Can Clear Quartz be in the Sun? Is Sensitive to Light?

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Can Clear Quartz be in the Sun? Is Sensitive to Light?

Can we have quartz directly exposed to sunlight? Let’s find out!

When someone new to crystals pictures a crystal in their mind, what they see is probably a clear quartz crystal. It is indeed one of the most popular and recognizable crystals around.

Crystals are renowned for their high vibrations and ability to clear the mind and body of clutter. It helps people to achieve their best selves.

It helps them see things more clearly, allowing them to focus on their goals and reach them.

In addition to helping the user focus clearly on what they want and how to get there, it amplifies their intentions and the power to make things happen.

Additionally, it is known for its healing powers in reenergizing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

What are clear quartz crystals?

Rose clear quartz

There are numerous varieties of crystals under the heading of quartz crystals. While clear quartz is the most popular other crystals in the same family include the following:

  • Rose quartz: Is treasured for its power to even out mood swings, create calm, and be soothing.

  • Tiger’s Eye: Promotes a feeling of safety and being grounded. It also helps keep negative energy away.

  • Citrine: This crystal brings its user joy, success, and confidence.

  • Snow quartz: This crystal brings a sense of innocence and deep cleansing to the user that helps to awaken one’s, inner child.

  • Smoky quartz: Also called the Stone of Power, smoky quartz, unlike clear quartz, radiates warm energy.

  • Ametrine: A crystal that combines the healing powers of Citrine and Amethyst. This stone promotes the soothing of the soul.

Is Clear Quartz sensitive to light?

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz also called crystal quartz, or rock crystal is a combination of oxygen and silicon atoms.

It has what is called a vitreous luster and is part of the trigonal crystal system.

As the name implies, it is clear to be semi-opaque in appearance. It’s known for its power to affect healing and spiritual growth.

Clear quartz is sensitive to light. It can be cleansed or charged in sunlight.

Can Clear Quartz be in the sun?

Can Clear Quartz be in the sun?

Clear quartz can, indeed, be in the sun. But clear quartz is subject to fading and is heat sensitive.

Because clear quartz is sensitive to the sun’s light, the exposure time should be limited.

How long can Clear Quartz be in the sun?

It is best to limit the time your clear quartz is exposed to direct sunlight to no more than two to three hours.

More prolonged exposure on a continuous basis can lead to the following adverse effects.

What happens if I leave Clear Quartz in the sun for too long?

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Even though clear quartz is, well, clear it can still fade if left in the sun for too long. In addition, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause it to become brittle and break.

Indeed, it is best to limit its exposure to short bursts of five minutes in direct sunlight and/or open shade to give it a fast charge.

Repeated exposure to the sun for durations of two hours or greater can result in the following:


Their shades can fade, and they can become cloudy.


Prolonged sun exposure can cause clear quartz to become dry and brittle. In time they may crack and even break.


Some varieties of clear quartz contain water.

This water content keeps the crystal in good condition. Exposure to the sun can evaporate this water content and shorten the life of your clear quartz crystal.

Loss of cooling properties:

Clear quartz crystals are renowned for their cooling properties and are also known as cooling stones.

They have recuperative properties that can cool down excessive heat in the body both emotionally and physically.

Excessive exposure to sunlight can reduce the clear quartz crystal’s cooling powers.

If I leave clear quartz in the sun for 24 hours, will it lose its powers?

Clear quartz

Most clear quartz crystals are cooling crystals.

They get their power from retaining cool energy.

Therefore, prolonged exposure to the sun will obviously warm the crystals and rob them of their ability to cool. Thus, reducing or losing their innate healing powers.

How can I clean cleanse Quartz?

Cleaning crystals in the sun

When you first acquire a crystal, it has likely passed through many hands on its way to you.

So your first course of action should be to cleanse and recharge it. This way, you will get the most out of the stone from the beginning. And it will help you decide which cleansing and charging methods you prefer.

Cleansing your crystals is vital to maintaining their ability to provide you with the healing energy they are capable of. Clear quartz crystals are no different.

The most effective ways of cleansing your clear quartz crystals are:

Moonlight: Bathing your crystals in the light of the full moon each month is an excellent way to maintain your crystal’s integrity. And it will recharge them at the same time.

Water: ashing your clear quartz crystals in lukewarm water with a natural gentle soap will help clean your stones of built-up negative energy. This is an excellent supplement to cleansing and charging each month under a full moon to help maintain optimal energy in your clear quartz crystals.

Is there any way to recharge Clear Quartz instead of water?

Full moon

Besides moonlight, there are numerous ways to charge clear quartz crystals. Those ways are as follows:

Moon water:

Soaking your stones in moon water is an excellent way to recharge them. Moon water is made by placing a jar filled with water (preferably spring or some form of purified water) in direct moonlight, preferably on a full moon.

Saying an affirmation prayer or intention at this point is helpful.

Already cleansed crystals may also be added to enhance the positive energy.

Leave the jar overnight. The next day you will have moon water that you can use to recharge your clear quartz crystals, among other uses.

Burying them:

Burying your clear quartz crystals helps ground them to the earth.

Keeping them covered with soil will also help keep them from absorbing too much direct sunlight.

Before burying them, you can also place them in a pot or a jar. Leave them for a week to absorb the healing energies of the earth to help create intense energy within the crystals.

Sound bath:

Use of a singing bowl, quiet bell, tuning fork, or chants are effective ways to recharge your clear quartz crystals by resetting their vibrational frequencies.

Burn incense or herbs over them:

Allowing the smoke of incense infused with jasmine, sandalwood, or lavender or burning herbs such as rosemary, Palo Santo, sage, cedar, or sweet grass to pass over your clear quartz crystals is also an effective recharging technique.


Immersing your clear quartz crystals in salt and allowing them to sit like that overnight is a suitable method for harder stones so that the salt won’t scratch.

Ideally, it would be best to use natural sea salt or earth salt to keep a strong connection to the sea or the earth. Avoid processed table salts.


Using one’s breath is a fantastic way to create a more personal connection with your clear quartz crystals.

You can use numerous breathing techniques, but it can be as simple as clearing your mind of all extraneous thoughts and then breathing forcefully onto the stone.

Spirit guides:

If you work with spiritual guides or deities, you can connect your crystals to them through meditation and/or prayer.

Declare your intention for the crystals and ask your guides to connect to them.


Picture in your mind the positive energy you desire in your clear quartz crystal as a light filling up the crystal.

Envision it filling the crystal while forcing all the old negative energy out. You will feel when the stone has filled with positive energy, and you can stop the exercise.

To choose the recharging method that is right for your crystal, it is essential to know some things about the particular crystal you are dealing with.

Can your stone withstand water and salt? Most quartz crystals are fine with water and salt.

But when in doubt, consider other options.

Find out which elements your crystal is associated with.

Is it associated with the earth? If so, then burying would be your best option. Most clear quartz crystals are associated with cooling, so they respond best to moonlight.

Final Words

To get the most out of your clear quartz crystals, you should consider keeping them near you at all times.

Wearing them as a pendant on a necklace to keep them close to your head and your heart is the ideal way to maintain mental and emotional clarity.

Keeping a stone in your pocket or bag is a great way to have it handy when faced with a tough choice or decision.

Simply reach for it and hold it in your hand to clear your mind so you can see past the clutter and make the right decision.

Finally, incorporating clear quartz crystals into your surroundings as décor will help you connect with it on a continual basis and allow you to better align with its energies.

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