7 Most Dangerous Crystals to Wear (Toxic Crystals) 

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7 Most Dangerous Crystals to Wear (Toxic Crystals) 

Crystals can be beautiful things that enhance our lives, but they can also be extremely dangerous for our health. This is an important thing to remember.

In most cases, crystals and crystal healing work are safe and even recommended by spiritualists and New Age workers.

That is because this work can release stress, let go of negativity, and help you to build your life in a way that creates an abundance of all kinds.

At the same time, however, it is critical to remember that crystal healing is not without risks if you do not understand crystals well. That is what we are here for.

There are some crystals that are incredibly dangerous to use, and even more dangerous to wear. Learn more about some of the most dangerous crystals to avoid. 

Are there toxic crystals?


Yes, there is such a thing as toxic crystals.

It is generally speaking common sense, but when you consider the power of crystals in our lives, it is easy to forget that crystals can be dangerous.

Crystals are stones and gems that are mined from the Earth. So, they carry with them thousands of generations of lifetimes and experiences that can help us to grow, heal, and succeed.

They have a power that can sometimes overshadow the dangerous nature of some crystals.

Some crystals will have a certain level of toxicity to them. In some cases, that toxicity can be deadly. In others, it can be minimally invasive.

For some toxicities, you won’t notice the effect for decades, like with asbestos for example. But asbestos can and will eat at your lungs in a deadly and tragic way.

When you are working with crystals for crystal healing, it’s important to remember that these are minerals mined from the Earth. Some minerals while natural, may not be safe. 

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What crystals are Toxic?

bunch of crystals

There are many different crystals or minerals that are toxic and too many to name for the purpose of this discussion.

Additionally, when discussing the toxicity of minerals it is worth noting that toxic crystals will not all be toxic in the same way.

Some will be toxic to wear, others will be toxic to ingest or breathe in, and others will be toxic to swallow.

There are also minerals and crystals that will be toxic to use in other circumstances.

For example, as you will soon see, immersing crystals in water could reduce the potability of the water and make it unsafe to drink.

Not many people will drink or use the water after cleansing a crystal in it, but you might do so without thinking about it.

Crystals are natural, but not all things in nature are safe to consume or wear. We have gathered up seven of the most dangerous crystals to wear today.

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7 Most Dangerous Crystals to Wear

7 Most Dangerous Crystals to Wear

When it comes to calling a crystal dangerous, we are referring to potential poisoning. Not all kinds of poisoning by crystals will be deadly or fatal.

Some will be, while others may only produce a skin allergy or mild symptoms. How you ingest or take in a substance will determine the level of its toxicity as well.

For some crystals, ingesting them for years on end may lead to a fatal illness, like asbestos.

For others, you may just need to keep it away from your skin but could get away with a necklace worn on a very rare occasion.

When you are purchasing crystals to use for crystal healing or to wear as jewelry, be sure that you have done your research to know that it is safe.

1) Blue Asbestos

Blue asbestos is among the most deadly minerals in the world.

Worse, this mineral will enter the bloodstream and find its way to your lungs and create damage over several decades. This creates a fatal and incurable disease.

Most experts will think that this stone is among the most deadly crystal. You can not and should not wear this mineral, or use it for crystal healing.

Its effects include lung scarring, breathing problems, chest pain, weight loss, and worst of all, mesothelioma. 

2) Cinnabar

Cinnabar is a stone that contains mercury, and that is where its toxicity comes from. Chronic exposure to cinnabar will result in some neurological issues that can be fatal.

It has also been linked to major organ system damage. This crystal is going to be damaging regardless of how it is used for crystal healing.

It is dangerous through inhalation, skin contact, and through ingestion. It has been used in dyes to color other stones, but it can also be sold on its own.

It should not be used for crystal healing as a result of its potential toxicity. 

3) Fluorspar 

Fluorspar is a beautiful stone that looks like a golden or yellow topaz.

This is a tempting stone because it is just so pretty that you almost can’t help but want to add it to your collection.

However, it does contain the chemical fluoride and that could result in severe health problems.

