14 Best Stones For Virgo: Man And Woman Crystals

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14 Best Stones For Virgo: Man And Woman Crystals

Virgos are known to be detailed and analytical. They are not in a haste to make decisions and can spend time planning before execution.

Those born under this zodiac sign can benefit from the energy of various gemstones. These crystals serve as spiritual aid or an extra energy orb for Virgos to leverage. 

Are you a Virgo? Then, you need to read this article to discover the 14 best stones for you

Don’t worry! Both men and women can use crystals and we will talk about both categories “meticulously” (lol). 

So, ensure you read till the end to discover what crystal is the best for you

What crystals are good for Virgo?

crystals and chakras

As a Virgo, before selecting crystals, there are some things you need to consider. The crystals that are good for Virgos should have the following qualities:

  1. The crystal must possess the ability to enhance effective communication: Virgos will sense the burning passion to communicate their intentions and plans. But, they can be stuck. Therefore, the crystal that helps with effective communication is a great choice;
  1. Crystals that can help with decision-making: Virgos are known to be analytical. They consider things carefully before acting on them. Therefore, crystals that can help them in this aspect are great choices. Select the crystal that promotes thoughts, brings clarity, and helps with decision-making;
  1. Crystals that will help you with manifestation: Virgos are goal oriented. They have a knack for achieving success. If you find a gemstone with manifestation qualities, a Virgo can use it for themselves;
  1. Must be powerful enough to protect you: Everyone wants good luck and spiritual protection! Therefore, crystals that attract good luck, and crystals that provide protection are good for Virgo.

With this clearly stated, let us discuss the 14 best stones for Virgo. Read on to find out.

7 Best Stones for Virgo man

holding stones

Here are the 7 best stones every Virgo man should possess:

1) Sodalite


This is a stone of clarity. Its clear energy helps the mind to attain a level of balance and clarity.

Because Virgos think a lot, sodalite is a must-have gemstone. It clears the mind of unnecessary thoughts and premonitions. 

As a Virgo man, you should have sodalite around you every time. Once you hit a mental block and disruption, bring out sodalite and rub it on your head. It promotes clarity of thought.

2) Green Aventurine

green aventurine

In the world of crystals, this stone is known as an object of good luck

As I stated earlier, everyone desires to enjoy good luck – including the Virgo man.

He might overthink at times, but when it comes to prosperity and abundance, he is pleased to enjoy them. Therefore, get them a green aventurine to attract good luck into their lives. 

A Virgo man needs this stone to also clear out negative energy.

Because he thinks a lot, it is possible to harness negative energy from his environment due to pressure

With green aventurine, he will enjoy good luck and positivity.

Before you use this stone, read here the possible side effects.

3) Amethyst


This stone helps with self-reflection. It helps the Virgo man to reflect on his choices, perceptions, attitudes, and actions. 

Using this stone opens you up to areas of your life that need adjustment. Because of the knack for perfectionism, you might have imbibed certain unhealthy cultures, mindsets, and lifestyles that need to be purged. 

Amethyst brings these to the surface and suggests ways to change these aspects of your life. 

As a Virgo man, whenever you want to meditate, using amethyst is powerful and of great spiritual benefits.

Read here all the benefits of an Amethyst bracelet.

4) Citrine


This crystal is associated with the sun. Therefore, it provides clarity to the mind.

Whenever you are confused about an issue, citrine is a great energy orb to leverage. Using it helps you to carefully organize your thoughts

Furthermore, it enhances self-expression. Because of the analytical qualities of Virgo, they tend to be introverted and might find it difficult to express themselves.

However, with this crystal, they can effectively communicate their thoughts. Citrine also helps with decision-making. It empowers the mind to make the right decision.

Therefore, the Virgo man can use citrine to accomplish his desires. 

5) Green Jade

green jade

Green jade promotes self-love. It helps the Virgo man to appreciate himself.

Because of the mental pressure he goes through, he might fall into depression and occasional emotional anxiety. 

However, with green jade, an emotional block will be built. This stone helps Virgo men to reflect on themselves and find their inner strengths.

With this, they will love their personalities and express confidence in whatever they do

Additionally, green jade brings good luck. Virgo men should also use this stone for good luck and success. 

Its beauty also promotes fashion sense and a luxurious lifestyle. 

6) Garnet

garnet crystal

As a Virgo, it is possible to get stuck in your thinking cap without taking any necessary action. Because of your great analytical skills, the desire to take action can be delayed

To get the boost and motivation you need, garnet is the best crystal to use. This stone has the power to enhance passion.

It stirs up the fire in you, which prompts you to act

After you have thought about the situation for a while, garnet inspires you to act on your decision. It builds courage in you to take action

Therefore, if you need a boost for action-taking, garnet is your best bet.

Before you use Garnet, read here the possible side effects of this stone.

7) Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

Spiritually, this stone is known for protection against negative energy. It also helps with spiritual grounding. 

For Virgo men, this is a crystal to use for protection. The stone protects your mind from negative influences. It ensures that you make the right decision. 

Also, it helps you to stay connected to mother earth. With this stone around you, your mind stays attuned to the energy frequency of nature. 

Black tourmaline helps with relaxation. Its calming and soothing energy keeps your mind in a calm state.

