9 Side Effects of Wearing Copper Bracelet (dangerous)

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9 Side Effects of Wearing Copper Bracelet (dangerous)

The reddish metal with a face-centered cubic crystalline structure, copper, is among the 25 most abundant elements on earth.

It is predominantly found in copper mines along with some other precious metals like silver and gold. In ancient times, it was connected to the goddesses of love, Aphrodite and venus.

It was polished to produce mirrors, as currencies especially in Rome and for cleansing water and wounds by Egyptians.

Copper is believed to contain a high amount of energy and therefore has healing properties and is a good energy conductor.

It is also believed to have a harmonic connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

Because of this high conducting power, it is believed that it can conduct healing energy when placed near healing minerals or crystals.

Also, it is believed to help clear out negative energies and rebalance the Chakra to keep circulation in flow.

Nonetheless, some side effects have been observed when copper is worn as jewelry and for this article, we’ll be looking at some of them.

Is copper jewelry safe to wear?

copper jewelry

Although there are better metals like platinum, and gold that is preferable in producing jewelry, copper surprisingly made the list

So, Yes! Copper is safe to wear on the skin as a piece of jewelry.

The reason is that copper tends to be antimicrobial as it can inhibit the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, protozoa, fungi or viruses.

As a result, copper is used as part of the treatment for wounds and diseases.

In the human body, copper exists as a trace element that is essential for the brain, heart, skin, immune system, collagen and bone development.

So, when it is in contact with the skin, it is believed to serve those functions to an extent.

In metaphysics, copper is believed to have some healing properties. It can help:

  • Improve one’s blood circulation;
  • Remove toxins from the body;
  • Reduce any form of inflammation;
  • Improve the body’s usage of oxygen;
  • Stabilize body metabolism.

Therefore, you can wear it on your body as bracelets for healing and protection.

Although sometimes, it can turn the skin of the bearer green, you will notice this effect with other Jewelleries that contain traces of copper beneath.

When this happens, it does not necessarily mean that you are allergic to the metal, rather there has been an oxidation reaction between the copper metal and oxygen or other compounds in the environment.

Are there disadvantages to wearing copper rings and bracelets?

showing bracelets

Although copper is among the trace elements in the body and has been known for its effectiveness in curing arthritis, there are, however, some disadvantages associated with wearing it on the body.

This is because an increased quantity of the element can have some damaging effects on health. Some of them include:

  • Copper toxicity: When the copper in the body continues accumulating when you constantly wear them as bracelets and rings, there’s a possibility of toxicity where it becomes too much in the body. It becomes worse when you take copper supplements alongside;
  • Skin discoloration: Prolonged wearing of copper can result in green or blue stains on the skin. This can only mean that the copper element is being dissolved by the sweat on the skin and gets absorbed into the bloodstream;
  • Mineral imbalance: Increased quantity of copper in the bloodstream will lead to an imbalance with other mineral quantities in the body;
  • Not pure copper bracelet: When the bracelet or ring contains toxic metals like lead as impurities, it could result in different health diseases and symptoms. It is therefore advisable you buy a 100% pure copper bracelet or ring.

Can I be allergic to copper bracelets?

belt and bracelets

Although there are a few cases where people become allergic to the metal, copper bracelets do not cause allergies.

It is a very weak sensitizer when compared to other metal compounds.

What happens is an oxidation reaction where the copper reacts with the sweat on the skin which leads to the dissolution of the metal. This is manifested as skin discolouration. 

9 Possible side effects of wearing a Copper bracelet

9 Possible side effects of wearing a Copper bracelet

Although copper has been propagated to possess the healing properties of reducing pain and inflammation for someone suffering from arthritis, some side effects have been associated with wearing it.

Let’s now see what are the possible effects of wearing a copper bracelet or jewelry.

1) Skin irritation

Copper has been shown to irritate the skin because it tends to react with the skin causing some skin reactions

These reactions can come informed of discomfort, itchiness and redness.

For some persons, it might not necessarily be the copper bracelet, but other elements that were used in the production of that bracelet. 

In situations where you notice these allergies, you should stop using the metal. It can only mean it is not suitable for your skin. 

2) Very itchy wrists

Copper bracelets can cause your wrist to be very itchy when it is not conducive to the skin. 

