Who Should NOT Wear Garnet Stone? 5 Side Effects 

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Who Should NOT Wear Garnet Stone? 5 Side Effects 

Garnet has captivated humanity for centuries. Because of its deep rich red color and inherent power, many cultures use it for several spiritual purposes

However, some people suffered terrible side effects from using this stone. Because of this, caution is advised when using garnet. 

In this article, we will explore the side effects of using this stone and also state the categories of people that should stay away from the garnet stone

With this, you can make informed decisions about using garnet stone or staying away from it. 

Furthermore, if you stand at risk of suffering side effects from using garnet, I will discuss other gemstones you can use in place of garnet

Therefore, read till the end.

Is Garnet safe to wear?


Yes, garnet is safe to wear.

Because of its non-toxic chemical component, you can wear it without the fear of suffering radiation or electromagnetic waves, it is made of natural elements, which are not harmful. 

In addition to this, garnet is a pretty strong stone. On the Mohs hardness scale, it measures between 6.5 – 7.5.

Therefore, you don’t have to be scared of the durability of this stone. Wearing it does not put your crystal at risk of scratching on the surface. 

Its bright color also makes it a perfect combination for your outfit. Its blend of color makes it fit into almost any attire and a corresponding piece of jewelry. 

In addition to this, it is imbued with positive energy, which maintains the balance of whosoever wears it.

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Can everyone use Garnet?

garnet crystal

Not everyone can use garnet. Whether it is for fashion purposes or spiritual reasons, extra caution is advised before using garnet stone

When it comes to crystals, they come with unique energy levels, chemical compositions, and vibrational frequencies, which are compatible with varying degrees of people.

This means that the crystal you enjoy using might not bring the same experience to another. 

Therefore, ensure to conduct proper research about your crystal before using it

For example, garnet stone works for some categories of people.

Even though it is safe to wear, you might suffer side effects if your body and energy levels are not compatible with this crystal. 

What are the categories of people who should stay away from garnet stone? This will be discussed below. Read on.

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Who should NOT wear Garnet Stone?

pregnancy crystals

You might be wondering how you can identify if wearing garnet stone is good for you or not. In this section, I will outline and explain those that should NOT wear the garnet stone for any reason. 

3 categories of people should not wear this stone. Here are the categories:

1) Suffered a Recent heartbreak

If you recently suffered a heartbreak and you are seeking emotional detachment or a moment of solitude, then, stay away from garnet stone

Wearing this stone stimulates love, passion, and the need for friendship. If care is not taken, you might find crushing on someone else

Also, you won’t have your space because the energy from garnet will continually attract people to you.

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2) If you are Empathic

If you are empathic, stay away from wearing garnet stones. Empathic people absorb energies from their surroundings.

Now, they can get to a limit where it feels overwhelming.

However, using garnet increases the frequency of energy they absorb, which can weaken their chakras and lead to body discomfort.

To prevent this from happening, empaths are advised to not wear garnet stones. 

3) If you are pregnant

If you are pregnant, stay away from wearing garnet stones during your first trimester. During this moment, you don’t need stimulating energy.

You need to be calmer as the foetus continues to develop.

Wearing garnet stone will stimulate you, make you overactive and increase your blood pressure, which is dangerous to your baby

Also, if you are easily angered, or hyperactive, don’t wear garnet stone. This is to prevent you from suffering emotional imbalance.

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5 Possible side effects of Garnet Stone

garnet crystal

Garnet is believed to be safe for wearing. However, there can be side effects – especially for those who are NOT to wear this stone.

Let us explore the possible side effects of wearing this stone. 

If you just discovered that garnet stone is not compatible with you, then, read this to understand why you should stay away from it

1) Skin Irritation

This is a possible side effect of using garnet stone. 

People with sensitive and soft skin might suffer irritation from wearing this crystal. Itching, skin rashes, skin grafts, boils, and so on can appear.

If you ever notice this after wearing garnet stone jewelry, then, it means you should stay away from this stone.

