Can You Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet? (It’s Bad Luck?)

Jorge Silva
Can You Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet? (It’s Bad Luck?)

There have been a lot of misconceptions about buying an evil eye bracelet or not.

This article will address all of these. When it comes to the evil eye bracelet, understand that what matters are:

  • Its source;
  • The energy from its wearer;
  • The intention of its wearer.

Once all of these are right, the question surrounding buying it or not will not be an issue. 

However, to clarify things, and help you get answers to this question, read what I am about to share with you in this article. 

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Work?

Evil Eye Bracelet

Yes, evil eye bracelets work.

They have been used for centuries.

With these bracelets or “spiritual amulets” as some people call them, you can enjoy several spiritual benefits.

The energy from this bracelet can grant your wishes, answer your prayers, protect you, and bring good luck.

The concept of the evil eye started during the old Greek days. Ever since it has become a widely known spiritual way of protection. 

However, a lot of people have also used this bracelet for fashion purposes exclusively. It surely does look good on them when they wear it.

The color combination, shape, size, design, and so on can contribute to an individual’s beauty. There is nothing bad in choosing to wear an evil eye bracelet for fashion purposes. 

However, when it comes to spirituality, you can bank on its effectiveness. Several evil eye bracelets exist out there.

They come in different designs, signets, and sizes.

Choose what works for you, and channel its energy properly. 

Can You Buy Yourself an Evil Eye?

Evil Eye Necklace

Yes, you can buy yourself an evil eye

Before this modern age and time, you might be able to make it. The ingredients, stones, and charms are easily accessible.

However, this has become scarce in recent times due to the increase in spiritual deadness and agnosticism

To preserve the heritage of the evil eye tradition, spiritualists have devised a means of making tiny beads that look just like the evil eye.

They sell it at retail outlets.

Over the years, this has become a common way of getting an evil eye for yourself

Evil Eye Necklace
Evil Eye Necklace

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People have bought evil eye bracelets from Africa, Europe, and other continents of the world.

It is widespread and has gained acceptance in all the nooks and crannies of the world.

Buying this bracelet for yourself is the cheapest and easiest way to possess such a powerful amulet.

You can get this in a local jewelry store, departmental store, and so on.

Evil eye bracelets are not scarce. Getting this from a jewelry store does not reduce its efficacy.

Don’t feel skeptical about making that buying decision right away.

After getting it, you might need to perform some extra-spiritual activities (which will be discussed later in this article).

But, go ahead and buy an evil eye bracelet.

Evil Eye Bracelet
Evil Eye Necklace

If you need a new way to protect yourself, try this new Evil Eye necklace. I have one! Click here to buy yours, it only takes 1 day to arrive!

Is it Bad Luck to Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet?

Is it Bad Luck to Buy Yourself an Evil Eye Bracelet?

No, it is not bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet.

Some months ago, I took out time to enquire about the spirituality of evil eye bracelets.

During this research and study, a scholar and spiritual elder mentioned the concept of evil eye bracelets and the spirituality of passing it down from generation to generation

It was said that an evil eye bracelet needs to be passed down from one generation to another. They believed that buying a new evil eye bracelet will bring bad luck to them. 

Well, I disagree with that superstition. I have been using evil eye bracelets for years, and none was passed down to me.

I got each of my bracelets, and they have protected me and granted me other spiritual benefits and advantages.

If you believe that buying yourself this bracelet brings bad luck, then let’s look at these questions critically:

  • What if nobody in your generation has ever used it?

  • How do you share a single bracelet (from a predecessor) when more than 5 people need it in a family?

  • How did the first person in your lineage get the bracelet? Did it fall from the sky? Or, was it gotten at a store (just like you planned to)?

Meditate on those questions. You will discover that it is acceptable to get this bracelet for yourself. Whilst inheriting it is also powerful, it does not demean the efficacy of buying it afresh. 

When the bracelet that was passed down to you breaks, you also have to replace it, right?

How will this be possible without buying a new one?

Therefore, it is not bad luck to get evil eye bracelets for yourself.

Can you Make your Own Evil Eye Bracelet?

Evil eye bracelet and necklace

Yes, you can make your evil eye bracelet. It is super easy to achieve this. The same energy that lies in a bought bracelet will flow in a self-made evil eye bracelet.

