How Often Should You Charge And Cleanse Crystals? Answered

Jorge Silva
How Often Should I Cleanse and Charge my Crystals?

It’s important that you take proper care of your crystals for them to work properly and be in the best conditions.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy their properties or they can become damaged. But, how often should you charge and cleanse your crystals?

Is there a certain time? Should you do it every day? Well, it all depends on how often you use them and why you use them.

Let’s now see how often you need to take care of your crystals and what happens if you don’t!

How Often Should You Charge Your Crystals?

Basic crystal care

Charging your crystals is very important. It is the process of replenishing and restoring the natural energy of a crystal back to its original, positive state.

Personally, I believe you should charge your crystals after you cleanse them.

However, there are many factors that can influence how often you should charge your crystals.

But, here’s how I know when my crystals need to be charged and how often I do it:

Do it as often as you can or every few weeks. The crystals I use the most I charge them at least once a week. But, the ones I use less, I charge them at least once every two weeks;
Per use. If you are someone who works with energy and healing and cleansing, you need to charge more regularly;
Listen to your own intuition. Try to listen to it telling you when the crystal is no longer working how you need it to and as powerfully. If that happens, it’s time to
charge it. 

There’s so much information on the internet that it can be overwhelming. But, breathe… It isn’t that hard!

charge your crystals
There are so many ways to charge crystals but below is a list of six of the most well-known attainable ways to do so:  
The crystals absorb and transmute the energy of the moon and use it to recharge themselves.
Other Crystals
There are other crystals that have charging properties.
Intention or Meditation
Charge the crystal by holding it in your hand, focusing and placing the energy and intention you want to attract into the crystal. Visualization here is key and will help that energy flow into the crystal.
Earth Or Nature
Bury them for a few hours and return them back to nature in order to be charged.
Crystal Grids
Intentionally placing crystals in order to channel the energy flow for and towards something i.e., other crystals.

Learn more about how to charge crystals though a window with sun and moonlight.

If you are unsure about how often you should be charging your crystal, it is best to err on the side of caution and charge them more regularly based off your own intuition and what feels comfortable and right for you.

Spend time with your crystals to be able to know and read them better. 

How Often Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

The importance of keeping crystals clean and charged

Cleansing your crystals is the process of removing all the negative energy from the crystal that it has absorbed and or protected you from.

This is important because in order to work for you effectively the crystals’ energy needs to be clear. Below is some insight into how often you should cleanse the crystal:

Every Full Moon;
Every two weeks (although most people would suggest once a month);
When you need to set a new intention;
As often as you can;
When you feel like the energy is unbalanced (hold it close to you).

It’s important to note that there are many factors that may influence how often you should cleanse the crystal for example:

  • The type of crystal: darker crystals should be cleansed more regularly because they are highly protective and absorb and transmute more negative energy);
  • How often you use the crystal and for what: energy healing work will require more frequent cleansing);
  • How you feel about the crystal;
  • Where you have placed the crystal: if the energy around the crystal and the environment you are in is particularly tense it will require positive release.

If you don’t know how to cleanse your crystals, don’t worry, I will help you. Keep on reading.

Cleanse your crystals
Even though there are many ways to cleanse your crystal, here are 5 easy and simples ways to cleanse them:
Let the sun rays purify and cleanse them.
Gently cleanses and introduces calming energies.
Other Crystals
Enhance the cleansing effects (i.e., selenite).
Smudge Sticks
Smoke like white Sage purifies and cleanses crystals
Sound Vibrations
Singing bowls and specific frequencies refresh and rejuvenate crystal vibrations

Also, take a look at which crystals shouldn’t be kept together.

What Happens If You Don’t Cleanse Your Crystals?

How often should you charge your crystals?

It is so important to cleanse your crystals, if you don’t cleanse them regularly and correctly then a few things might happen: 

As the crystal absorbs and then stores negative energy for you this build-up may affect its ability to work effectively and with the right intention for you;
The energy they have taken on and absorbed for you may leak into your environment and impact your well-being;
It may attract negative and tense energy into your life;
It may drain or fatigue you and your energy;
The crystal may influence your manifestations and intentions negatively;
You may be overwhelmed by the crystals energy or not even be able to feel or resonate with it at all.

But just remember, working with crystals is extremely subjective and personal and you have to find the right way to cleanse and connect with them for you.

