9 Best Crystals to Wear Everyday: Necklace & Bracelet

Jorge Silva
9 Best Crystals to Wear Everyday: Necklace & Bracelet

If you’re new to the crystal game, figuring out which crystals work best for what can be confusing, especially when trying to figure out which crystals to wear daily!

But now that you’ve found her way let me tell you, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Each of these nine crystals has its unique energy, and all of them will keep your energy balanced, grounded, and protected in various ways throughout your day!

Best of all, it will take less than 5 minutes to set up your daily crystal routine.

Let’s get started!

Should I use crystals in bracelets and necklaces?

Bracelet with crystals

Many people wear crystals as jewelry because they believe the healing properties of crystals are increased by wearing them.

This is because both necklaces and bracelets come in contact with your skin, where the energy and benefits of crystals can be more easily transmitted.

Some people wear their favorite stones daily, while others choose different rocks for different occasions.

The following list contains nine popular crystals that would be great to have on hand at all times amethyst, lapis lazuli, quartz crystal (rose or smoky), moldavite, tiger eye quartz, bloodstone, aquamarine, and larimar

Quartz crystals are believed to amplify whatever energy you project.

They help:

  • Keep the wearer grounded;
  • Bring about balance;
  • Attract good luck;
  • And assist with spiritual development.

Bloodstone is a potent talisman that helps release old anger and resentment from one’s life, purifying one’s emotional body of negative thoughts and feelings.

Amethyst calms anxiety, releases stress, and stabilizes mood swings.

Tiger eye quartz can improve mental clarity and protect against nightmares caused by negativity from past experiences, which may be difficult to shake off alone.

Can I use crystals every day?

Bracelet to use every day

The short answer is yes. Crystals are made from natural materials that harmonize with the body’s energy and can help maintain balance.

If you’re new to wearing crystals, I recommend starting with three to 4 stones on a piece of jewelry you wear every day for about three months before adding more crystals or changing what you wear every day.

You’ll be able to gauge better which crystals work best for you after some time has passed. If you have any health issues, it’s essential to consult your doctor first.

Don’t forget to charge your crystal jewelry! It’s easy – all you need is sunlight and moonlight.

Leave them in direct sunlight for 2 hours and then in the moonlight for 1 hour during the waxing (growing) phase of the moon (about two weeks), then repeat during the waning (shrinking) phase of the moon (roughly two weeks).

Always rinse off crystals well before putting them away, as they may become coated with dirt and dust over time.

9 Best crystals to wear every day

Best crystals to wear every day

Amethyst is an excellent all-purpose healing crystal, meaning it is suitable for use with any condition.

Wearing amethyst can help promote self-awareness and encourage sobriety. It also helps promote peace, balance, and patience.

It’s believed that wearing amethyst on the left side of the body while sleeping or working may heal ills of the heart, such as broken relationships or bad memories. Here are nine other crystals you can wear every day:

1) Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is the ideal crystal for removing negativity from oneself.

This crystal is excellent for stress relief and can help you focus on a specific project while deflecting any outside energies that might interfere with your work.

Black Tourmaline also helps balance the power of individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues.

It’s one of my favorite crystals because it has many practical applications in everyday life!

2) Jasper

Red Jasper
Red Jasper

This beautiful calming stone might be a good choice if you want to help yourself stay grounded and centered.

Jasper is associated with past life recall and is an excellent grounding stone for overcoming anxiety. It can also be used as a protective stone.

This stone can enhance physical energy by providing an increase in stamina while healing the body’s energy centers. 

3) Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate (Image from: https://www.jami.pt)

This crystal is an all-around powerhouse for healing.

It not only absorbs the negative energy and feelings that other people give off but also boosts self-esteem and can bring a sense of calm in a stressful situation.

Lace Agate is also ideal for grief, aiding in acceptance and easing through the grieving process.

4) Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz bracelet
Rose Quartz bracelet

Some stones can be worn in more than one location, and others not.

Rose quartz is an excellent example of a stone that can be worn in many areas, making it an all-around perfect daily crystal.

Some of the best places for rose quartz are on your left or right side, near your heart chakra as an emotional support stone, and even on the top of your head as a crowning point for your energy.

