How to Cleanse Red String Bracelet: 5 Easy and Safe Ways

Rita Smith
How to Cleanse Red String Bracelet: 5 Easy and Safe Ways

Red string bracelets are worn as a sign of protection, ensuring that evil spirits, negative energies, and bad intentions are kept at bay.

The accessory has been linked to a few different faiths. But, it is perhaps most known for its associations with Kabbalah and Judaism

In some cultures, these red bracelets absorb the negativity around you, soaking it all up so there’s nothing left for you to deal with.

There’s a belief that there’s only so much negativity one bracelet can hold, though. That’s where the idea of cleansing a red string bracelet comes in. 

Does my Red String Bracelet Accumulate Negative Energy?

red bracelet

Some cultures believe that red string bracelets do accumulate negative energy. But others are on the opposite side of the fence, believing the power of the bracelet is infinite.

I always carry a red string bracelet with me. And I can assure you that whenever I don’t have it with me, I feel more stressed and out of luck.

There does appear to be one common ‘rule’ when it comes to this piece of jewelry, however; cutting the bracelet off is probably a bad idea. 

It’s common to make a wish, manifestation, or similar when putting on a red string bracelet. When it breaks and falls off, of its own accord, your wish will come true, or so the stories go.

If you cut the bracelet yourself, not only will your wish not come true, but you will also face some unpleasant times ahead. Patience is a virtue, and it definitely is in this situation.

You’ll need to bear the belief in mind when choosing how best to cleanse your bracelet, if at all.

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Do I Need to Cleanse my Red String Bracelet?

red string bracelet

What does your gut tell you? Do you feel guilty or on edge when you don’t cleanse your bracelet? Or does it feel ‘wrong’ when you do?

This will tell you everything you need to know. It’s your red string bracelet, after all. 

But, being an accessory that absorbs all the negative energy around you, it’s important that you cleanse it from time to time. It all depends on your daily life.

Are you always near people? Then, it should be cleansed at least once a month.

But, if you work from home and are alone most of the time, you only need to cleanse it once every couple of months.

Listen to your intuition too. If you ever feel like there’s too much negativity around you, cleansed once a week. Otherwise, it won’t be able to protect you.

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How to Cleanse my Red String Bracelet: 5 Safe Ways

cleanse with incense

There are ways to cleanse your red string bracelet whether you take it off or not, and it’s recommended that you cleanse the red string before you put it on.

This removes residual negative energy and provides a clean slate with which to protect you

1) Full Moon Power

The full moon holds much more power than we give it credit for, and its healing powers are great for cleansing metaphysical healing items. These include:

  • Colored string bracelets;
  • Healing crystals;
  • Protective talismans.

There are several ways in which you can use the power of the full moon for cleansing.

The most common approach is to place the item outside, in full view of the moon, overnight (or at least for a couple of hours). This is best done before the bracelet is put on. 

Other ways to use the full moon to cleanse a red string bracelet are to:

  1. Rinse with moon water;
  2. Place the bracelet on a windowsill inside the building overnight;
  3. Pray/meditate/manifest facing the moon while wearing it. 

I’ve added a list of 2023 full moons at the bottom of this post, so make sure you check them out and mark them in your calendar. 

2) Salt Water Immersion

Do you live near the beach? Immersing a red string bracelet in salt water is another way to cleanse it and make more room for negativity absorption. 

If it’s safe to do so, run into the water while you’re wearing the bracelet.

You could also sit on the beach, letting the water come up and run over your wrist and the string.

It’s best to buy a high-quality bracelet because the colors of cheaply made ones will often run, especially in salty water. 

3) Rain Water Immersion

Do you collect rainwater in the garden? If not, can you put a jar or similar outside, to collect some rainwater? It’s another great cleansing and healing tool.

Washing your red string bracelet (wearing it or not) with water that has literally fallen from the skies above will wipe away any bad energies.

Once completed, the red string bracelet is essentially ‘empty’ and ready to optimally protect you

4) Healing Earth Power 

There’s nothing more powerful than the Earth itself. Haven’t you ever felt better after taking a walk in nature, or hearing the birds call and chirp on a bright and sunny day? 

The healing properties of Mother Earth or Gaia herself haven’t yet been fully explored.

But witches and other magical and spiritual beings use Earth from the ground (such as graveyard earth) in spells and other rituals.

It’s not recommended to go running around, stealing mud from graveyards, though. Grabe some earth from your own backyard or ask a family member to give you some.

5) Smudge Stick Cleansing  

Smudge sticks, usually made of sage, are great for cleansing rooms, entire buildings, people, land, and much more.

Once you have lit and then blown out the smudge stick, let the smoke flow over the bracelet.

You can do this while you’re wearing it. But make sure there’s a heat-proof, safe container to catch any falling embers.

You don’t want to set fire to the house, do you?

In this article I will also explain how to cleanse an evil eye bracelet.

How Often Should I Cleanse my Bracelet?

red bracelet break

You should clean your bracelet whenever you feel the need to.

It will likely pop into your mind one day, completely by random, or you’ll see something about cleansing metaphysical tools online.

When the universe seems to be telling you something, it usually is. First thing first, cleanse the talismans you use most

List of Full Moons in 2023:

  • June 3rd – Full Strawberry Moon;
  • July 3rd – Full Buck Moon;
  • August 1st – Full Sturgeon Moon;
  • August 30th – Full Blue Moon;
  • September 29th – Full Harvest Moon;
  • October 28th – Full Hunter’s Moon;
  • November 27th – Full Beaver Moon;
  • December 26th – Full Cold Moon.

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Final Words

Like most accessories or crystals that interact with the energy around us, the red string bracelet also need to be cleansed from time to time.

Choose the best method for you, to make sure your bracelet is doing its job properly. Otherwise, it will be nothing more than an accessory.

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