How To Charge Crystals With Intentions? 5 Easy Steps!

Jorge Silva
How To Charge Crystals With Intentions? 5 Easy Steps!

Crystals are the proem of our planet and the bridge between the corporeal and the incorporeal.

Their beauty brandishes in us the hymn of healing that dances along our souls, filling our voids.

They are one of the countless instruments that make up the clamor of our precious universe. But like any other instrument, they need to be tuned and polished depending on the ballad we aspire to play.

That being said, consider the current article your conductor, and these 5 steps in your musical score.

Let the spiritual ballad begin as I am going to teach you how to charge crystals with intentions.

Is it Possible To Charge Crystals With Intentions?

holding clear crystal

Just as the instrument needs the musician, the musician needs his instrument.

So, as I mentioned earlier and similar to this, emphasizing now on crystals only, it is essential that they are cleansed and charged.

This is so that their virtues can then enhance and clarify the various areas of our lives such as love, work, self-confidence, etc.

Consequently, I would say that charging a crystal is a bit like offering it a voice.

However, charging it with intentions is giving it a voice and a microphone so that its dominance is felt clearly and in the right measure.

So in conclusion, not only is it possible to charge crystals with intentions, but it is also crucial for their good performance.

What To Say When Charging Crystal? 5 Examples

holding amethyst

As previously mentioned, crystals optimize various parts of our lives, and each individual part is assigned a crystal.

As a result, the intentions with which we premeditate the crystal must obviously be related to the field in which it helps us.

To further unpack this information, here are five examples of what to say when loading certain crystals from specific fields:

  • Lapiz Lazuli (Courage, Communication, Wisdom, Creativity, etc.): “I ask for this crystal to favor and encourage my communication.“;
  • Clear Quartz (Revitalization, Balance, Harmony, Enhances Psychic Abilities, etc.): “I wish for this crystal to revitalize my soul and bring me emotional harmony.”;
  • Citrine (Health, Happiness, Wealth, etc.): “I let this crystal bring me optimism and energy.“;
  • Black Tourmaline (Clearing blocked energy, Protection, Balance, etc.): “I want this crystal to protect and rid myself of all negative energy around me.“;
  • Amethyst (Serenity, Cleansing, Trust, Grace, etc.): “I wish this crystal to bring me peace of mind and serenity.

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How To Charge Crystals With Intentions? Step By Step

woman holding amethyst

In the same way that in music we have to help the instrument so that its melody breaks in our ears, crystals also need to be taken care of so that they take care of us.

Surely the stones we talk about so much here have innate healing properties. However, we cannot buy rose quartz and wait for Cupid to pierce us with one of his honeyed arrows.

Concerning the charging method, as with the choice of crystal, we have to be intuitive and understand which method will make the most sense for us and what is most suitable for each stone, bearing in mind that there are crystals that cannot be in contact with water or sunlight.

So, here’s a list of 5 detailed and fundamental steps to pampering and charging your instruments of mother nature.

1) Cleansing

If you are going to effectively charge your crystal with intentions, you have to cleanse it.

Dip that baby in water or sea salt, always remembering that each crystal is unique and not all of them can be in contact with water.

Do a little and brief research before this procedure to understand how to care for your stone.

If, however, you prefer to play it safe, the visualization method works just as well.

You only have to visualize the healing energy filling and overflowing your crystal as the old energy evaporates.

2) Raise The Sphere

As with any absorption scenario, it is necessary to establish a calm aura around us. For example:

  • Lowering the brightness;
  • Burning incense or herbs alluding to our purpose;
  • Playing placid frequencies;
  • Lighting a candle.

These are all great possibilities to outline a suitable environment for our ritual

It is vital that you choose to hold this ceremony at a time when you cannot be interrupted by something or someone.

You have to be completely submerged in your thoughts, your emotions and the act you are performing. Otherwise, the ritual will be ineffective.

3) Live & Connect

Now that our environment has been delicately painted by us, the time has come to love and contemplate our crystal and embrace it with our hands.

But, also with our nature and thought and to carve its chrome and its allegory in our minds.

This will create a superb link between your energies, a solid link with which, together, you will sow what you want.

It is in this and for this moment that the previous step proves to be so important. Without stillness and serenity, it is difficult to achieve this intended bond.

4) Align With Mother Nature

Part of surrendering ourselves to our stone requires that we also give in to Mother Nature in order to create unity and harmony with her.

Take your shoes off, land your feet on the ground and feel.

Feel the heartbeat of our planet, its whispers and sighs and allow yourself to visualize every fabric of nature, the fabric in which our crystal was meticulously woven.

Now you’re ready.

5) Project Your Intentions To The Universe 

Project your intentions to the universe, let’s collect our vision.

With our eyes closed, we will visualize with our mind and we will see our energy expanding and merging with the respective energy of our crystal.

Now you are one. A single source of spirit. Finishing, expand that energy and give power to your voice.

Repeat your intentions aloud, in brief, and clear words.

Sketch your future with your mind, imagining that everything you ask for is already yours.

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Can Anyone Set Intentions To Charge Crystals?

Crystal Combinations

Now that you luckily know how to charge your crystal with intentions, all of this probably still sounds like a musical score with loose notes.

Therefore, let’s answer the question that almost everyone raises. Can anyone set intentions to charge crystals?

The answer is yes!

As long as it is their own crystal, their own ritual, that they produce everything correctly in the way that makes the most sense and, above all, that they believe, anyone can do it.

Believing is a free superpower that anyone has access to.

A person who believes in themselves, or in this case in a ceremony they practice, is amplifying the power of what they say, do and think.

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Can I Use These Intentions For All Crystals?

Holding crystals

Another question that wanders a lot in people’s thinking is whether they can use these intentions on all crystals.

Well, intentions can be used in all stones. However and as I mentioned earlier, the tides have to cross and make sense.

That is, if I acquired a crystal whose focus is finances and if during the ritual I produce everything with the intentions pointed to love, it is blatant that the ritual was in vain and that nothing will result from it.

So, use intentions and information from the field in which the stone is focused. Love with love, finance with finance, protection with protection, quotes ditto.

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Final Words

In conclusion and closing the farewell curtain, in my view, crystal cleansing and charging rituals, especially when we talk about charging with intentions, do not have any manual that we have to follow strictly.

Although I made several contrasts between the stones and the music, there is no score that must be followed.

The esoteric world is a freestyle ballad and each one plays it as they know how, in the way they can, with the instrument they have and with the conditions that life offers them.

So enjoy your trip and don’t think so much about technical issues.

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