17 Crystals That Can Be Charged In The Sun: Simple List

Jorge Silva
17 Crystals That Can Be Charged In The Sun: Simple List

Carrying crystals through sunlight is without a doubt an engaging way to empower our crystals and enhance their traits.

Whether you are a believer or not in these respective transcendent traits or just let yourself be enchanted by the unparalleled beauty of these stones, recognizing the type of crystals that can be carried in the sun will always be fruitful information

But, for those who journey spiritually, it will be fruitful.

Because of that, and just for you faithful readers, I’ve put together a list of 17 crystals that absorb the sun’s energy and that through it amplify their qualities.

So let’s go through this article so that you can enjoy a firmer bond with the Earth and its natural elements.

Are There crystals that cannot be charged in the sun?


In fact, there is a collection of crystals that ideally should not be charged with sunlight.

Just because some of them are particularly sensitive to the sun and heat and for this reason they lose color more quickly or even become more fragile.

Some examples of stones that should avoid this direct exposure to the sun include some lineages from Amethyst to Celestite, Fluorite and Kunzite.

The ideal thing, before charging your stones in the sun, would be to do a brief research about the properties of the respective ones to avoid possible damage — something that is very likely that many of you are doing right now and that’s why you bumped into me.

Also, take a moment to learn which crystals can’t be cleansed in water.

17 Crystals that can be charged in the sun

Crystals that can be charged in the sun

The field of crystal study is undoubtedly breathtaking and not only for those who believe in them. Since these powerful stones carry unequaled energies and extraordinary benefits that can effectively change the lives of those who use them.

Therefore, in this review of “17 crystals that can be charged in the sun”, we are going to delve into your broken curiosity and try to fill it with rays of knowledge and find out which crystals also glow after being exposed to solar light.

Each of these crystals benefits from the natural and exhilarating light of the sun to enhance their innate characteristics and abilities. Which consequently connects us more intensely and deeply to nature.

Let’s all finally uncover these energetic rays of sunshine.

Clear quartz crystal is a perfect tool for energy healing, manifestation, healing grief, calming nervousness, releasing fear/paranoia/negativity, and purifying spaces.

1) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the cornerstones of healing and spiritual growth and for that reason, it is mostly referred to as the “Master Healer”.

Although this crystal can be charged in the sun, it is by no means recommended that it be exposed to sunlight for more than two hoursotherwise, it may break.

A quick charge in the early morning or late afternoon will do just fine.

2) Green Aventurine

Ah…”The stone of opportunities”. A true magnet of luck, success and prosperity that is not limited to the professional sphere.

Since these three gifts can be used in the most varied areas of the lives of those who use this stone.

Green Aventurine can indeed be charged in the sun, but never on extremely hot days, times of the day when the sun is clearly stronger and never for a period longer than 30 minutes, as its color may fade after that time.

3) Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a stone that shelters and supports our journey of emotional healing, indulgence and understanding.

For this reason, this stone is mostly associated with compassion and self-discovery.

This crystal has a relatively high hardness and therefore proves to be resistant to almost any method of cleansing and charging.

In any case, you must be careful when charging your stone in the sun so that its color does not fade.

4) Sunstone

The name given to it, by itself, already reveals here a little of what you can expect from this stone, since it, like the sun, brings us a certain warmth, energy and vitality.

It is believed to be an excellent tool to lift our spirits and to encourage us to adopt more positive perspectives.

Its name is not a coincidence and as I mentioned, it turns out to be an indication that it is safe to charge this stone in the sun.

5) Rose Quartz

This stone of love, often associated with the deities themselves of love and beauty — such as Aphrodite and Venus.

It promotes self-love, self-confidence, compassion and harmony in the relationships we have.

Rose Quartz is a safe stone to carry in the sun if not for long periods of time.

Also, learn what it means when your Rose Quartz breaks. As when a crystal breaks, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be in the sun.

6) Carnelian

Linked to motivation, bravery and creativity, this crystal is mostly used as a lever for our self-esteem and as a stimulus for our passion.

Carnelian also helps its users with insomnia and increases their physical energy.

This stone can certainly be carried in the sun, but once again with due precautions, that is, it should not be exposed to sunlight for more than two or three hours.

7) Selenite

A stone that promotes calm, well-being and mental clarity. Selenite is famous for its cleansing and purifying properties.

In principle, charging Selenite in sunlight is relatively safe and can be done, but since this is a colorless crystal.

In its case, if it is exposed for long periods of time to sunlight, this can negatively alter its performance.

8) Red Jasper

As a stone of alignment and balance, Red Jasper provides its wearer with stability. Furthermore, this stone is believed to have the ability to increase fertility.

This crystal is relatively vigorous and for that reason, almost all charging and cleansing methods are suitable for it, such as charging through sunlight.