To make this bracelet, follow these steps:

  1. Get as many evil eye beads as you want;

  2. Make sure you have a wire to form the bracelet;

  3. To prevent the beads from falling off, firstly attach one end of your wire with a clasp;

  4. Insert all of the beads into the thread;

  5. Attach a clasp to the end of the wire.

These simple steps will help you to make your bracelet

What Happens if you Buy Yourself an Evil Eye?

Buying an evil eye necklace

Many people have asked this question countless times. 4 things will happen when you buy yourself an evil eye. Here they are:

1) You will be affected by its energy

This is the first thing that happens. Anytime you get an evil eye for yourself, expect to feel the effect of the energy in this eye symbol.

Most times, it is advised to buy this bracelet from spiritual shops and outlets (if you are buying it for spiritual purposes).

When you expose yourself to it, expect to be influenced by the energy.

If you got it from a negative environment, then, you will feel bad for buying it.

This feeling communicates that you should cleanse it before using it.

2) You can pass it down to another person

The common belief and superstition about passing evil eye bracelets down from one generation to another can take effect right from you.

Whenever you buy an evil eye bracelet for yourself, it is good to pass it down to another person.

However, ensure the bracelet is not broken before passing it down. 

Keep in mind that the evil eye on your bracelet must not be broken. Once it is broken, then the energy has been exhausted, and it won’t be effective.

Therefore, watch out for this before handing it down to someone else

3) It can also be used for beauty purposes

Because you bought it for yourself, there won’t be any spooky feeling around the bracelet.

Even when you don’t feel threatened by negative energies or spiritual forces, you can rock your evil eye bracelets with nice complimenting outfits.

Unlike receiving it as a gift from a friend, your mother, or someone dear to you; it won’t be comfortable to wear it carelessly. You will want to treat it specially

One of the reasons you should buy this bracelet for yourself is the freedom to wear it anyhow you like.

4) You will enjoy protection 

When you buy your bracelet, you will enjoy protection from it. Your mind will feel safe and less threatened by negative energies or evil spirits.

Also, you will be free from the evil stare of a jealous friend or family member

Because you got the bracelet for yourself, it will come as a surprise to wicked people around you.

The energy will affect them negatively, and this drives them far from you

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Own Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil eye

Buying your evil eye bracelet is beneficial for the following reasons:

1. Full Energy

When this bracelet is handed down to you by a friend or family member, you stand at risk of exhausting the energy sooner than you expected.

Do you know why? Your family member or friend has used the bracelet for themselves before passing it down to you. 

Therefore, you might not enjoy the full energy you should. However, getting this bracelet afresh gives you the complete energy lobe.

You can be sure that it will last for a long time before finally breaking apart

2. Certainty of Bracelets Source

Before you use evil eye bracelets, you must look out for their sources. Now, it is impossible to know this if the bracelet was handed down to you. 

When you buy it for yourself, you will know where to buy it, the perfect environment to buy it from, and who to buy it from.

You will be sure of the source, and guarantee yourself full positivity and proper energy charge from it. 

3. No corrupted energy 

Do you know that people can corrupt their evil eye bracelets when they use them? Some of these people don’t know this.

Through wrong thoughts and utterances, evil eye bracelets can be corrupted. Now, if that gets passed down to you, the negativity is also passed down to you.

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, ensure to get your bracelet for yourself. When you do this, the energy comes directly from you and flows into the bracelet.

This ensures that the energy is not corrupted.

An evil eye talisman with a corrupted energy charge will attract bad luck to you. This is why you should prevent it from happening. 

4. You can choose according to your preferences

The evil eye comes in different colors. People buy these colors based on their preferences.

Now, if your friend loves the green evil eye, but you prefer the blue; you might not appreciate the green evil eye as a gift. 

What’s then the essence of using a bracelet you don’t appreciate? It won’t work for you.

This is why the best way to enjoy your bracelet is to buy it for yourself.

When you buy it, your preference will be taken into consideration, and you will appreciate what you got from the store. 

5. Spiritual benefits

Buying evil eye bracelets has the following spiritual benefits:

  • It attracts good luck;
  • You will overcome your enemies because of it;
  • Evil spirits will find it hard to penetrate your life;
  • Fortune and wealth will be attracted to you;
  • The evil stare of jealous people will be diverted from you. 

Final Words

From this article, you should be more confident to get this bracelet for yourself henceforth.

The best way to enjoy the power in this amulet is by ensuring it is gotten from the right source and comes in the right color.

What better way is there to ensure this than buying it for yourself? Get yourself an evil eye bracelet.

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