How to Cleanse and Charge Citrine? 8 Safe Ways

Jorge Silva
How to Cleanse and Charge Citrine? 8 Safe Ways

Citrine, like other stones, should be cleaned and charged on occasion to keep its natural energies flowing and strong.

If you’ve just bought or acquired citrine and are unsure how to cleanse it, this article will help you find the right way to cleanse your citrine stones safely so they will work the way they should in your crystal healing practice and adornment in your home or business.

Citrine stones can be cleansed in a variety of ways.

Why should I cleanse and charge my Citrine?

Citrine crystal

It’s also important to cleanse your Citrine periodically because our energy builds up on crystals over time, making them less effective.

You should cleanse and charge your citrine because it will help it work more effectively for you.

While there are many ways to do so: 

  • Meditation: Sit with your Citrine in hand or near you while meditating, which allows you to connect with its energies more deeply.

  • Smudging: You can also cleanse your Citrine by smudging it with sage, which is known for clearing away negative energy from an object.

  • Exercise: Another way to cleanse your Citrine is through practice, as a workout releases endorphins that lift our spirits and help us feel better about ourselves.

How often should I cleanse and charge my crystals?

Cleansed citrine crystal

The answer is unique for every crystal, but in general, it’s a good idea to cleanse your crystals at least monthly.

In addition, if you notice a certain crystal doesn’t feel as effective as usual, it might be time for a tune-up.

Before charging your crystals with intention or any energy work (like Reiki), check on their needs.

If they appear dimmer than usual, it could mean they need a little extra love.

It’s also important to note that there are various ways to cleanse and charge your crystals—some methods are more potent than others – so use common sense when deciding how best to take care of them. 

Are cleansed and charged crystals more powerful?

Charged citrine crystal

Although purists might say there’s no such thing as a pure crystal, there is an argument that cleansed and charged crystals possess more energy than ones that haven’t been treated.

Quartz may seem like an obvious choice for demand, as it is used in many products, from clocks to iPhones, but citrine quartz will hold more energy than pure quartz because of its unique properties.

Cleansed and charged crystals are more powerful

The reason is simple: Cleansing removes negative energy, and charges add positive energy.

The result? A stone with more power!

Cleansing vs. Charging

There are two main ways to cleanse your stones: smudging and bathing them in salt water or running them through a crystal healing grid.

Salt water acts like an energetic vacuum cleaner, pulling negative energy out of your crystals and leaving behind beneficial minerals that can help keep your stones healthy over time.

However, if you’re looking for something less permanent than setting up a healing grid, try cleansing your stones by passing them through incense smoke or setting them outside under the moonlight.

You can also use sage bundles instead of incense to remove negative energy from your crystals.

If you’d prefer not to alter your stone’s natural properties, you might want to consider charging it instead of cleansing it.

4 Safe ways to cleanse Citrine

How to cleanse citrine

What is citrine? Citrine is yellow-colored quartz that forms deep in Earth’s crust. A type of clear quartz, it displays some color when heat exposure.

Like a diamond, citrine has strong metaphysical properties (though it is not as valuable).

If you want to cleanse your citrine jewelry or crystals, here are four safe ways you can do so at home.

Washing Crystals Under Running Water:

One of the most popular ways to cleanse crystals is by washing them in a stream, river, or body of water.

This is also an excellent way to charge your crystals with positive energies, especially if you find a naturally flowing body of water (i.e., stream) while on a hike or camping trip.

The water should be moving very gently for it to be effective at cleansing and charging your crystals with life-force energy.

Soaking Crystals in Full Moon Water:

Adding crystals, such as citrine or clear quartz, to full moon water is a powerful cleansing ritual.

Full moon water contains energy that helps dissolve old habits and patterns that no longer serve you.

It also energizes crystals, infusing them with power from your intention setting (above).

Once your crystal has been cleansed by full moon water, it’s ready for charging—the next step in the crystal-cleansing process.

Cleansing Crystals in a Salt Bath:

The salt bath is a simple method of cleansing that can be used at home.

Place your citrine crystal in a small bowl of sea or table salt.

Then add warm water until you have enough liquid to cover all sides of your citrine.

Set it aside for 1–3 days, remove it from its bath, rinse it thoroughly in water, wrap it in a clean white cloth, and set it outside overnight under a full moon.

Scraping the Surface of Crystals With Sandpaper:

Sandpaper can make for a quick, effective, and cheap way to clean crystals.

You can use your fingernail or a nail file to gently scrape dirt off them—make sure you don’t scratch or chip them in the process.

