How to Use Rose Quartz to Attract Someone? 5 Ways!

Jorge Silva
How to Use Rose Quartz to Attract Someone? 5 Ways!

Crystals date all the way back to the old ages. Around the globe, there are countless religions that believe in the powers of crystals. Crystals can help in many matters of the world, such as peace, love, harmony, and so on.

Many people think that crystals are only used to ward off negative energies and to balance the chakras, but this is not true.

It’s possible to use Rose Quartz to attract someone, a specific person, or a loved one. So, I decided to teach you how to use this crystal for the same purpose. Keep reading below

Spiritual benefits of Rose Quartz

Spiritual benefits of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz was most common and still is used in the making of jewelry.

It is an attractive-looking stone that has been used in the process of jewelry making for quite a while. In old age, it used to be a symbol of wealth as well.

The beauty industry has always had plenty of uses for rose quartz. Along with jewelry, it is also used in face masks and other beauty cosmetics to prevent aging and other skin deformities.

Rose quartz is also used popularly in decoration pieces to create an aesthetic. In terms of appearance, rose quartz is a pink stone that elegantly shines.

Can Rose Quartz help me in love?

Using Rose Quartz in love

Much like its name, rose quartz has a special link with love.

Rose quartz is quite famous for its powers when it comes to love. Rose quartz helps people find a new love and also strengthens the bond of your already present love.

It takes a series of steps to be able to form such a deep bond. It requires a lot of patience and calm, but it’s quite simple to follow.

It’s possible to use Rose Quartz to attract a specific person?

Using Rose Quartz to attract a specific person

Rose quartz and its connection with the spiritual world rely heavily on manifestation!

Hence it is quite easy to use rose quartz to fixate on one person solely.

All you need to do is manifest that one person and love revolving around the idea of that person.

How to use Rose Quartz to attract someone? 5 Ways!

How to use Rose Quartz to attract someone

1) Do Rose Quartz and water make an excellent duo?! 

All that is required for you to have are a couple of spray bottles.

The more stylish, the better – not for the procedure but simply just for pizzazz and to feel extra fancy as the more extra you feel, the better the energy radiating around you!

Even your own special energy can help people fall in love with you. Rose quartz just adds in the extra glam!

After gathering the spray bottle, you are going to be needing some clean, pure water, and leave this solution for as long as you want (preferably overnight, though).

You also must make sure the crystal is entirely submerged in the water allowing the water to absorb all of its natural and spiritual qualities, helping you manifest love in absolutely no time!

After the solution is ready, all that needs to be done is a little spritz here and there; this will help change the aura of your room. The water left over can also be used to spray onto your face or hair for that extra touch of rose quartz!

Even spraying this mixture onto your body will help bring along all the love that you require.

2) Rose Quartz luxurious bath

This is a procedure that will help rose quartz absorb not only into your skin but also into your soul and your aura!

All that needs to be done is:

  1. Take a couple of pieces of rose quartz and set them aside (make sure they are charged);
  2. Then fill up your bathtub with clear and pure water;
  3. Carefully submerge the pieces of rose quartz into the water and let them soak into the water.

Finally, wait for a few minutes in order to let the water soak in all the love and tenderness the crystal has to offer, and then finally submerge yourself into that water.

This will allow the qualities of the crystal to be embedded into you and give you the energy you require in order for love to come your way.

This also gives the effect of cleansing your soul and helping you feel much more relaxed and refreshed. This will also bring you so much peace and calm!

To make these experiences even more worthwhile, essential oils can be used as well as luxurious bath salts.

At times even milk can be added to the mixture to really help feel the moment! Background music can include calm and collected playlists with scented candles to really put the entire ambiance together!

3) Rose Quartz in your jewelry

This process is as easy as it sounds! All you need to do is add some rose quartz to your jewelry!

You can use it as a pendant or as a jewel in your ring or whichever you like to tower it for that matter.

This enables the quartz to flow through your body constantly as long as you wear it – this is especially an easy process to follow for people who wear jewelry. The quartz on your body will constantly manifest love and romance your way.

4) Rose Quartz while sleeping

This step is quite easy to carry out and works very effectively as well! It works in a manner where it keeps sending you spiritually good auras throughout the night as you sleep.

All you need to do is start off by setting your intentions first and then manifesting them through positive words.

Then you write down the positive affirmations on a piece of paper and wrap the paper around a quartz crystal.

Then all you do is put the crystal and paper under your pillow and give I to the darkness onto sweet, sweet slumber.

With this technique, along with the rose quartz, you can turn all cards n your favor and expect a lot of love and affection shortly.

5) Meditation with the crystal

This can be achieved by getting your mind and your body in harmony and getting ready to meditate!

Meditation greatly connects you to the spiritual world; it opens your mind and your body to the deeper world.