5) Fluorite

Green Fluorite
Green Fluorite

Fluorite is an excellent stone for relief from negative energies and helping one recognize their purpose in life.

It helps increase analytical thinking, often enhanced through meditation with this crystal.

Fluorite is also the perfect crystal for success and happiness at work, leading to a healthy work-life balance.

6) Aquamarine

Aquamarine ring
Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine is a soothing and healing stone that symbolizes peace and calm.

It has the energy of love, faith, trust, courage, hope, harmony, and balance.

Wearing aquamarine can help promote those qualities in your life

Aquamarine is also an excellent protection stone due to its properties of soothing anger or fear and giving the courage to confront problems.

Sailors used it in ancient times to protect them from drowning while on the sea.

7) Citrine


Citrine is a powerful stone that can help promote success and personal development. It is also known for being a cleansing stone and enhances creativity.

This crystal can also improve the intellect, which is why it’s a great addition to any work or study space!

Citrine has many other benefits, including its ability to cleanse the body of toxins and protect against anxiety.

The latter makes this gem an excellent gemstone for those suffering from chronic stress or anxiety.

8) Amethyst

Amethyst necklace
Amethyst necklace

If you’re feeling drained and want to recharge, Amethyst is the perfect crystal for you.

It’s a calming crystal that promotes intuition and a sense of peace.

It also brings emotional balance when struggling with difficult emotions like anger, fear, depression, or guilt.

Wear it around your neck or keep it in your pocket while you work.

9) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a good crystal for anyone, but it’s mighty for people who work in customer service or the healing professions.

This is a grounding and stabilizing crystal in any career that promotes clear thinking.

It brings out your innate ability to recognize patterns and create order from chaos.

Clear Quartz dispels negativity and disperses negative energy so you can have a positive state of mind.

Can you wear Clear Quartz every day?

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the most popular crystals for everyday wear because it does not accumulate negative energy and will only amplify good thoughts and vibes.

It’s also a calming crystal that is perfect for handling stress.

Clear Quartz emits energies that:

  • Promote love;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Patience;
  • Purity;
  • Peace;
  • And joy.

You may want to invest in a crystal necklace or bracelet with Clear Quartz because you can wear it with any outfit while spreading positivity everywhere you go!

It’s okay to wear clear quartz every day. This crystal has no negative effects on the body or soul. Just don’t forget to charge this crystal and also to cleanse it.

Can you wear Rose Quartz every day?

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

You can wear rose quartz daily because it attracts love and calming emotions.

Rose quartz has a gentle, compassionate energy that is calming and nurturing, which makes it an excellent stone for people who experience high levels of stress or anxiety.

The gemstone also encourages self-love and self-worth in those who wear it.

It’s pretty hard to find a crystal that never needs more than a light polish once every couple of months.

However, most crystals need to be cleaned with water and given a good shake-out so the dirt doesn’t collect too much.

If you notice the jewelry starts to look cloudy or dusty after a time, take some time for a deep clean!

Put some warm water into a bowl and add two tablespoons of salt.

Swirl your crystals around in the mixture until they are completely coated, and then use a soft toothbrush to scrub off any build-up.

Can you wear Amethyst every day?


Yes, you can!

Amethyst is a calming stone that can help you sleep more deeply at night.

Plus, purple is the most associated with spirituality, so the time you spend in meditation will be more productive.

Remember that this stone is quite fragile and should be handled carefully, so it doesn’t break too easily.

Also, it’s not recommended for pregnant or menstruating people because its absorption of toxins could negatively affect these two groups of people.

If you’re still looking for ways to wear your Amethyst daily, other options are available, like t-shirts, shoes, socks, and underwear!

The best way to ensure you don’t forget to take care of your crystal is by giving it some love daily.

Final Words

Our bodies need crystals every day, just like we need food. And because crystals can be so beneficial for your well-being, I believe it’s a good idea to make sure you regularly have them in your life.

Whether that means wearing a crystal necklace or bracelet daily, making sure you drink water with genuine crystals every day or carrying an emergency crystal with you at all times.

But don’t forget the essential rule of crystals: keep them clean! A dirty crystal is a dysfunctional one. So remember to wash and rinse your crystals regularly and often! 

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