How to Cleanse Crystals With Incense Sticks? 5 Easy Steps!

Rita Smith
How to cleanse crystals with incense sticks? 5 Easy Steps!

There are many ways to cleanse your crystal. You can make use of sunlight, moonlight, rain, ocean water, slight burial under the soil, and so on. 

One of the ways to make this happen is also through the use of incense sticks. These sticks are used for a lot of rituals and spiritual practices.

One of their functions is also to cleanse crystals from their impurities

In this article, I will reveal the 5 different ways and steps you can use to cleanse crystals with these sticks.  Therefore, stick around till the very end

Can you cleanse crystals with incense?

Crystals and incense sticks

Yes, you can cleanse crystals with incense. The power of incense can go as far as affecting the energy levels of crystals.

For example, if your crystal has been contaminated by negative energy, incense sticks can eliminate these negative energies.

This is why this is one of the best methods of cleansing crystals and any spiritual object. The smoke that comes out from these incense sticks is laced with divine power.

They can be very defensive to negative energies in such a way that these energies are snuffed out of objects.

Therefore, this is why I need to explain the 5 steps you should follow to make this happen effectively.

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What is the best incense to cleanse crystals?

Sage: the best incense to cleanse crystals
Sage: the best incense to cleanse crystals

There are a lot of beliefs concerning this question. Varying religious sects and cultural boundaries have answers to this question.

It is somewhat difficult to say the best incense for cleaning crystals. 

However, let me speak from my experience

Sage is the best incense to cleanse crystals. This has been used for centuries. Several traditions and religions have turned to sage for help.

This plant has been used for herbs and also as an incense stick to purge environments of negative energy. 

While conducting my research concerning this subject, I discovered that sage can be used to exorcize a demon from a possessed person

With all of these divine powers and metaphysical properties, it stands out as the best incense stick to use as a cleansing agent for your crystals. 

There are others like frankincense and so on. However, making use of sage is guaranteed to get the job done. 

Additionally, one thing I love about sage is that it also has anti-microbial properties.

This means that it does not just purify your crystal spiritually, it also kills any micro bacteria that might have latched onto the surface of your crystals.

That is, it keeps you safe from contaminating germs while using your crystal. 

Therefore, the best incense stick to use is sage, in my opinion.

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What do I need to start right now?

cleansing products

If you want to start the spiritual exercise right now, you need the following materials:

  • Sage incense stick: Since you will be cleansing the crystal with sage, this is the first material you should get in handy. Ensure that your sage incense stick has not been used by anyone. To make this spiritual practice powerful, get a new sage incense stick from the market. Using a new incense stick helps you to harness the full power and potential of the incense smoke while purifying your crystal;
  • Matches or Lighter: Later in this article, I will discuss the steps you should follow when trying to clean your crystals with incense sticks. However, ensure that your lighter is available. You will be using this to light up your incense stick when the time for purification begins;
  • Abalone Shell or Heat Proof Container: This is what will hold the incense stick while you burn it. While performing the spiritual exercise, you don’t want to burn your hands. Therefore, it is advisable to take extra caution by getting a heat proof container. This is necessary to prevent burns from fire droplets or a sudden burndown of the incense stick;
  • Feather: While burning the incense stick, you need to scatter the smoke over the crystal. Now, some might recommend using your hand. However, I will advise getting a feather — preferably a peacock feather. This makes it a lot easier and the energy from these feathers also supports the spiritual process. 
  • Crystal: This is the final ingredient. To begin the process, ensure that the crystal you wish to cleanse is readily available. 

Once you have all of these ingredients with you, the next step is to begin the spiritual process

Read on to discover the 5 steps to follow when cleansing your crystals with incense sticks.

How to cleanse crystals with incense sticks? 5 Steps

How to cleanse crystals with incense sticks

After you have gotten all your ingredients in place, the next thing is to begin the process. Here are the 5 simple steps you need to follow while engaging in this spiritually powerful exercise. 

