How to Cleanse and Charge Lepidolite? 9 Easy Ways 

Rita Smith
How to Cleanse and Charge Lepidolite? 9 Easy Ways 

Lepidolite is a powerful crystal that is however known for peace and peaceful vibes. Some have even tagged it “The calming crystal“.

Lepidolite is a mineral that’s typically purplish in color. It’s known to have a scaly and rough appearance.

It’s a crystal that promotes peace in the family, in the home, and even in the workspace. As a calming crystal, it eradicates violent energy that’s trying to get into the owner.

If you want to avoid getting involved in a physical brawl with anybody, then you might want to get yourself a Lepidolite crystal. 

Lepidolite crystals are also used for emotional healing from all the scars from the past. It helps you to reconcile with your past and not just remember it with disgust and regret.

And in doing all these, the Lepidolite crystal becomes tired and encumbered and as such, it needs to be cleansed from time to time to keep it at that state of effectiveness. 

In this article, I’d be sharing with you different ways you can cleanse and charge your Lepidolite.

Should I cleanse and charge Lepidolite?


Lepidolite crystals are powerful crystals that absorb every form of violent energy in the atmosphere wherever they are.

Hence, they need to be cleansed and charged to ensure they do their work in the best conditions. 

Lepidolite crystals are also said to have the ability to assist in finding out things that are hidden.

Especially when there’s a problem or challenge, lepidolite can help you get to the root of the issue

About cleansing Lepidolite, you should note that it is quite soft, and any form of rough techniques are to be avoided, or else you risk deforming your crystal. 

Exposure to water for an extended period is also something you must not do.

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How often should I cleanse and charge this crystal?

wash hands

Well, there’s no definite time table to what the frequency of cleansing and charging should be. So, it is largely left to the discretion of the owner of the crystals. 

The first thing you should do when you get a new crystal should be that you cleanse it, seeing it’d have passed through many hands before it gets to you

That means that it must’ve absorbed energies from all around. 

Now that you own the crystal, what should be the frequency of cleansing and charging?

Well, you can develop a routine for cleansing and charging, like once a month. However, this must still be subject to the frequency of usage of the crystal.

If you use it more, this will only mean that it needs to be cleansed and charged more often than just once a month.

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How to cleanse Lepidolite crystals? 5 Safe ways

How to cleanse Lepidolite crystals

Cleansing crystals aren’t like cleaning the dishes or doing your laundry. It requires more carefulness than that. 

There are different methods of cleansing that you can employ also, based on the resources that are available to you.

There are things you need to take note of, just like we said earlier that water isn’t a suitable method for cleansing lepidolite unless you want to lose your crystal. 

1) Smudging

You can use the sage plant for this. The sage plant has been used for centuries to purify and cleanse. It is also very effective in the cleansing of crystals

Light an end of the bunch of sage while holding it in one of your hands, and then, with your other hand, hold the lepidolite over the smoke, and ensure that it is well saturated in the smoke

As you’re doing this, ensure that you’re not distracted in your mind as touching what you’re doing.

Your mind needs to be involved, that’s the only way the smudging can be effectively done. 

2) Selenite slab

Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal that can be used to cleanse other crystals.

Your focus and attention are also important in this method of cleansing. 

Get a selenite slab and simply place your lepidolite crystal on it, and leave it there overnight.

The selenite slab would have cleansed the crystal of all the negative energy that it has stored up.

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3) Breath

This requires a lot of focus and depends on how strong your mind is, and how strong your imagination is.

Spend about 3-5 mins to take deep breaths, all the while focusing on your breathing.

Ensure you’re able to get yourself into a meditative state. When you’ve done that successfully, take a long deep breath in, then release the breaths upon the lepidolite crystal in short spurts

You must ensure that you’re not distracted by anything while you’re doing this. A little distraction and your crystal won’t be cleansed the way it ought to be. 

This might look difficult and too technical the first time you try, but as you get used to it, you’d find out that it’s really easy to carry out. 

4) Sound

You’d need some other materials to carry this out. You’d need something that produces sound.

And no, your mouth isn’t good enough to produce the kind of sound that can cleanse your lepidolite. 

You’d need a singing bowl or a tuning fork. Ensure that you make the sounds repeatedly till you can feel inside of you that your lepidolite crystal is now cleansed. 

As you can see, this is dependent on the connection between you and your crystal. If you’ve developed a good bond with it, then this wouldn’t be stressful to do at all. 

5) Dry salt

Because of the nature of the lepidolite crystal, you cannot just use any salt.

It has to be a dry salt because it can easily get affected by moisture. 

Pour the dry salt into a bowl, and put the crystal inside it, ensuring that it is completely covered in the salt.

Leave it there for an hour and then all the negative energies would have been drawn out into the salt. Ensure that you dispose of the salt once you’re done.

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How to charge Lepidolite crystals? 4 Powerful ways

sunlight in window

Charging your crystal is as important as cleansing it. When you just cleanse without charging, it’s like emptying a jug of contaminated water, washing the jug, and not filling it with clean water. 

So they’re both important. And just like cleansing, there are different ways that your crystal can also be charged. 

1) Place in the moonlight

The moonlight emits a soft and lightly intense energy that is perfect for charging your crystal. 

Place it under the moonlight, and leave it there for at least 9 hours. Let the moonlight energy brood on it properly and thoroughly. 

The full moon nights are nights you have to take advantage of as a crystal owner. The energy of the moon is at its peak on such nights.

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2) Indirect sunlight

Direct sunlight might be dangerous for the lepidolite crystal because it’s not a hard crystal. Leaving it in the sun can also cause discoloration and cracking. So it’s best to avoid it

However, there are very few things that have the energy the sunlight has.

So you can take advantage of this by exposing your crystal to indirect sunlight. Putting it by your window side would do just fine. Leave it there for 5-6 hours.

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3) Rub between your hands

This is when you use the heat generated from your body to charge your crystal. 

Rub your palms together for a few seconds, until you’ve generated a fair amount of heat in your palms.

Then place the crystal in between your palms and close your palms together a little bit tight

Keep doing this till you feel that your crystal is fully charged. 

4) Visualization

This hinges on your connection with your crystal and your imagination.

It is best done early in the morning when your mind is not yet encumbered with many things. 

Hold the crystal in your left hand and visualize a bright white light coming out from your forehead and passing through your crystal.

While you’re doing this, your mind must be on what you’re doing.

You must be able to see all the positive energy from your core entering the crystal by the white light with the eyes of your mind. 

If you can master this method of charging, you’d find out that it’s very easy and efficient

Is Lepidolite really powerful?

many crystals

Yes, it is!

That it’s called “The calming crystal” doesn’t describe its weakness, but rather its strength. 

Hardly would you find other crystals that the major thing they inspire is that peaceful vibe all around you. Lepidolite stands tall in that regard

Should I use this crystal in my life?


Yes, you totally should! I would if I were you.

Considering all the high tension that the world runs on today. Imagine what it would be like, to be peaceful within yourself despite all the turmoil around you, talk about inner peace. 

So if there’s a crystal that can foster this, I believe every human being should have it

Final Words 

Lepidolite crystal is your answer if you want that calm and serene scenery around you always. You can keep it on you, taking it around everywhere you go.

You can also put it in different places in your house or office

You’ve also learned how to care for your lepidolite crystal. Ensure you have a healthy crystal with you at all times. 

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