How to Cleanse Rhodonite? 5 Safe and Easy Ways

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How to Cleanse Rhodonite? 5 Safe and Easy Ways

The rose pink gemstone, Rhodonite, is a popular ornamental stone that is composed of manganese silicate that is formed in a triclinic system.

It can occur in nature as either Crystals or massive fine grains and are majorly used for beads, pendants and some ornaments.

It is mostly found in the mountains of Russia, as well as, Sweden, New South Wales, California and New Jersey. 

Because of its connection to the heart Chakra, the gemstone is believed to contain some healing properties that are centered on love, trust, compassion, and new beginnings.

The birthstone is well suited with the Zodiac sign, Taurus and Gemini and is believed to bring light and love to them. 

During the healing process, these crystals are believed to absorb these negative energies from our environment and hence tend to be cluttered. 

There’s therefore a need to always cleanse these crystals so as to declutter them and retain their healing properties by keeping them fresh and alive. 

For this article, we’ll look at the how and why of cleansing the Rhodonite crystal. 

Does Rhodonite need to be cleansed?

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Yes, it needs to be cleansed.

Rhodonites, just like other gemstones, are cleansed and charged from time to time.

Crystals are gifts from nature that are always exposed to the magnetic and electric energies of the earth. These earth energies are affected by the energy grids that are around our solar system. 

These crystals are energized and maintained in their natural state by cleansing or charging them regularly. 

That way they become more effective in manifesting their healing properties.

In the case of Rhodonites, it can effectively help the bearer to wear away wounds of the past, and be able to nurture love in the present by putting the fire back in their heart.

How often should I cleanse Rhodonite?

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The first time you purchase a Rhodonite, it is advised you first cleanse them before use

Subsequently, you should cleanse them from time to time like twice a month. You should also cleanse them after using them for healing. 

When a Rhodonite is properly cleansed, it feels cold and tingly to touch, bright, sparkly, clear and positive. 

How to cleanse Rhodonite at home? 5 Easy ways

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Cleansing of Crystals is the only way one can overload them after healing. There are several ways crystals are cleansed

It only depends on choosing a method that suits your environment, personal preference and weather. Also, you can always change routines till you get the one that is easier and best for you.

Some  of them include:

1) Water

Water is naturally a cleanser. We use water to clean ourselves and our environment

When it comes to crystals, we have to be cautious as water can cause damage to some of them like the soft and delicate ones.

Water works best with polished stones like Rhodonites. It is not suitable for rough or natural stones or geodes. 

If you are not sure whether a crystal is safe in the water, it is advisable never to use water on them

The process of cleansing is by dipping the crystal in a bowl of plain water or holding it for a while under running water. 

Saltwater is not recommended for cleansing crystals as the salt can weaken and even tarnish the stones.

2) Nature

Just like humans do, Rhodonite crystals also love a visit to nature

You just have to make sure they never get damp in the process, avoid exposure to too much sunlight and make sure they are not damaged by falling. 

An environment without polluted air is conducive to this kind of cleansing. At the back of your house, you can either spray them out or bury them in the earth

For the burying method, you should try to keep the crystals dry and mark the place you buried them to avoid losing them. 

3) Moonlight

Rhodonite Crystals can also be cleansed by the use of moonlight.

It is converted safely and more easily since the crystal will not have to come in contact with anything except the soft moonlight. 

The Gibbous, full moon and waning Gibbous are the times in the moon cycle when there will be a sufficient moon for the cleansing. 

You can however use any phase if you are conversant with calling in subtle energies. 

The process here involves placing the Crystals outside on a table or near a window that is bathed in the moonlight for some hours. 

Try to avoid dew from getting them wet. Leave them there till morning. Your crystals are now ready for use. 

Read here about more crystals that can’t be charged in the moonlight.

4) Sound

Rhodonite Crystals are cleansed with reverberating sounds. 

Some instruments that can give this sound include:

  • Tuning fork;
  • Singing bowl;
  • Bell;
  • Chime;
  • Tingsha;
  • Your voice chanting a prayer or mantra. 

In the cleansing process, the sounds are allowed to wash over the crystals and you can actively visualize them releasing old energies on the sound waves. 

You can also play music to the crystals on a flute, violin or piano. It allows for some creativity so that you can also enjoy the ritual yourself. 

5) Crystals 

Rhodonites can also be cleansed using self-cleansing crystals.

The most powerful ones include Clear Quartz and Selenite. On their own, they do not need cleansing as they can cleanse themselves. 

During the cleansing process, all you have to do is to place the crystal you want to cleanse on top or right next to the cleansing crystals so that they can be touching each other in some way.

You can leave them overnight or as long as you deem necessary. It is best ideal when the weather does not permit any of the outside cleansings.

Is Rhodonite water safe?

tap water

Yes, Rhodonite is very safe in the water. Although you should do that sparingly; not quite often. 

One of the reasons why Rhodonite is well safe in water is because, by practice, any crystal below 5 on the Mohs hardness scale should not be placed in water as the Crystals tend to be soluble in water. 

Rhodonite sits between 4.5 and 6.5 positions on the scale. This is why Rhodonite is well-safe in water. 

You only have to observe certain precautions when cleansing your Rhodonite Crystals with water.

First, Rhodonite contains some traces of iron magnesium and calcium. Some of the elements are known to rust when they come in contact with water for a long time.

This is why it is recommended that Rhodonites are inserted in water for a short period. 

When soaking your Rhodonites with water, you should soak them in lukewarm or room temperature water. High temperatures can lead to the cracking or breaking of the Crystals. 

After rinsing, you can dry them properly with a cloth to prevent the iron component from rusting and also avoid water sinking into pre-existing cracks or gaps on the surface. 

Rhodonites, however, are not safe in salt water. The reason is that some of the salt debris can settle into cracks and fissures which can result in the gemstone breaking apart. 

Can I use sunlight to cleanse Rhodonite?

sunlight window

Rhodonite Crystals can be cleansed using sunlight.

ust like the case with water, Rhodonite can survive under sunlight for cleansing but not for too long. You should place it under for a few minutes before taking it out.

Otherwise, it could result in a crystal burn. 

Final Words

Rhodonite is known for its special healing property that centers on love, compassion, and trust. It can reignite a heart that has lost the sense of these qualities

However,  there’s a need to cleanse them after using them for healing to declutter, revitalize and keep them alive. This is achieved using the different elements of the earth.

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