9 Crystals to Leave On a Grave or Coffin: Passed Loved Ones

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9 Crystals to Leave On a Grave or Coffin: Passed Loved Ones

Sometimes, the best thing to do when we lose a loved one is to wish them goodbye by placing certain crystals on their coffin or their grave.

In the spiritual world, there are 9 crystals you can leave at these sacred locations. They are a token of your presence and also a gift of appreciation to wish your loved ones goodbye.

Sometimes, this simple act can wield so much power that eases your mind of grief and sorrow.

I have discovered these crystals and will share them with you in this article. Ensure you read till the end to find out more about this.

Recently, a lot of people have reached out to me about this subject. This is one of the cogent reasons why I am writing this article to you.

Don’t leave your dead loved ones without placing a crystal on their coffin or their grave.

This article will explain the reason for this assertion and also give you a list of crystals you can use for this purpose.

Can I leave crystals in a coffin?

many crystals

Yes, you can leave crystals in a coffin.

There are many things you can put in a coffin together with your deceased loved one. Some people put wooden hallowed figures, others put rosaries, bibles, and so on.

In the interior part of Africa, people put items like extra items of clothing, food, and so on

The reason for all these is that the items accompany the dead to the afterlife. 

However, among all of these beautiful items, crystals are one of the most powerful items you can leave in a coffin.

Because of the divine energy that emits from these artifacts, they can accompany the spirit of the dead to the afterlife and also grant them eternal rest. 

This is why it is advisable to put them in a coffin. You can put more than one if you like

The healing and metaphysical properties of these precious stones are beneficial to dead souls in the afterlife.

It helps their transition into the afterlife and can mend their souls if it has been shattered by their cause of death.

Therefore, if you have considered placing crystals in the coffin of your lost loved ones, it is a beautiful idea.

Can I leave crystals on a grave?

holding clear crystal

Yes, you can leave crystals on a grave. It is believed to be a sign of honoring the dead.

When you place crystals on the grave of your loved one, it makes them happy. They recognize your scent and appreciate your gift

Therefore, if you have been planning to take this special token to the gravesite of your loved one, this article affirms that there is nothing wrong with this act. 

After the burial of loved ones, their family members can still perform certain acts of respect and honor. One such is taking gifts and tokens such as crystals to the grave.

Therefore, it is a beautiful way to honor the memory of your deceased loved one

Another benefit of doing this is that the crystal beautifies the tomb. It is like decorating the home of your deceased loved one. 

9 Best crystals to leave on a grave or in a coffin

9 Best crystals to leave on a grave or in a coffin (clear rose quartz )

Among the several crystals you can leave on a grave or in a coffin, I have identified the 9 best crystals to use.

These are powerful stones with spiritual and metaphysical benefits that affect the souls of dead people as well.

You can use one or more of the crystals. If you wish to, you can mix the 9 crystals by placing them in the grave or the coffin of your loved one either in a circular shape or a straight line. 

Below are the 9 best crystals you can use.

1) Rose Quartz

This is one of the common gemstones that can be placed in a coffin or on a grave

This precious gemstone has unique qualities. It is beautiful to behold and greatly appreciated by the spirit of the dead. 

Placing the rose quartz on the grave or in a coffin does the following:

  • It heals the soul of the dead from grief;
  • It heals the mind of the bereaved from grief;
  • It also helps the spirit of the dead to release their past life and move on to the new reality ahead of them;
  • This stone also restores hope.

Therefore, when you place it on the grave or in the coffin of your deceased loved one, you are telling them to move on. You are telling them that you will be strong.

You can also put Rose Quartz in someone’s car.

2) Fluorite

This special stone is also good enough for gravesites. It is a very beautiful stone with several color variants. 

This is why you can make use of it for this purpose. Placing fluorite at gravesites has the following spiritual benefits:

  • It soothes the soul of the dead;
  • It comforts the family of the dead;
  • It is also given to the dead as a gift of support in the afterlife;
  • It helps the soul of the bereaved to be mended after it has been shredded apart by the sudden demise of their loved ones;
  • The beautiful colors of this stone also make the gravesite beautiful. It makes it attractive.

3) Rhodochrosite

This precious stone is believed to be an emblem of divine love and support for the soul of the deceased

When you lose a loved one, placing this crystal in the coffin or on the gravesite of the deceased loved one is a powerful way to ensure that you give the spirit your love.

It is believed that p[placing the rhodochrosite on gravesites helps the dead to feel supported by their family members on earth.

Sometimes, it can be boring in the afterlife. However, with this stone, they know that they are not alone

4) Black Tourmaline

This precious stone is believed to be a sign that you will never forget the memories of the deceased.

Using the black tourmaline is a sign that the impact of the deceased is felt by you.

It means that you miss the deceased so much and you are giving the black tourmaline as a token of your endless love.

If you drop a black tourmaline on the gravesite of your loved one, ensure you visit the grave every year or every 5 years to change the crystal.

Before you use black tourmaline, you should read here some side effects of the stone.

5) Celestite

Spiritually, this stone is revered as one of the purest gemstones in the universe.

Because of what it passed through to become a crystal, it is believed to possess purifying properties. 

Placing this gemstone in a coffin or on a gravesite purifies the soul of the dead. It is believed that this act of love can be responsible for the quick entry of the deceased’s soul into heaven. 

This is why you should not take this for granted. If you need to place a crystal at a gravesite, celestite is an amazing choice.

Find out the best crystals for spiritual protection from spirits and ghosts.

6) Moonstone

The purpose of this stone helps with embracing changes and going through transitions.

When people die, it might be difficult for them to go through the transition phase – especially when the death was sudden and unexpected

However, by placing the moonstone in their coffin or by their gravesite, you will help them embrace the change and go through the transition process properly

Also, this helps you to embrace the reality of what has happened and move on with your life.

7) Lepidolite

This special crystal helps with coping with pain and grief

When you lose someone, it might be difficult to cope with the pain of this loss.

However, with the lepidolite, you can release this negative emotion and look forward to the new journey ahead of you.

Also, the lepidolite helps with the soul of the dead. It also soothes the soul.

8) Pyrite

Using this stone protects the soul of the dead from being shredded to pieces by malevolent forces.

During the transition phase, the soul might wander into unknown spiritual territory.

When this happens, the pyrite crystal you placed in the coffin will serve as a spiritual weapon to ward off these spiritual negative entities. 

9) Selenite

The light from this crystal is believed to be a guiding spirit

Therefore, placing it in a coffin or on a grave benefits the soul of the dead by providing direction even as they journey to the afterlife.

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Will these crystals help a passed loved one?

holding rose quartz

Yes, these crystals will help a passed loved one. The following are the benefits:

  • It helps the passed loved one with the transition process;
  • These crystals can shine as guiding lights to the afterlife;
  • They can also become protective amulets against dark spiritual entities;
  • They can provide divine healing for the soul of the dead;
  • Spiritually, these crystals can also detox the soul from impurities that might prevent the soul from entering into bliss.

Are there any other crystals for the deceased?

crystals on table

Yes, there are other crystals for the deceased.

However, these 9 crystals are strong enough to grant your heart’s desire and provide peace and comfort to the soul of the dead. 

Therefore, there is no point in mentioning other varieties of crystals available for spiritual purposes. 

Final Words

I am sure you found this article insightful. 

The crystals mentioned in this article are powerful to bring about healing, comfort, successful transition, protection and guidance for the soul of the deceased.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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  1. My sister recently passed away unexpectedly and during a very rough time in her life, she was cremated to I’m wandering where should I put the crystals in the urn or around the urn?

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