What works for one person may not work for another. And the way you connect with your crystals may require more or less cleansing and clearing of energies within your crystals.

Take into account that we all work with and connect with different crystals in different ways and so we should each find our own ways to cleanse and connect with our crystals. 

What Happens If You Don’t Recharge Your Crystals?

How often should I charge crystals?

Compared to our own energy which fluctuates and is influenced by many factors.

Crystals carry a more consistent, stagnant energy but they still need to be charged in order to carry and effectively maintain and radiate their wonderful energy.

Not recharging your crystals can or may result in the following

They will lose their ability to resonate and amplify their or focus their energy;
You may feel uncomfortable around the crystal;
They may not be able to heal you effectively;
May result in energy imbalances and emotional outbursts;
You will feel disconnected from the crystal which you used to feel connected to;
They will hold onto negative or stagnant energy.

It’s important to note that many people do not believe in recharging crystals and find that cleansing them is more than enough.

But, personally, I don’t feel like my crystals have the same power and strength if I don’t charge them.

Learn here 5 ways to charge your crystals with selenite.

Can Charging and Cleaning the Crystals Damage Them?

Charging a green crystal

In general, no. Charging and cleansing your crystals shouldn’t damage them if you do it correctly and with the right understanding, knowledge, and techniques.

Some techniques are safer than others i.e., leaving your crystals in the moonlight or burying them in the earth.

Others can be quite harmful and cause the crystal to lose their color, crack, dissolve, rust and even become dangerous. 

safety tips
In order to preserve your crystals for as long as possible, here are some tips to put into practice:
Use The Right Method For The Crystal!
Some crystals are more sensitive to certain methods of cleansing or charging than others, and you will need to thoroughly do your research to know the difference. 
Don’t Overdo It!
There is no need to cleanse or charge your crystals every day unless you are an energy healer or work with a similar practice. In fact, over-cleansing or over-charging can cause them harm too. 
Be Gentle!
When cleansing or charging your crystals, be gentle. They do not need soap just simple water, running water or salt water (if the crystal is happy with it). That will be more than effective. Temember water is a powerful purification tool and salt is a wonderful cleansing and cleaning agent. 

Do Crystals All Need the Same Kind of Care?

Cleanse a Rose Quartz crystal

Each crystal is unique in its own way and therefore they require different kinds of care.

Therefore, no crystals do not require the same kind of care.

Before we start, take a look at this list of crystals that can’t be cleansed in the water.

So, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when wondering about how you should care for yours: 


Self Cleansing Crystals

Some crystals are self-cleansing and do not require cleansing, they maintain their own energy and sometimes have the ability to cleanse other crystals such as Kyanite and Selenite.

Energy Work And Absorption

Some crystals absorb more negative energy and need to be cleansed more often. Particularly, Tourmaline and Obsidian. An important factor to consider is how you are using the crystal.

Water Sensitive Crystals

Some crystals cannot be cleansed or charged in water. For example, Selenite and Halite will dissolve in water. Pyrite and Hematite can rust due to their mineral components. Some crystals may even be harmful and release harsh chemicals and toxins. 

Sunlight Sensitive Crystals

Some crystals cannot be left in the sun for too long as they will fade. For example, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Calcites and Aventurines. Other crystals like Opal are sensitive and can crack or break in the sun.

Your Bond With The Crystal

Not all crystals respond to the same cleansing and charging methods. So, it’s important to bond with your crystals and pay attention to their energy in relation to yours. 

How You Use Them

Pay very close attention to the crystals you choose to wear and keep on your body. These are the ones that will have the most direct link and impact on you and will therefore require more attention, intention, and care. 


Softer crystals are easier to scratch, harm and or break and require a more delicate touch and less frequent use. 

Remember to do your research thoroughly in order to understand the kind of crystal you have and how you should potentially care for it. 

Final Words

Remember, if a crystal is not in tune with its natural healing energy, vibrations and frequencies then its ability to effectively radiate positive energy and heal will be greatly diminished and interrupted.

Overcharging and overcleansing a crystal can be just as harmful as not taking the time to clear out its energy.

Crystal work is extremely intricate and personal. Everything must be considered from the type of moon phase, the energy behind your intention, to the nature and history of the earth and soil you bury them within.

Do your research and then trust in your own intuition and connection to your crystals.

It may sound complicated now but it will get easier if you open yourself up to learning and understanding your crystals. Patience is key and so is communication. 

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