Get ready to wear something comfortable and get started on warm-ups in order to prepare your body for meditation.

All you need is to get some rose quartz in both hands and sit in a position that really opens your blood flow.

Close your eyes think about the person you love and want love from and let the manifestation begin! Make sure you visualize everything you desire to have, as visuals hold a greater impact than just words.

How to use Rose Quartz to heal a relationship?

Healing a relationship with crystals

As already established, rose quartz is deeply connected to love.

Healing a relationship with quartz is highly recommended and also works great.

All that needs to be done is make sure you have the rose quartz physically touching you, and while that is happening, you must manifest the healing of your broken relationship.

To see results, this needs to be done regularly.

Benefits of leaving Rose Quartz in someone’s room

Rose Quartz

You and your partner can access peace and calm by placing filtered spring water and a few pieces of rose quartz in a glass bowl on the table next to your bed.

This will enable you and your partner to maintain composure in stressful situations and during arguments.

Keep in mind that the glass bowl, table, and spring water all require weekly replacement, regular cleaning, and decluttering, respectively.

You can use a rose quartz pyramid to boost romantic energies and establish harmony and balance in the bedroom. This can be placed underneath the nightstand or next to a bedside study table. I think you should keep it on a wooden table instead of a steel or metal table.

To strengthen your bond, you can create your own gem water, a rose quartz water mist that you can use in your home and bedroom.

The water will take on the qualities of the rose quartz and can then be sprayed on furniture and other items. The amount of commitment, romance, and love in your bedroom will rise as a result.

Should I cleanse rose quartz after using it?

Absolutely, as the whole purpose of such crystals is to absorb negative energy and give out positive energy. All that negative energy built up is let out by cleansing the crystals.

How to cleanse crystals?

Cleaning Rose Quartz

The sun and the moon extort rays that are highly spiritual. Crystals rely heavily on the four natural elements: fire, water, earth, and air.

Crystals can be cleansed initially through various methods and then charged after they have been thoroughly cleansed.

Cleansing your Rose Quartz under the moon:

Collecting all the rose quartz that has been utilized for extended periods of time and require refreshing is the first and most important step to take before starting the charging of crystals.

It should be remembered that every crystal has to be charged if it hasn’t received a charge in a while because it has accumulated a lot of negative energy from the aura around it.

They do not immediately begin to charge after gathering the crystals; rather, they must first purge themselves of any residual negative energy before they can face the moonlight and begin to store vast amounts of positive energy.

In them, it has been accumulated.

This is significant because a crystal that is already filled with negative energy cannot be filled with positive energy since there is not enough room to store the power of the moon in the crystal.

A crystal needs to only have good energy stored within it in order to reach its full potential, which is impossible without cleaning.

Clarification of Rose Quartz:

The crystals can be cleansed using a variety of techniques, such as:

  1. Soaking them in a basin of salt water;
  2. Cleaning them with fresh rainwater;
  3. And adding water washing.

Crystals can also be cleansed using fire, such as by lighting a candle or a sage stick. Using one of the two aforementioned aspects of nature, all negative chakra can be cleansed by using the soil.

This can be accomplished by burying the crystals for a few hours in new soil.

This allows the ground to absorb all of the crystals’ negative energies. Additionally, certain crystals with the sole goal of cleansing are known as cleansing crystals; these can be utilized to finish the cleansing process.

Putting cleaned crystals in order:

The crystals can be set outside under a moonlit sky after the cleansing procedure is finished. It should be remembered that each crystal needs room to charge from all sides; therefore, there must be space between them.

The crystals must be placed precisely; a crystal grid can also be used to arrange them.

There are specific positions for your crystals that will allow them to charge the greatest energy.

When placing the crystals, a certain map or pattern can be used to create a powerful spiritual connection.

When using the cardinal directions, the north stands for the earth, the east for the air, the south for the fire, and the west for the water. This is significant since every crystal has a particular natural inclination.

To keep the crystals peaceful and prevent anything from interfering with the charging process, it’s crucial to choose appropriate surroundings for them. Grass and stone are a good and tranquil choice.

Additionally, it’s crucial to check for any glass or other debris.

The greatest scenario for the crystals is to be outside, taking in all of nature and the moonlight, with the window between the crystals and the moonlight. This enables them to take in the good energies that are emitted by the environment and by nature itself.

Cleaning the crystals’ surroundings is also advised to ensure that there isn’t a bad vibe around them.

Final Words

It is also necessary to embed your intentions through the crystals and the natural earth after positioning and arranging the crystals.

When you establish intentions before charging the crystal, it initiates the flow of energy from you through the crystal, creating a strong bond that will also allow them to get more.

Everything on earth is set and connected by energy, and crystals deliver energy in a very proper manner.

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