How To Cleanse and Charge Blue Lace Agate? 9 Safe Ways

Rita Smith
How To Cleanse and Charge Blue Lace Agate? 9 Safe Ways

Crystals are powerful gemstones made from nature. They derive their energy and powers from the earth itself and this is why you will find them in various spiritual quarters. 

Even in individual homes, you will find a lot of people using them for spiritual purposes like attracting wealth, protection, attracting love, and so on.

As you constantly make use of them, you will keep expending the energy in these stones until there is almost nothing left to use.

At this point, a lot of people simply conclude that the stone is useless or has completed its life cycle and dispose of it. 

Well, rather than disposing of it, a simple spiritual method of charging could have revitalized the stone.

In this article, I will be talking about how to cleanse and charge one of the most important gemstones for spiritual practices, which is the blue lace agate

There are 9 ways to make this happen, which will be discussed. Read on for more details. 

Should I cleanse and charge my Blue Lace Agate?

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Yes, you should charge and cleanse your blue lace agate. There are different reasons why this needs to be done.

Let me talk about some of these reasons to convince you further of this fact.

  • Constantly using your blue lace agate reduces its energy levels: This is the predominant reason why you need to charge this stone.

When you use it constantly, energy is released, and this reduces its spiritual effectiveness. Don’t wait until all its energies are gone before charging it. Do that right away to refill its energy level.

  • When you use blue lace agate for spiritual purification processes, there might be a need to cleanse it: The metaphysical properties of this stone make it a powerful stone to cleanse an environment of negative energy. However, you MUST clean it afterward.

The reason is that the negative energy has been absorbed by your blue lace agate and has corrupted the energy within your stone. Through spiritual cleansing, you will purge the negative energy and filter the energy embedded in your agate. 

  • Cleansing and charging your blue lace agate is less expensive than buying a new one: Rather than going to the store to purchase a new blue lace agate, cleaning and charging it will save you stress and extra money.

Having a blue lace agate with no energy levels does not make it useless.

Once you charge it, you can continually use it for every one of your spiritual exercises without spending an extra dime on crystals. 

These are the major reasons why it is important to clean and charge your stone. 

How to cleanse Blue Lace Agate? 5 Safe Ways

blue lace agate

After reading the reasons for cleaning and charging your blue lace agate, the next question you might be asking is “How can I cleanse my blue lace agate?”

Well, here are the 5 safest ways to make this happen. These are cost-effective and less complex ways of ensuring that your stone is well-cleansed and ready for spiritual purposes. 

1) Water Cleansing

As we all know, water is believed to be an element of life. Without water, there will be no life on earth.

Also, it is known to be a symbol of purification and cleaning. This is one of the reasons why you should use it to clean your blue lace agate. 

How can you use water to clean your blue lace agate? Here are a few guidelines to help you:

  1. Place your blue lace agate in warm water;
  2. While your stone is in that water, envision the water removing every form of spiritual contamination from your stone and let this fill you up;
  3. Once this is done for two minutes, take out your stone from the water and wipe it with a soft towel.

However, it’s important that you don’t use salt water/ocean water/seawater.

These kinds of water have high mineral concentrations, which can damage the quality of your gemstone.

Don’t leave your gemstone in water for more than 2 minutes. Doing this causes your blue lace agate to become weak, which makes it porous enough to absorb moisture.

While using running water is good, ensure that the pressure from the tap flow is not too hard. This is to prevent scratches on the surface of the stone.

2) Moon Cleansing Method

If you are lucky to find a full moon out there, then, you might want to clean your stone with the light from the moon

The moon is believed to represent the element of water.

Just like water purifies, it is believed that the light from the moon also purifies and cleanses people, animals, and objects from negative energies and spiritual impurities. 

Take your blue lace agate and place it under the direct moonlight.

Some people advised or recommended that the rays from the full moon have to pass through the stone for proper cleansing. Well, that is not necessary

A simple beam of light from the moon will perform the cleaning process. You can leave the stone out under the moon all night long

3) Visualization

This is another simple way to cleanse your blue lace agate from negative energy. 

How can this be done? Well, it is with the use of your imagination

However, to ensure this is successful, you must purify your environment and yourself by smudging sage.

Also, you should practice meditation to clear your mind, and help you focus on the task at hand.  Follow these steps:

  1. Hold the crystal in your left hand;
  2. Close your eyes and breathe in and out 7 times;
  3. Create an image of your blue lace agate passing through fire;
  4. Then, create an image of your blue lace agate coming out at the other end of the fire more vibrant and bright in color;
  5. Let this vision/imagination engulf you for 2 minutes;
  6. Shake the stone in your left hand for additional effect;
  7. Open your eyes and place the stone in a box for 1 day.

Once you do these, your blue lace agate will be fully cleansed. 

4) Smudging

Through the use of sage, you can purify your gemstone from negative energy or contamination.

Also, another benefit of smudging sage for purification is that it helps you to remove negative energies that might have been transmitted to the stone from its original owner

In addition to all the methods above, I will recommend smudging sage for proper cleaning

5) Sunlight

Through the light from the sun, your blue lace agate can be cleansed. The fire from the sun will burn off spiritual impurities and also remove negative energy. 

Ensure to not leave your gemstone in the sun for more than 1 minute. 30 seconds is enough to cleanse your blue lace agate properly.

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How to charge Blue Lace Agate? 4 Ways

burying crystals
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Even if you successfully cleanse your blue lace agate, if there is no energy left in the stone, it will still be ineffective.

Therefore, here are 4 ways to charge your blue lace agate for effectiveness and proper functionality. 

1) Water

In addition to all the steps mentioned (in water cleansing) above, the only thing you should add is to use your hand to create a swirling movement (in the water) around your stone.

When you do this, the energy from the warm water will be stirred, and this goes straight into the stone for proper charging.

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2) Sound Vibration

One of the ways to infuse your agate with energy is through vibration.

Now, this is a bit complex because you need to understand frequencies.

Once you make sounds at certain frequencies, your blue lace agate will be imbued with enough energy.

You can make use of bells (used in Shaolin temples) as well. Some of them have been made to sound at such frequencies automatically. 

3) Earth

It is believed that burying your blue lace agate under the ground for 3 days charges it.

When you bury your gemstone, you are re-establishing a connection between the stone and mother earth, which charges it and makes it look brand new.

If you don’t have an urgent spiritual exercise, this is my recommended method because it is very effective and can last longer than other methods. 

4) Crystals

Certain crystals can charge other crystals. For example, if you have selenite, it can charge your blue lace agate with enough energy for spiritual exercises.

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How often should I charge and cleanse my crystals?

Blue Lace Agate
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There is no specified duration or measure of time for this

However, ensure you charge and cleanse your crystals once you are done using them for a spiritual exercise.

Also, when you buy a crystal, ensure to cleanse and charge it before using it. This protects you from any negative energy introduced to the stone before you bought it. 

Therefore, to answer the question, ensure to charge and cleanse your crystals as often as you can.

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Final Words

If you have a blue lace agate, follow all the instructions in this article to keep your crystal effective. 

Blue lace agate is powerful for attracting good luck, maintaining a sound mind, and promoting healthy relationships.

This is why you need to keep it charged and cleansed enough to service you with all these benefits. 

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