This could be attributed to allergic reactions on the skin caused by the absorption of the copper metal onto the bloodstream after it has been dissolved.

Copper bracelets can cause skin reactions. When the bracelet is worn for too long, there is an oxidation reaction by the sweat on the body as it reacts on the copper bracelets.

The resultant effect is the dissolution and absorption of the copper particles into the bloodstream.

This is manifested as some patches of blue and green color. It can also mean that the copper bracelet is not pure copper.

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3) Headaches

Headache is also a side effect of using copper bracelets.

This could be a result of copper toxicity which occurred from the absorption of excess copper into the bloodstream. 

This defect can manifest as constant headaches and other related symptoms.

In such a case, you should stop using the bracelet and ascertain the cause of your problem from a medical practitioner.

4) Muscle aches

Wearing a copper bracelet often can lead to muscle aches. 

When this excess copper metal probably forms your bracelets begin to accumulate in the body, they are mostly deposited around the joints and tendons of the body

At this excess concentration, they are not healthy for the bones. They end up weakening them, and unable to function properly. 

5) Spiritual unbalance

As I stated earlier, It is believed that copper has a connection between the physical and the spiritual.

It can help you spark passion by giving you positive energy and focus to enable you to be all that you want to be.

However, when it is too much in the body, it will not properly manifest the healing process. You will experience a lack of focus and confusion leading to instability and a lack of direction. 

At this point, you should stop using the bracelet. 

6) Weakness Feeling 

You can have a weak feeling when there’s an excess of copper in the body. 

Elements like copper and zinc are very essential for their proper functioning in the body. The two elements are so related that the quantity of one always affects that of the other.

This means that if copper is excess in the body, the quantity of zinc will invariably be low and vice versa. 

As a result of the above, copper toxicity can manifest as a feeling of weakness. When it happens, there’s every need for the rate of absorption of copper to be reduced in the body. 

You could start by removing your copper bracelet. 

7) Bad mood

Copper can cause a bad mood when accumulated in the body.

As a neurotransmitter, copper interferes with the work of the thyroid and adrenal gland when they are in excess in the body.

It robs them of their energy which can lead to adrenal and chronic fatigue. 

It creates an imbalance in its neurotransmitter activity by decreasing dopamine levels and invariably increasing norepinephrine levels.

This is a great risk that can lead to depression and other mental problems.

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8) Somnolence 

Too much copper in the body can lead to somnolence.

Copper as a trace element is supposed to be present in small quantities in the body. As a stimulant, copper enhances mental activity.

In the same way, it transmits electricity, it can result in an adrenaline surge when it is in excess in the body.

You tend to appear hyper, impulsive etc, and this often leads to anxiety, panic, restlessness and also insomnia. 

9) Vomiting and Nausea  

Copper bracelets can cause vomiting and nausea when it has caused its accumulation in excess quantity in the body.

Copper as one of the trace elements in the body is supposed to be found in small amounts. When they are accumulated, it can affect the digestive system.

This is manifested as vomiting or nausea in most cases. 

When you notice this symptom, it is advisable to stop wearing the bracelet to reduce the amount of copper that is being absorbed into the body. 

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Should I wear magnetic bracelets?

magnetic bracelet

Yes, you can wear magnetic bracelets. Although these bracelets are not necessarily believed to have any physical health benefits.

Some still believe that they are known to serve as placebos that help to adjust mental health when in pain or illness, and that they also cure arthritis. 

You should avoid them if you have an electronic implant like a pacemaker, wear electronic devices like a Holter monitor, use an insulin pump, are pregnant or allergic to metals like nickel. 

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Should I use the Copper bracelet on the left or right wrist? 


The copper bracelet will benefit the bearer on any hand they decide to wear as long as it is in contact with the skin. 

The reason is that copper, as among the trace elements in the body, is believed to have some healing benefit to any stiff joints in the body

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Final Words

Copper bracelets are believed to contain some healing properties when worn on the body, this can come off as arthritis, joint pain etc. 

Nonetheless, there are side effects associated with this benefit. This is a result of excess accumulation of copper metals in the body which is naturally supposed to exist in trace quantities. 

In such a situation, you should avoid wearing the bracelet or any further intake of copper to reduce or stop the effect of its accumulation.

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