Step 1: Ensure you are mentally grounded and stable

You cannot engage in any spiritual exercise if you are not properly mentally grounded and stable. Your mind and emotions must not be scattered all over the place while performing this purification ritual. 

This is why you need to spend some time meditating, doing yoga, listening to music, or sleeping. Do one of these four things before you pick up your incense stick.

You might be wondering if this is necessary!

Well, it is necessary. This is the foundation. It determines the effectiveness of what you are about to do. 

Therefore, get yourself in a tranquil state before picking up an incense stick.

Step 2: Pick your incense Stick and Light it up

In this article, I have stated that the best incense stick to use for this purpose is sage. If you like, you can use other incense sticks you feel drawn towards. 

This is also crucial. Ensure you select the incense you feel drawn towards

Also, look out for the incense stick. It must not be an already used incense. To be sure of this, get a new incense in the market and keep it in a cool place till the day of purification.

After you have selected the incense stick, the next step is to light up the incense. To do this, there is no prescribed way. Simply light it up with either a matchbox or a lighter. 

Step 3: Hold the Crystal in the Smoke

After you light up the incense stick, leave the fire for 4 seconds and blow it off.

You don’t need the fire for this spiritual exercise. All you need is the smoke.

Once you blow out the fire and the smoke begins to emanate from the stick, pick up the crystal in your left hand and then blow the smoke over the crystal with the feather in your right hand. 

If you are holding the incense stick with your right hand, then, there is no need for a feather. Just pass the crystal through the smoke consistently and continuously. 

Step 4: Set your Intention

For every spiritual activity, a strong intention is very important. 

Now, some might prescribe setting an intention at the initial stage of the process.

However, I recommend setting your intention towards the final stage of this process.

The reason is that the activities you will engage in from step 1 to step 3 will distract you. Therefore, there is no need to waste your mental energy and still have to repeat the process all over again.

Moreso, the smoke from the incense and the crystal in your hand will create the perfect atmosphere for your mind to be focused. 

As you set your intention on the crystal, you can also make use of positive affirmations as well

Step 5: End the Purification Process

To complete this process, you should use words of gratitude. Thank the universe for cleaning the crystal. Also, ask the crystal to do what it has been asked to do

Blow out the incense stick and set it aside. 

If you follow these five steps, you will perfectly cleanse your crystal with incense sticks.

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Which direction to cleanse crystals with incense?

cleansing with incense

There is no specific direction to cleanse crystals with incense

However, I start from the top of the crystal and gradually move the incense stick to the bottom of the crystal. This way, I ensure that all the negative energy from this crystal is snuffed out.

Also, you can cause the crystal to pass between the smoke from the right to left and from left to right. Follow this pattern 3 times for optimum results

Can you cleanse Amethyst with incense?

amethyst cleansing incense

Yes, you can cleanse amethyst with incense.

With incense, amethyst will be free of negative energies and impurities. Furthermore, it will be perfectly charged to deliver enough results for its intended spiritual purpose.

You can also read this article with some simple ways to cleanse and charge your amethyst.

Can you cleanse Rose Quartz with incense?

rose quartz cleansing incense

Yes, you can cleanse rose quartz with incense

Using incense sticks to clean this crystal harness its powers. It also purifies the crystal from getting exposed to negative energy. 

With incense sticks, your rose quartz will be free from contamination.

You can also read here some simple ways to cleanse your rose quartz crystal.

Can incense damage my crystals?

candle crystals

No, it cannot damage your crystals

Crystals are only damaged when exposed to sunlight or salt for a long time.

With the mild smoke from incense, no lasting harm will be done to your crystal. 

Therefore, don’t be scared of cleansing your crystals with these incense sticks.

Before you leave, it’s also important to know how long you should leave your crystals in the sun.

Final Words

Using sage or any other incense stick, you can be assured of safely cleansing your crystals and making them usable for spiritual purposes. 

Also, the smoke from incense sticks will charge your crystals and make them effective for a while.

If you found this article helpful, kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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