is recommended to use natural salts and not table salt. Natural salts are superior because they have the closest connection to the earth.

The actual method is the same as for plain fresh water described above.

Remember, however, do not allow the rose crystals to sit in the salt water for more than 12 hours. And take care to rinse them and dry them once the process is completed.


The sun’s warmth and light brings out the rose crystal’s natural beauty.

The sun can be used to cleanse your rose crystal any time of the year.

This is not true of all crystals, as some do not react well to poor weather conditions.

Please note that you should not leave your rose crystal out in the sun for extended periods of time as this can cause the crystal to fade over time.


Perhaps the most popular way to cleanse your rose crystal is with moonlight – the rose crystal in particular benefits from the moon’s power to remove negative energy.

Moon cleansing can be coupled with sun cleansing to create a powerful cleansing experience.

Simply lay your crystal on the earth or in a pot and let it go through a 24-hour cycle during a full moon.

Saging or smudging:

Surround your rose crystal with smoke from your sage smudge stick.

Make sure you’re in a well ventilated space.


Use a mantra chant, a tuning fork, a quiet bell, or a meditation sound bowl to set your rose quartz vibration back to a neutral state.

Energy breathwork:

his is a very personal approach to cleansing your rose crystal.

Energy breathwork is a technique associated with yoga. There are several techniques common to breathwork.


One of the most sacred ways to cleanse your rose crystal is by using the earth to “ground” the crystal and restore it to its natural state.

Simply put the crystal in the earth for one to three days.

Finding a location that you have a positive connection to, one that makes your heart happy, is an excellent way to cleanse the crystal in this manner.

Once completed, simply retrieve the crystal and wipe it off with a gentle cloth.

Selenite crystals:

Selenite is a very soft crystal that is believed to vibrate at a very high level.

Because of this, they are excellent for not only cleansing a wide array of crystals but for boosting the energy of the crystals as well.

To apply this method, all you need to do is touch the crystals together for a minimum of seven hours.

The selenite can be in the form of a crystal or, as is commonly used, a selenite crystal bowl.

Is there any way to recharge Rose Quartz instead of water?

Rechargind stones and crystals

There is a fine distinction between cleansing and (re)charging crystals.

Many of the methods for recharging crystals are identical to those for cleansing them. The difference often comes in intention.

Cleansing is done to rid the crystal, in this case, the rose crystal, of negative energy accumulated over time.

Recharging is the process of resetting the vibrations of the crystal to its natural state and thus restoring its healing properties.

As I said, many of the techniques for cleansing the crystal listed above are also effective for recharging the crystal.

But it is necessary for you to do so with intention.

How does one instill intention into the crystal? It can be as simple as this.

After applying one of the above cleansing methods, do the following:

  1. Hold the crystal in your hand;
  2. Take a few gentle deep breaths until you feel a sense of calm and oneness with your spirit;
  3. Close your eyes and focus entirely on your breathing;
  4. Connect to your intentions and visualize the things and intentions you want to manifest via the crystal.

Final Words

The rose quartz is the crystal of love, compassion, harmony, emotional healing, and forgiveness.

Take care of it and use the crystal to foster those things within your life.

You can employ it within your life in numerous ways.

Rose quartz can be included in rituals. You can wear them as jewelry. Decorate your home with them or place them on an altar or other place sacred to you. Hold them while you meditate. Or you can even put them under your pillow.

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