The most common health problems associated with this are neurological issues, kidney failure, and liver damage.

These symptoms will be linked to the disease known as fluorosis, which is named after this mineral. 

4) Phenacite  

The stone known as phenacite is a uniquely shaped and colored stone and almost looks like a big rock of glass. It is stunning in its own right.

This stone contains the element known as beryllium which can lead to deadly diseases. Most of the time, you have to inhale components of this rock in order for it to be deadly.

If it has not been manufactured properly, it can lead to cancer, lung damage, and issues with your lymphatic system. 

5) Flourite  

Flourite is a stone that is a very pretty pale green. It looks like something magical from afar.

Up close, when used too frequently, it can create multiple system organ damages. This is not a crystal you can wear.

Experts will recommend that anyone that even works with fluorite use a mask or a respirator. If you are touching fluorite, do not bring this near your eyes, mouth, or nose. 

6) Chrysotile  

Chrysotile is very much like asbestos in terms of its toxicity potential, and it even has a similar chemical makeup.

On the other hand, it looks nothing like it.

The chemical known as chrysotile causes the same problems that asbestos does. This is a life ending condition in the lungs, that can take decades to manifest in your everyday life.

7) Zircon  

Zircon is a particularly dangerous mineral because it has some radioactive components. While not every zircon will emit radioactivity, some will.

Any amount of radiation or radioactivity is considered dangerous. Be careful if someone tries to sell you zircon, in the name of spiritual or physical healing.

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Is Jade dangerous?

Jade bracelet

Jade is a stone that can come with its own toxicity. That is because jade is made of metals like arsenic, cadmium, and lead.

These are all metals that are known to have some levels of poisonous elements to them.

When you wear or use jade for extended periods, you can expose yourself to some levels of toxicity that could be dangerous. 

Jade is also particularly dangerous if you have sensitive skin. It is well known that jade can cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin or existing skin issues like eczema.

Some jade stones also contain nickel which is a known toxin that can cause allergic reactions and neurological problems.

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Is Quartz toxic to touch?

Clear quartz
Rose Quartz

Quartz is not toxic to touch, but you may find it on the list of dangerous minerals.

Where quartz is toxic is when it is ground into dust. This dust should not be inhaled as it can be very dangerous.

Many experts will caution workers that are mining or manufacturing this mineral to wear respirators and masks.

You’ll also want to wash your hands if you come into any contact with quartz dust.

This can happen if you drop a quartz and it breaks. You will be sweeping up this dust during the cleanup.

Inhaling quartz can result in a disease known as silicosis which is an inflammation of the lungs and scarring in the lungs.

You might also experience immune system disorders with these rocks when quartz is inhaled. 

Is Amazonite toxic?

Amazonite real stone

Amazonite can be toxic, but this is not a direct toxin like some other dangerous minerals can be.

This mineral is toxic and can cause lung cancer, but it is not easy to get sick from this mineral.

This is one of those minerals where toxins will leave the rock when it is immersed in water.

You can use Amazonite in your crystal healing, but you will want to charge it and cleanse it without using any water at all.

When placed in water, amazonite releases chemicals that make the water undrinkable or unusable.

It is fair to say these chemicals will be on the surface of amazonite, and thus this mineral is best avoided unless it is not coming in direct contact with the skin.

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What happens if I use a toxic gemstone?

sick woman

If you use a toxic gemstone, you might experience some negative side effects.

These side effects can be deadly, or they may cause nothing more than a skin reaction. Each stone that is toxic will have its own mechanisms of causing danger or health problems.

If you are at all concerned about your stone, put it in a safe place in your home, and do not wear the stone. You can still enjoy the stone without wearing it and minimize your risk to the stone.

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Final Words

When you are using crystals for crystal healing, use them sparingly or away from the body if they contain any levels of toxic compounds. Toxic stones can cause fatal illness and disease.

Even in a best case scenario where the reaction is just allergic, this is counterproductive to the task of crystal healing. Find another stone that will bring you joy, and your healing will be everything you want it to be. 

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