How to Cleanse Shungite? 5 Safe and Powerful Ways

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How to Cleanse Shungite? 5 Safe and Easy Ways 

We wash our clothes, we wash our bodies, we wash our home appliances and kitchen utensils. Hence, it’s humane to wash and cleanse something we use frequently.

How much more is something that benefits us in very important ways?

The shungite stone is a stone that is known for its deep purification and healing properties. The stone is capable of purifying the thoughts, intentions, and emotions of whoever owns it.

It has been used even in the purification of water. 

Hence it’s not uncommon, nor is it strange, to find one or two persons on the street carrying a shungite stone with them. Some, so they can add it to their clothing as accessories even make it into bracelets, beads, pendants, etc. 

Looking at the things the shungite stone is capable of offering, it’s only appropriate that it’s duly taken care of. Hence the importance of this article. Ensure you read till the end

Does Shungite need to be cleansed?


Giving you a bit of academic detail about the shungite stone, it’s a non-crystalline solid that contains up to 90% carbon. It is usually black in color. 

Shungite, like every other crystal or unique stone, needs to be cleansed. What is the reason for this cleansing? Why do we cleanse it?

Seeing that the shungite stone purifies, it means that it absorbs the dirt into itself. This, in turn, reduces the stone’s energy, and when prolonged it can render the stone ineffective. 

This is why the shungite stone needs to be cleansed, so it can restore its depleted energy

Should I cleanse Shungite regularly?

crystals on plate

This largely depends on what regularly means to you. However, if you use it regularly then you should cleanse it regularly. 

I advise that you have a schedule for cleansing the shungite stone.

Once a month is generally believed to be okay if you intend to keep the stones in good condition. 

You should also note that, if the shungite stone has undergone a lot and if it has done a lot of work, you must cleanse it more frequently.

It means that its energy would be more depleted than usual, and the rate at which the energy gets depleted would be faster. This might call for cleansing more than once a month

How to cleanse Shungite? 5 Easy ways 

How to cleanse Shungite?

Cleansing the shungite stone isn’t just about making the stone squeaky clean.

It’s more about restoring its depleted energy. Hence the need for special knowledge of some sort about how to go about the cleansing of the shungite stone. 

Below are five easy and proven ways of cleansing the shungite stone:

1) Cleanse under running water

Holding shungite stones under running water has proven to be an effective way of ridding the stone of all the negative energy it has stored in itself.

This water should be lukewarm, so it can be more effective. 

Having held the stones under the running water, you then spread them in fresh air so they can dry off.

So if you’re planning to cleanse your Shungite stone by placing it under running water, you should remember to expose the stones to fresh air afterward

That second step is almost as important as the first.

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2) Expose it to the sunlight 

Sunlight in man’s history has been used for different things, from drying to preservation to separation. Hence it’s like a multifaceted power and energy source. 

Exposing the shungite stone to the sunlight is like a detoxifying process

It’s usually advised that you expose it to the sunlight all day long, to ensure complete work. 

The negative energy and dirt that the stone has absorbed are burnt out by the intensity of the sun. And then the stone is refreshed, back at full strength, and ready to further its work with you. 

3) Expose it to the moonlight  

Just like the sunlight, the moonlight also helps the shungite stone to regain its depleting strength

Preferably, the stone should be brought under the full moonlight. The strength and energy of the moon are at their peak on full moon days.

The full moon signifies a new beginning and fresh start, hence you can be sure that the stone will be as good as new after the exposure. 

4) Bury in natural soil  

Nature and the things found in it are still the greatest sources of pure energy one can find around. 

The shungite stone having stored up all that negative energy can easily be relieved of that burden.

Simply find a natural soil around, dig it up just a little and bury the stone there, leave it there for a day. You’d pick the stone up energized and free of all the negative energy it has stored up

Now, this can be done in the garden, and if you don’t have one, never mind. You can also use the soil beneath the plant inside your house. 

5) Cleanse in Baking Soda  

If you’re interested in a thorough cleansing of the shungite stone.

This might be needed if it has been a while since you cleansed it and you know that its energy level is rapidly depleting. A baking soda solution might be your best bet. 

Soak it in the baking soda solution for a few minutes and then scrub it as you’re taking out the stone. Rinse with water afterward. 

And then expose to fresh air. Not only will the stone be squeaky clean, but it’d also be very energized and free of all the negative energies that it has taken in before the cleansing. 

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Can I use water to cleanse Shungite?

washing crystal in water

Yes, you can! There are very few things on earth that water does not aid their cleansing. Or that water does not contribute to how they’re cleansed. 

While there are some crystals and stones that can’t stay for so long inside water. However this only addresses a few of them, most crystals and stones are water friendly.

Even at that, one should still not leave them inside water for more time than is necessary. 

Using water to cleanse shungite can also be in different variations. Fresh and pure water can be used to cleanse the shungite stone.

This freshwater can be in a basin, it can also be running water. Both have their seemingly unique advantages. 

Seawater can also be used, and if one is not close to the ocean, it can be simulated by adding a few spoons of table salt to a bowl of water.

This is usually employed when you’re interested in deep cleansing of the stone.

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Can I use sunlight to cleanse Shungite?

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Yes, you can!

Just as we pointed out earlier. You can cleanse shungite by exposing it to sunlight.

Some have argued that the stone should be taken out when the sun’s intensity is at its peak.

However, you can bring out your shungite stones any time of the day, as long as the sun is still up. It’d be cleansed. 

Final words

Just like we attempt to keep the things we use that are dear to us clean and tidy. 

Considering the important roles they play in the lives of those who know their importance, crystals and special stones should also be shown the same care

It’s advisable that if you’ve been using a shungite stone for about 6 months, this implies that you must’ve cleansed it several times. It might be the right time to get another one entirely, rather than cleansing it again. 

Incessant cleansing also reduces the effectiveness of a crystal or special stone gradually.

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