7 Purple and Blue Crystals: Healing Properties

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7 Purple and Blue Crystals: Healing Properties

Today I will show you some of the best purple and blue crystals for spiritual healing and protection.

It is believed that each kind of crystal has its unique effect on both the mind and the body. 

The atoms and molecules that make up a crystal are thought to move and interact in a certain manner, which is assumed to be the source of the crystal’s vibrations.

Crystal healing is a practice that focuses on these properties and how they may alter the vibration, electrical charge, and functioning of the human body.

Purple and Blue Crystals are used in Crystal Healing

Crystal healing

Crystal healing is not restricted to only increasing the vibration energy of the body; rather, it has the potential to also tap into the power of the mind in a manner that is maybe even more potent

Crystals have been seen as symbols of perfection, joy, faith, and purity throughout history, particularly by poets and religious leaders.

This idea goes back to ancient times. They considered crystals as a source of creativity, resolve, and innovation and they included them in their rituals. 

Crystals are said to have unique energies that may be directed toward various aspects of a person’s life via the use of certain focusing techniques.

The ability of the crystal to exert influence is affected not only by the kind of crystal but also by the crystal’s form and color.

Crystals are almost often mentioned in connection with psychological well-being when it comes to their purported therapeutic advantages.

These benefits include heightened emotions of tranquilitycheerfulness, and concentration, as well as enhanced resistance to illness and natural pain relief. Other benefits include increased resistance to illness and enhanced resilience.

Are there Purple and Blue Crystals?


It is reasonable to conclude that the diversity of crystals is quite broad, given the wide range of forms and dimensions that are accessible for them.

In addition, this suggests the presence of blue and purple crystals in the environment in which we now reside.

There is a wide variety of hues that may be found in crystals.

In the natural world, stones with any of these tones are very uncommon; despite this fact, stones with either of these colors do exist, and people place a great value on them.

It is only natural for people to be more fond of purple and blue crystals as amongst their beautiful and glorious color and structure, they also provide tons of healing and health benefits.

7 Purple and Blue Crystals and their Healing Properties

Purple and Blue Crystals

Before you begin: The crystals shown may be slightly different. So, not all these crystals can present the clear blue and purple color. You need to find the right crystal with these two color variations.

1) Amethyst


It is known as a protective stone that may repel negative energy and adverse effects on its surroundings.

When worn or carried, amethyst has the potential to elicit feelings of tranquility, security, and happiness.

Amethyst is one of the most sought-after gemstones because of the stunning purple color and calming effects it has.

Amethyst is a powerful healing stone that has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of ailments, including stress and anxiety.

This crystal may be used to treat a variety of conditions, including addiction, insomnia, headaches, and stress. People believe that it has healing energy that may raise lower vibrations to higher levels, so reestablishing balance and peace.

2) Sugilite


Sugilite is also well-known for the defensive capabilities it has against negative energy, and some researchers believe that it may be especially beneficial as a barrier against electromagnetic radiation.

In addition, it is believed that meditating with Sugilite might speed up the process of the Kundalini rising to its full potential.

THis crystal is also well-known for the defensive capabilities it has against negative energy, and some researchers believe that it may be especially beneficial as a barrier against electromagnetic radiation.

In addition, it is believed that meditating with Sugilite might speed up the process of the Kundalini rising to its full potential.

3) Lepidolite


The potential of lepidolite to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety stands out as the most prominent quality of this mineral.

Additionally, there have been reports that it is useful in the treatment of bipolar disorder, depression, and an inability to sleep.

Because it is a transitional stone, using it during periods of change might be helpful.

In addition, it is stated that lepidolite may spark one’s creativity as well as imagination. It is said to aid in the purification of one’s aura as well as the elimination of negative energy blockages.

It is believed that lepidolite may potentially stimulate the Throat Chakra in addition to the Third Eye Chakra.

Besides that, it makes it easier to let go of old behavioral and psychological patterns and restructure them; lepidolite quietly encourages the transformation process.

It has a profoundly soothing effect on one’s emotional state, easing both tension and melancholy.

4) Amazonite


Amazonite is a gemstone that helps us connect the heart and the brain.

It has a light blue color and is very uplifting.

Not only does this make it possible for true expression, but it also gives us a nudge in the right direction if we need to speak out but are afraid to do so.

5) Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz
Blue Quartz

Not only teaches us to be more flexible and adaptable, but it also helps us to communicate better.

The healing properties of blue quartz include fostering positive dialogue and connection, as well as increasing our awareness of both ourselves and others.

Because this gemstone can restore harmony to our energy, we do not experience the same degree of constriction as before. Instead, we learn to be sensitive and open, as well as to let go of our rigidity.

This is the stone of truth, and it makes it easier for all kinds of energies to connect harmoniously. Amazonite supports loving self-talk as well as an interpersonal discourse that is devoid of judgment as part of this method.

6) Sodalite


Is a kind of stone that helps to strengthen the link between the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye, creating harmony between one’s innate intuitive abilities and their ability to think logically.

We experience a sense of calm and composure as a direct result of the development of this balance between our thoughts and instincts.

The tensionstress, and concern that we feel may all be alleviated by sodalite.

It brings about inner serenity and lessens the tendency to think too much.

Because of this, it is now much easier for us to live our truth, and we have a greater sense of personal agency to communicate and honestly conduct ourselves.

7) Kyanite


This is a stone that helps us pay greater attention to our ideas, enables us to express ourselves freely, and does all of this without overwhelming us.

As a consequence of this, we could have a better understanding of who we are and how we express ourselves.

This is one of the stones that have the potential to help us reawaken dormant talents, such as the gift of gab.

Kyanite improves our ability to communicate with others and makes us more open to receiving new information and ideas.

Can I use Purple and Blue Crystals in Bracelets?

Bracelet with purple and blue crystals

Crystals are everywhere and are important to our daily lives. Knowing how to use healing stones makes all the difference. Yes, you may wear crystals as jewelry.

Charged crystals may decorate jewelry. That’s it. It may be worn as a ring or necklace pendant.

This lets the stones’ vitality infiltrate your body as long as you wear the item. These instructions are easy to follow for jewelry wearers.

Can I use More than 1 Crystal?

Bracelet with a lot of different crystals

The easy response is to say that joining crystals is beneficial.

Because each stone emits a distinct frequency, mixing them boosts the healing process. 

Combining crystals with various vibrational frequencies increases energy healing.

There are certain things to consider while blending stones.

Put yourself out there, follow your gut, and experiment to find what works.

To describe combining crystals and stones, you must comprehend them. This requires combining crystal qualities to construct a stronger crystal grid.

Final Words

Everything may be endured with the help of crystals, which are ancient healing stones capable of reducing or eliminating discomfort.

Crystals are supposed to harmonize and balance the body’s energy field.

Many persons across the globe believe that crystals have therapeutic abilities. When we feel comfortable and secure, the root chakra provides us with our basic requirements for food, clothes, and human touch.

Root chakra supporters are those who can help us feel at peace with our current situation. The third eye is associated with black gemstones because of their ability to awaken the intellect and allow daring exploration of the darkness.

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