7 Best Stones for Virgo Women

woman holding amethyst

There are 7 stones for Virgo women as well. Using these crystals as energy orbs has great spiritual benefits you don’t want to miss out on. 

As a Virgo woman, if you desire to use crystals, below are the best crystals with metaphysical properties that resonate with you:

1) Rainbow Fluorite

fluorite in tree

This stone helps you to adapt to change. Virgos are prone to living their lives based on analysis alone.

For example, when a season of their lives is about to shift, rather than learning to adapt to the changing season, they try to use their mental ability to navigate through the shift and eventually miss out on the benefits of the change. 

To prevent this from happening constantly, get yourself a rainbow fluorite. Using this stone helps your mind to adapt to the cycles in your life

2) Phenacite


For spiritual connection and awareness, this stone has the metaphysical qualities to make it happen. Therefore, every Virgo woman should get this stone

Your mental self cannot save you all of the time!

At some point, you need your spiritual senses to help you out of the rut. Without awareness or a deep connection, your spiritual senses will not be heightened enough. 

However, keeping phenacite with you all the time ensures that you stay connected to the spiritual world. If your spiritual senses are weak and inactive, phenacite re energizes them.

Therefore, for spiritual awareness, sensitivity, and connection, Virgo women should use phenacite. It has tender energy vibrations, which support the tenderness of every woman. 

3) Labradorite


For self-love, this stone is instrumental. As a Virgo woman, your ability to think critically might be criticized by women of other zodiac signs.

Some can term you a freak or condemn your perceptions.  Because of this, you might begin to hate who you are.

This can also affect how well you trust your thoughts and decisions. 

Well, one of the ways to keep those negative thoughts out of your head is by using labradorite.

The metaphysical properties of this stone help you to be emotionally balanced. It promotes self-love

Rather than condemn yourself or regret being who you are, labradorite helps you to embrace your uniqueness as a Virgo woman.

Learn more about Labradorite in this amazing article.

4) Green Jade

Green Jade
Green Jade

This stone helps with action-taking. The energy that flows within green jade makes you feel good about the decision you have taken.

It helps you to realize that you don’t need extra thinking. 

Whenever you find yourself stuck in your thinking bank, wearing a piece of green jade jewelry helps you out.

It suddenly supplies positive energy to your mind, which motivates you to take the necessary steps.

For motivation and action-taking, use green jade as a Virgo woman

5) Pink Tourmaline

pink tourmaline

Pink tourmaline helps with attracting love and friendship. Generally, Virgos are believed to be boring. 

It is believed that Virgo women find it hard to be loved because of how they analyze everyone who comes into their lives. 

Using pink tourmaline takes out every blockage. It eliminates the doubts in your heart concerning people around you

Furthermore, the energy from this stone opens you up to love. It helps you to accept love from people. With this stone, every doubt in your heart about loyalty will be eliminated

Pink tourmaline helps Virgo women to trust people and accept love from other people. 

6) Amazonite


With this stone, every Virgo woman will learn to express themselves and communicate freely with people. 

Virgo women are introverted. Sometimes, they can be shy and this affects how they relate to people and communicate their feelings. 

This is why Amazonite is useful. Its metaphysical properties help Virgo women to expressly speak. Furthermore, it fuels them with the confidence they need to relate to people

Through Amazonite, you will overcome your introverted ness and become more outspoken. With this, people will not take advantage of you any longer

7) Carnelian


Carnelian helps with motivation. Whenever you are under pressure, using Carnelian fuels your motivation.

This crystal is powerful enough to inspire and encourage Virgo women. 

All you need is to have a piece around you. It does not have to be a piece of jewelry. Placing the stone in your bag or your living room helps. 

With Carnelian, you will enjoy the motivation and energy boost

Can a Virgo use Rose Quartz?

holding rose quartz
Rose Quartz

Yes, a Virgo can use rose quartz to promote love, harmony, and friendships

Rather than suspect people and have bad energy towards them, rose quartz helps you to be positively minded towards people

Furthermore, when it comes to meeting new people, using rose quartz helps you to be confident in your communication and relationship with such an individual. 

Therefore, a Virgo can use rose quartz

Can Virgo use Malachite?

Malachite raw stone

No, Virgo cannot use malachite. This crystal resonates with its energetic vibrations at a high frequency, which stimulates the mind. 

For Virgos, their minds are always stimulated because of their analytical powers. Using malachite can affect them mentally and emotionally. 

Rather than using malachite, crystals of less intense vibrations like aquamarine and amethyst can be used. 

As a Virgo man or woman, try to keep malachite away from you. It tampers with your mind and will leave you disturbed. 

Can Virgo use Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Yes, virgo can use lapis lazuli. This stone is known as a crystal of peace. It helps with calming the mind of a Virgo man or woman. 

After going through a series of thinking sessions, lapis lazuli helps your mind to attain calmness. It eliminates every form of mental stress and anxiety. 

Rather than malachite and other stimulating crystals, lapis lazuli is a perfect alternative you should consider

Final Words

I am sure you have found a crystal (amongst the several crystals in this article) you can use for yourself.

Keep in mind that your personal taste and energetic resonance should be considered while selecting the crystal that’s best for you. 

As a Virgo, crystals are leverages you should take advantage of. Using them calms your mind, motivates you, and ensures you are protected from negative energy. 

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