What Does it Mean When Amethyst Breaks? 7 Reasons

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What Does it Mean When Amethyst Breaks? 7 Reasons

When amethyst breaks, it means there is an issue with the soul, and if you want it fixed, you need to do some work.

You could be feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with a situation in your life. When an amethyst breaks into your dream, you feel deeply conflicted about something in your life.

It’s time to figure out what those conflicts are and decide how you would like them resolved.

Remember that you have control over your dreams and can choose to change them anytime. And even though you may not feel good about certain aspects of your life, this isn’t your end.

There will always be other opportunities ahead for growth and happiness.

Is it Normal for Crystals to Break?


Crystals are said to protect, purify, and heal us. Therefore, it’s only natural that crystals may also break from time to time.

Like other living things, they can be affected by environmental changes or artificial tampering, among other things.

However, if your amethyst is constantly breaking, you might want to take a closer look at these reasons for breaking.

Crystal breakage is an issue that has long been debated in the metaphysical community.

Some believe it’s caused by energy from human emotions, while others argue that mechanical or environmental issues cause it.

What causes a crystal to break, though?

Sometimes, there are natural reasons behind fracturing. Other times, the crystal is influenced by different worldly energies and undergoes a spiritual metamorphosis.

So how do you know if your amethyst breaks for natural reasons or another?

There are some telltale signs that something could be going on with your crystal besides natural wear and tear. 

What does it Mean When Amethyst Breaks?

Broken amethyst

It could mean that it’s been in your family for many generations and you’re coming into a new era, or it reflects the change in your energy.

There are also external factors like temperature changes, as amenities are most likely brittle in cooler temperatures.

It could also indicate disharmony with a friend or loved one and reminded you to give them love and support.

Or, perhaps you recently went through a difficult time – the crystal is tired of the negative energy and wants relief.

In this case, don’t be afraid to cleanse the amethyst by running cool water over it (you can use ice cubes) and holding it under running water.

If there’s dirt on the stone, gently scrub any residue before rinsing. Your amethyst will thank you!

Regularly clean your stones with cold water to keep their energies fresh and clear.

You may want to think about finding a permanent home for them – when they’ve outgrown their purpose, it’s essential to pass on these crystals so they can continue healing others’ hearts and minds.

When storing amethysts, wrap them in soft cloths so they won’t break due to pressure against hard surfaces such as furniture or concrete walls.

7 Reasons why your Amethyst is Breaking

Reasons why your Amethyst is Breaking

The amethyst is one of the most beautiful and valued gemstones in the world, but it’s not indestructible.

Although an amethyst will generally last you a lifetime, you might run into some instances where it breaks or cracks, which can be devastating because they are so hard to replace and cost a lot of money to fix.

The good news is that there are several reasons why this happens, so in this article, I’ll discuss seven of them and what you can do about them if they occur.

1) Shelf life – does your amethyst have a shelf life?

Your amethyst crystal may have a limited shelf life.

Certain crystals, such as amethysts, break easier over time because they’re made up of more delicate materials, which can easily be scratched or nicked.

Others, like quartz and lapis lazuli, are more durable.

The only way to tell if your amethyst is breaking, for this reason, is by keeping track of how often it breaks and determining if there’s any correlation with when you’ve bought it from the store.

2) Sunlight exposure

Amethyst is a purple quartz that can be sensitive to sunlight.

Simply placing your amethyst out in the sun for an extended period will weaken the gemstone, and while it may not break, you should never expose an amethyst to direct sunlight.

If your amethyst has been exposed to direct sunlight and has begun breaking, don’t worry!

There are steps you can take to reverse this process.

Fill a pot with water and place the broken pieces inside. Add rice or uncooked oatmeal depending on what type of amethyst you have; quartz or citrine.

3) Extreme temperature

It may sound counterintuitive, but the heat is the likely culprit for your cracked amethyst.

Stones are well-known for expanding when exposed to heat and contracting when they are cold.

If a piece of amethyst has been stored in a cool, dark place and then moved into your home’s warmer environment, it could start breaking because it was out of its natural temperature range.

4) Heavy use

If you are a regular user of amethyst, you may notice that your gems seem to break more often than they should.

This can be caused by overuse or other factors, such as overexposure to heat or vibrations.

The solution is easy – take a break for a few weeks!

5) Misuse

While it is uncommon for amethyst to break, it can happen from mishandling.

Taking your amethyst out of a warm environment and putting it in a cold one will cause the stone to shrink and could potentially lead to breakage.

It may also break if you drop or hit the gemstone against something hard.

Finally, an angled may also be dropped into an acidic solution such as vinegar which could weaken the integrity of the stone and lead to fractures or cracking over time.

6) Cleaning mistakes

Failing to cleanse your amethyst crystal thoroughly can lead to its demise.

Since amethysts are semi-precious stones, they should be cleaned after being worn or handled.

You will need a mild cleansing agent like alcohol, a soft cloth, and a water bowl to edit them.

The first step is filling the bowl with water and dipping the fabric.

7) Unsuitable environment

One reason your amethyst may be breaking is that it is not in the best environment.

Sometimes, this can mean that you are in an area with an unstable temperature, or it might just mean that your humidity levels are too high.

You should take care of your gemstone by storing it where it will be comfortable and out of harm’s way.

Should I get a new Amethyst Crystal?

Amethyst crystal in sunlight

If you’ve noticed that your amethyst crystal is often breaking, it might be time for a new one.

New amethysts don’t need to be cleansed because they haven’t been holding any old energy, so that you can take care of the problem immediately.

If you’re going to edit an amethyst yourself, set it in salt water overnight and leave it in the sun during the day until it has dried off.

You can also put it on an electromagnetic grounding pad or wear a grounding bracelet made from natural stones like agate or malachite, both quartz varieties.

Can I Still use a Broken Amethyst?

Using amethyst

Even a broken amethyst can still be used as a healing tool. A broken amethyst will always still have energy, so you can use it in any way that feels right.

You can place it near where your pain is or even hold the broken pieces and allow them to reconnect inside of your hands while they are wrapped in your intention.

You may also want to consider having the details next to each other and see if they naturally find their way back together on their own.

If this doesn’t work, there are several ways to try and repair an amethyst.

Depending on how much damage has been done, fixing the stone might not be possible. But some crystals can heal themselves with time and exposure to sunlight.

Final Words

To know if your amethyst is breaking, consider these seven factors: The break will be tiny and rough if it’s just a chip or a break on the surface.

If it’s a more visible crack that goes through the gemstone and reaches the other side of the stone, then this is not an easy fix. You may want to call in a professional for this one.

If there are chips near the edge of the gemstone but not directly at the border, then your jeweler should be able to repair them. Chips or breaks close to the edge might also have been caused by wear and tear, which can be fixed with polishing and resetting.

So, do you already know why your amethyst is breaking? Feel free to leave your comments and questions below!

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