You can also soak your crystal in salt water for several hours (change the water every 30 minutes), rinsing it with fresh water afterward.

Crystals with open-holed settings can be filled with sea salt before being placed in warm water overnight.

4 Easy ways to charge Citrine

How to charge Citrine

Citrine is a natural self-cleaner and will absorb negative energy from your body.

This means you can wear Citrine jewelry, in particular pieces with a gold setting, as long as they aren’t too tight or heavy.

The warmth of your body will help activate its energy-charging properties.

If you want to charge it even further, placing it on top of an incense burner filled with sandalwood or patchouli incense for 15 minutes will do just that. Here are 4 effective ways to charge citrine.

Placing Crystals Near an Incandescent Lightbulb:

Placing your crystal near an incandescent lightbulb can be a simple, effective way to charge it.

The heat from a bulb will help release negative energy from crystals, allowing them to charge fully.

If you don’t have access to an incandescent bulb, try heating your crystal in a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes or so.

It won’t be as effective as using a lightbulb, but it will still help release any negative energy stored in your stone.

Exposing Crystals to Sunlight:

Most crystals benefit from sunlight exposure, whether through a window, during a nature hike, or while on display somewhere in your house.

When exposed to direct sunlight, they can capture it as energy, making them more powerful. Exposing crystals to sunlight is one of many ways you can charge them with positive energy.

The best time to do so is at sunrise or sunset when fewer pollutants are in the air.

Like most stones, citrine charges best in sunlight.

If you have a window that gets at least 6 hours of sun a day, place your Citrine there for an hour or so.

If not, try putting your citrine in direct sunlight as often as possible. This will naturally charge it with energy, which will then be released when you use it. 

Praying Over and Meditating with Crystals:

Crystals are tools that can be used for spiritual work as well as physical healing.

Praying over and meditating with crystals is a wonderful way to cleanse, charge, and release them of any negative energy they might have absorbed throughout their life.

First, set your intention for what you want to do with your crystal.

Then hold it in your hands while you pray or meditate, asking God or whatever higher power you believe in to fill it with love and light so that it may continue helping people heal physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

Burning Sage or Sweetgrass Over Crystals to charge it:

While you can charge your citrine crystals by leaving them out in sunlight, using other charging techniques is also possible.

For example, some people charge their stones by burning sage or sweetgrass over them. A third method of assessing citrine is using a saltwater bath (1 cup of sea salt dissolved in 1 gallon of water).

Soak your stone for at least 30 minutes before drying it with a paper towel.

Can I use my Citrine right after being cleansed?

Cleansed Citrine: Ready to use again

Yes, you can.

However, it is recommended that you cleanse your citrine every two weeks if you use it for healing purposes.

This will keep your citrine clear of any negative energy that may have built up between uses.

If you are using your citrine for protection purposes only, then once a month should be fine.

The important thing to remember when cleansing your crystals is not to let them sit in water or salt for too long.

The longer they sit, the more likely they will absorb moisture from their environment, which could cause cracks or other damage over time.

Final Words

It’s important to note that these 8 ways are not listed in order of importance.

You can pick whichever method you feel most comfortable with. It’s also possible that some methods will work better for you than others.

If so, by all means, use them!

With each step you take toward cleansing your citrine stone, your healing powers increase exponentially.

Citrine is a powerful crystal, but it’s only as powerful as you make it. The more effort you put into your cleanse, the more effective it will be.

Just like sunlight boosts our mood and energizes us during winter, exposure to natural light has been shown to lift our spirits during long winters.

One study found that just 15 minutes of sun exposure significantly improved people’s mood and energy levels.

So grab your citrine, head outside on a sunny day, and place your stone in direct sunlight for at least an hour.

Moon Light next up is moonlight charging.

Moonlight charging may sound strange, but it’s common among certain cultures worldwide. Many ancient cultures believed moonlight had magical properties—and they were right!

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  1. Hi, I saw your article and thought I ought to let you know
    1) Citrine is known for rapidly losing it’s colour when exposed to sunlight (can bleach within 4 hours), so it is absolutely not advisable to charge it in the sun (nor write an article advising others to do so!)
    2) Leaving citrine in salt water for extended periods of time can crack/ damage the crystal.
    3) The big ‘citrine’ cluster you have pictured at the top of your article is most likely heat treated amethyst. Genuine citrine is rare, generally not found in large clusters, and doesn’t have a white/ cloudy base.
    Very best wishes to you

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