Can You Wear Hamsa and Evil Eye Together? 5 Benefits

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Can You Wear Hamsa and Evil Eye Together? 5 Benefits

Amongst the most prominent symbols in the world today, hamsa and the evil eye stand out.

Across several cultures, these symbols have been used for every form of protection and defense against evil spirits and dark magic. 

However, in recent times, people have started wearing both hamsa and evil eye. You might have seen this and decided to try it out as well

Before you do, read this article to find out if you can wear Hamsa and evil eye together. Additionally, we will discuss the 5 spiritual benefits of wearing both ancient symbols together. 

What you are about to read will usher you into a new phase of spiritual enlightenment. 

Can you wear a hamsa hand and an evil eye together?

hamsa hand bracelet

Yes, you can wear a hamsa hand and an evil eye together

In the world of spirituality and omens, the hamsa hand is known as the hand of God, which protects people from danger. 

As we all know, an evil eye wards off the negative energy that comes from the evil jealous stare of an individual or a group of people. 

Now, imagine combining both symbols, it is something magnificent

Beyond the spiritual benefits (which we will discuss later) it brings, the hamsa hand and evil eye are perfect combinations for personal style, taste, and fashion.

You can wear these symbols together to add a unique look to your outfit. Wearing both symbols together has become increasingly popular in recent times. 

Therefore, if you are wondering if it is okay to wear it or not, I am sure you have gotten your answer right here!

Now, before you run off and combine both symbols, you should read what comes next in this article because we will talk about the benefits you will enjoy while wearing both a hamsa hand and an evil eye together. 

5 Benefits of Using an Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand Together

5 Benefits of Using an Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand Together

There are benefits of using both symbols together either as pendants or as bracelets. Below are the 5 major spiritual benefits of using an evil eye and a hamsa hand together.

1) Increased positive energy around you

Without combining both symbols, they are individually powerful enough to ward off evil spirits and clear out negative energies.

Now, wearing them together amplifies their energies. This makes the positive energy around you increase

Using an evil eye and a hamsa hand together increases the positive vibrations in your life.

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2) A sense of peace and harmony

We all know that the world is in constant chaos! The moment you leave your home, you cannot determine what happens to you, or how people will treat you.

However, you can guard your heart to never lose its peace and inner harmony despite all the negativity. 

One of the ways to make that happen is by using an evil eye and a hamsa hand together.

When you do this, your heart will constantly experience peace and harmony.

Even when things go haywire on the outside, the combination of an evil eye and a hamsa hand ensures that you never lose your peace. 

3) Heightened intuitive powers

Wearing both symbols increases your intuitive powers. It increases your sensitivity to the environment around you.

Also, combining both symbols enhances your spiritual foresight and spiritual senses. It makes you aware of what goes on in the unseen world

For those who are psychics but find it hard to channel their powers, use both an evil eye and hamsa hand together. Your psychic powers will be stirred.

You will finally discover how to use your powers for the greater good.

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4) It attracts good luck

Both symbols are known for attracting good luck.  Therefore, combining them brings more good luck into your life.

If you desire to manifest success and abundance, channel the powers of both the hamsa hand and the evil eye. They are powerful amulets for attracting good luck

For example, if you desire promotion at your workplace, a hamsa hand and an evil eye can make this happen. Constantly, wear it to work.

Then, watch what begins to happen afterwards. 

Those who combine both symbols have testified to how many good things began to happen in their lives.

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5) Protection

Individually, these symbols can offer protection. However, there is a limit to what they can handle before cracking or falling away. 

When you combine both, the protection you enjoy is endless.

The reason is that you amplify their energies by connecting them, which makes their powers last for longer periods

Therefore, if you intend to use these symbols for protection, combining them is the best way to enjoy prolonged protection from:

  • Evil spirits;
  • The evil stare of a jealous individual;
  • Spiritual attacks, and so on.

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Can I use just the Evil Eye bracelet?

Evil Eye bracelet

Yes, you can use just the evil eye bracelet. It protects you from the negative stare of jealous people.

If you don’t want to expose yourself to a lot of energetic vibrations, select an evil eye bracelet for protection against jealous people. 

This bracelet also attracts good luck to your life. It conditions the environment around you and ensures that good things happen to you during the day. 

Whenever I don’t feel like using both symbols, I choose an evil eye bracelet – especially when I am visiting a group of friends or going on a professional tour. 

Therefore, it is okay to use just the evil eye bracelet.

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Can I use just the Hamsa Hand bracelet?

Hamsa Hand

Yes, you can use just the Hamsa hand bracelet

The hamsa hand is believed to protect people from evil spirits, negative energies and bad luck. 

Wearing it also helps your inward self. It promotes clarity of thought and boosts your confidence. 

Even though wearing both the hamsa hand and an evil eye is beneficial, you can still enjoy a lot of things just by wearing the hamsa hand.

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Final Words

I am sure this article has answered all your questions surrounding the combination of both symbols. There are no side effects to using them

Get them for yourself and enjoy the endless spiritual benefits they bring.  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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