Can you Charge Crystals Through a Window? Sun and Moon

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Can you Charge Crystals Through a Window? Sun and Moon

Do you know if we can charge crystals through a window in the sun and in the moon? Let’s find out!

The use of crystals is increasingly frequent. This is because more and more benefits are being discovered.

They have powerful healing powers that can turn your life around for the better. 

Crystals are also beautiful and marvelous to look at; however, if you want to work with the crystal’s energy, the crystal cannot just sit on a shelf to be looked at.

In order to maintain healthy crystals, it is essential to understand that they must be periodically recharged

This is because crystals are believed to vibrate at frequencies that give crystals memory. Your crystal has been in many places and many hands before you.

Each transition exposes the stone to energies that may be misaligned with our own.

When used for healing, these crystals are said to absorb or redirect the negativity you’re working on releasing.

Regularly recharging your stones is the only way to restore your crystal to its natural state.

But what does charging mean?

Charging crystals

Over time, a crystal becomes out of sync with its natural frequency and loses its intensity. 

Charging your crystal to its natural frequency will allow it to work longer and more effectively

You can charge your crystal with sound, intentions, water, or by burying it in the earth. It would be best to charge your crystal after each healing session it faces.

There is no set timeline for charging your crystals, and it may be best to use your intuition

How often you charge your crystal depends on numerous factors, including how often you use the crystal and your preferred method of charging the crystal. 

Some people prefer to use moonlight and find a full moon to be best; still, others prefer to use sunlight. And many find their crystals perform best with a combination of moonlight and sunlight. 

Charging your crystals does not have to be a complicated business. But knowing when sunlight is best for certain crystals and when moonlight is best for others is an integral part of charging crystals. 

Is it possible to charge crystals in the sun?

Charging crystals in the sun

Sunlight can be used to charge crystals. Sunlight has energies that include vitality, love, and abundance.

Such qualities are the qualities that resonate from charging crystals with sunlight.

Sunlight is strong and vibrant; its energy feeds, strengthens, and moves forward.

Because of these qualities sunlight is thought of as giving masculine energy and is ideal for charging stones for this intention.

As long as your crystals are not sensitive to light, you can put them in the sun to charge.

Is it possible to charge crystals in the moonlight?

Charging crystals in the moonlight

In contrast to the strong, vibrant energies of the sun, moonlight is the counterpart to the sun with its soft, gentle boost of feminine energy

Moonlight energies work well for facilitating transitions like breakups and moving from one home to another or for situations where introspections and quiet inward understanding are needed.

In these cases, using moonlight energy to charge stones can be helpful.

Can all crystals be charged in sunlight?

Can all crystals be charged in sunlight?

Some crystals need to be exposed to sunlight from time to time so they can be recharged.

And some crystals need to be kept from the sun so they don’t get damaged – but they can instead be charged under the moonlight. 

Some crystals won’t fade in the sun when charging for a few hours but be mindful of crystals with faceted points in clusters because they can heat up and ignite a fire.

And some crystals, when left too long in the sun, will get brittle and crack or break.

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to protect stones and crystals from prolonged UV rays.

What are some examples of crystals that can be in the sun? 

  • Black Obsidian: The color will not fade, and because it is a glassy volcanic rock, it can also handle the sun’s heat. 
  • Jade: If your jade is 100 percent natural, it can be kept in the sun, its color will not fade, and it will not get brittle.
  • Labradorite: Due to the darkness of the colors, Labradorite can easily be in the sun even for years at a time. 
  • Lapis Lazuli: With its deep blue color, the sun will not cause it to fade, and it will not get brittle in the sun either; in fact, Lapis Lazuli likes to be charged in the sun from time to time. 
  • Moonstone: this beautiful translucent stone, can withstand sunlight.

Some examples of crystals that can NOT be in the sun include:

  • As a general rule, the entire Quartz family should be kept from sunlight. No matter the color, quartz can fade and become brittle and break if exposed to the sun for more than two hours at a time
  • Although many will charge amethyst in the sunlight, it can dramatically lose its color if you do. 
  • Fluorite is one of the most reactive crystals under sunlight, and it will quickly overheat and crack when exposed to the sun. 
  • Selenite, this crystal, is another that can be left in the sun but only for a short duration to recharge its energies. However, exposure to more than four hours of sun will leave it looking very dull and faded.
  • Opal, with its holographic color that captures your attention, it is this color that will fade in sunlight and will also become brittle in the sun as well. 

The sun is less intense in the early morning or late afternoon, so it is preferred to charge crystals at this time.

If there is cloud cover, this is not a problem either as the sun’s energy is still there and will still charge your crystals. 

Can all crystals be charged in the moonlight?


With all this talk about the sunlight, let us shift our thoughts to moonlight.

All crystals are suitable for moonlight; with the moon’s soft energy and gentle light, the light of the moon will not cause a crystal to fade or crack

Unlike sunlight, moonlight will not harm crystals. Each part of the moon cycle offers unique energy to support your intentions in different ways.

The energies change throughout the moon cycle and can enhance your ability to manifest your intentions. 

Do crystals need to be in direct sunlight and moonlight?

Crystals in direct sunlight

The short answer is that the crystals do not have to be directly in the sunlight or moonlight; they will still benefit from the energy of the moon or sun

Many find it quite tricky and time-consuming to take their crystals out into the sunlight and then remember to bring them back inside and out of the sunlight.

Placing them in a window at the right time of day can also be cumbersome

The energy of crystals is more about intention than it is about the crystal being physically present or in direct sunlight and direct moonlight.

Charging crystals with sunlight and moonlight is not so much about the direct light giving the crystal energy.

It is more about using the timing of the sun and moon to set intentions through your faith and will to give your crystals the energy that works for you

Can you charge crystals through a window, and for how long do you leave it?


Many stones can be harmed by rain or heavy dew, so charging through a window is ideal for preserving the integrity of the precious crystal when charging. 

Crystals can be charged through a window; as stated above, it is not about the light per se but the energy created. Some people like the looks of a recharging station in a window. A recharging station is a beautiful way to recharge many crystals. 

One way to make a recharging station is to use a small glass terrarium typically used for plants and fill the bottom with Himalayan pink salt.

After placing your crystals in the salt, put the terrarium in a window that gets nightly moonlight.

Final Words

Make the most of the powers and strengths of crystals. If you know how to use them correctly, you will be able to take advantage of incredible powers, capable of improving your life.

When using crystals for energy work and healing, keep in mind that their energies will be used up. 

Negative stagnant energies can take over your crystal affecting the way it works. One great way to prevent this is to charge your stones and crystals.

By doing this, you can guarantee that they are working correctly and are kept in good condition

Charging crystals and stones will help in preventing the development of negative energies. Stones have limited energies, so charging your stones and crystals will prevent their natural energies from becoming weak and dwindling. 

The moment they are dug up, stones and crystals will lose their capability to charge on their own using the energies of the earth. Therefore it is critical to recharge your stones and crystals, and one great way to charge them is with sunlight and moonlight. 

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