Your body reacts negatively to its chemical composition

2) Restlessness

One of the side effects of wearing garnet stone is restlessness or what people call “overstimulation”. Mostly, this happens to hyperactive people

Garnet stone comes with energizing properties. It is meant to work more on calm and reserved people. 

Therefore, to prevent restlessness, stay away from this stone if you are constantly energized and motivated.

Such high levels of energy are enough and you don’t need garnet stone to stimulate you further. 

3) Increase in body temperature

The moment you notice an increase in your body temperature while holding or wearing garnet stone, it means you should NOT use it any further

Now, I understand that this is a mild reaction and should not be taken seriously. 

However, if care is not taken, other side effects will gradually come in.

Because, the constant increase in body temperature weakens your chakras, takes them out of alignment and makes you vulnerable to sicknesses.

This is why you should check your body temperature once you wear the garnet stone.

A slight or total change in body temperature is enough side effect to convince you not to use it anymore.

4) Sleep interference

Keeping this stone close to your bed is dangerous. Its energetic properties will tamper with your mind.

Because of this hyperactive energy around you, it becomes difficult to sleep

Wearing this stone at night is a dangerous decision – especially if you are tired and need to sleep. 

5) Headaches

This is one of the side effects of wearing garnet stone. Constant headaches mean that a lot of hyperactive energy has been absorbed into your core

To remedy this, take the stone from your body. 

Whenever you feel slight or serious headaches after bringing garnet stone close to your body, it means that you are not compatible with this crystal

I can’t use Garnet. Are there other similar crystals?

red orange agate necklace

If you cannot use garnet, here are similar crystals you should use. 

They possess the same qualities but are milder in energy vibration and compatible with your situation and body chemistry. 

Red Jasper:

Red Jasper

If you feel weak and need an energy booster, instead of using garnet, you should go for red jasper. 

This crystal is a perfect alternative to garnet in terms of revitalizing yourself, fuelling your energy tank, and feeling motivated to work during the day. 

With red jasper, you won’t have to suffer side effects such as headaches, and so on. It is milder and won’t lead to energy overload

This stone is also fashionable and complements your skin with a perfect blend. 

Red Tourmaline:

Red Tourmaline

Blessed with its deep red color and metaphysical properties, red tourmaline is a perfect alternative for garnet stone.

Using the red tourmaline crystal helps you to stay motivated. 

The energy from this crystal inspires you to remain passionate in the pursuit of your dreams, goals, and aspirations. 

Wearing this crystal as jewelry revitalizes your core. Red tourmaline heals your chakra points.

Therefore, if you need a crystal for energy, good luck, passion, and healing, use red tourmaline rather than garnet.

By doing this, you bypass the possible side effects of wearing garnet



This crystal harnesses its power from the sun, which makes it a perfect alternative to garnet stone.

Sunstone has several spiritual benefits like maintaining energy levels, reducing blood pressure, and keeping you active and energetic during the day. 

Rather than exposing yourself to the possible side effects of using garnet stone, choose sunstone as an alternative

With sunstone, you will enjoy the same spiritual benefit while bypassing any side effects. 

Red Tiger’s Eye:

Tiger Eye Stones
Tiger Eye Stones

This crystal can increase your motivation levels

Wearing the red tiger’s eye keeps you motivated during the day. Also, it helps you to stay focused on your activities during the day

The energy level of the red tiger’s eye is not hyperactive. Therefore, there are no side effects like restlessness or headaches from using this stone. 

Red Agate:

Red Agate

Spiritually, this crystal has energizing properties. However, it does not add up to your energy bank if you are hyperactive.

Rather, it keeps releasing energy in bits once you begin to feel fatigued

Also, red agate helps you to stay confident. The power of this crystal also infuses you with courage – especially when it comes to taking risks. 

This is another alternative to garnet stone.

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Final Words

Garnet stone possesses several benefits and spiritual properties. Therefore, it is normal to not want to be left out of these benefits. 

However, if you are not compatible with this stone, you will constantly suffer its side effects. 

Rather than using garnet, try out its alternatives (as stated in this article) and enjoy the same benefits. 

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