9) Calcite

I dare say that Calcite is probably one of the most popular crystals because it is a material used for construction, soil treatment in agriculture, for pharmaceuticals, among many other uses.

Calcite is actually one of the most used crystals ever. In principle, it is safe to charge in sunlight.

However, Calcite variants such as Honey or Orange Calcite may want to avoid sunlight, as this element may fade its color.

10) Yellow Aventurine

Right arm of healing and manifestation, it is said that Yellow Aventurine carries with it a feeling of joy, a sense of positivism and clarity.

This fluidity causes our body’s energies to be renewed and aligned.

Although Yellow Aventurine is a safe crystal to charge in the sun, charging longer than 10 minutes is not recommended.

11) Pyrite

Despite being known for being fool’s gold, the truth is that Pyrite is famous for being a magnet of prosperity, wealth, abundance and self-confidence.

That is, in addition to its clear performance in the chemical and fertilizer industry.

This stone does not run the risk of seeing its color faded and it is safe to charge it in the sun. Even so, it is necessary to ensure that it is not exposed to this light for too long.

12) Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is mainly recognized for its overpowering protective traits, but in addition to this benefit, we can find other useful properties under this stone.

This crystal enhances and enriches its users’ willpower, self-confidence and for that reason, it ends up helping them when it comes to decision-making.

Although we already know that the sun has extremely strong cleansing and charging properties, in Tiger’s eye this power is revealed to be more widespread.

However, the ideal will be to charge your crystal before 10 am for this practice to be safer.

13) Yellow Jasper

This stone serves as an emotional support. Also, it provides us with and expands our confidence, our bravery and that slows us down by promoting a sense of tranquility.

Yellow Jasper, like any other stone on this list, can be charged in sunlight and will only benefit from it.

But it is necessary to take the necessary care and preferably practice this act in the early morning or late afternoon.

14) Ametrine

Ah, Ametrine… A stone that I wanted to discuss with you, a magical amalgam that arises from Amethyst and Citrine.

This, naturally, also brings together, in addition to the physical traits of both, the metaphysical traits. That is, the best of both worlds to enable spiritual clarity and balance for anyone who so desires.

Ametrine can certainly be charged in the sun, but it should not be exposed to it for more than half an hour.

15) Lapis Lazuli

This stone is thought to be an insignia of wisdom and genuineness and it is believed that Lapis Lazuli, for that reason, enhances our intellectual abilities, leverages our sense of self-awareness and promotes the spiritual journey of those who use it.

This is a safe crystal to charge in the sun, as long as you comply with the safety measures we have been discussing.

16) Blue Lace Agate

This is a stone of calm and almost sedative energies. This Agate, like all the other variants of the stone, can be carried in the sunlight.

In addition to being safe to do so, by enhancing its features, it can help you with communication, self-expression and stress reduction.

17) Amethyst

Finally, Amethyst can also be charged with sunlight, although some people do not agree with this.

As there are more fragile variations of the stone that should effectively avoid this method.

Amethyst is the stone of spiritual protection and the energy of the sun enhances the calm and balance with which it contaminates us.

How can I charge these crystals in the sunlight? Safe way!


In addition to being favorable and enchanting, this process of charging the crystals out of sunlight is safe, but, when practiced correctly.

So let’s review how we can safely practice this act:

To begin with, it is mandatory to consult the weather, whether it rains or the sun is completely scorching, in neither situation is it ideal to practice charging.

In addition to giving our intuition the confidence it deserves, we must inform ourselves about the color palette of crystals and we must avoid exaggerated exposure to sunlight, as crystals fade.

Obviously, choosing a safe space to charge and cleanse your crystals is crucial.

If it is not possible for you to subject the crystal to sunlight over a lawn, choose a safe natural container to do so.

Learn more about how can you charge crystals through a window (sun and moon).

Can I leave the crystals in the sun as long as I want?


As we have already been discussing, it is not recommended to leave crystals exposed to the sun for long periods of time or even at times when the sun is naturally more violent.

Therefore, if you are going to charge a crystal in the sun, you should take into account that:

Crystals with lighter or even more transparent tones withstand exposure to the sun a little better.

Also, there are crystals such as Amethyst, which are more sensitive and for this reason must be loaded in short periods of time.

In addition, we must always take the weather into account before proceeding with charging.

Can sun damage “sun safe” crystals?

sunlight window

The answer to your question is…yes!

When we say that a crystal is safe to be charged in the sun, this does not mean that if we do not take the necessary precautions during the procedure, these crystals will not be damaged.

Also, as we’ve already seen you can’t just leave the crystal in any corner to catch the sun. Because there are, for example, atmospheric and security factors that can be harmful.

Therefore, even sun safe crystals can fade their color, have an energy overload or even break or crack with heat, so you should always take into account the factors that we have been referencing.

Final Words

The procedure of charging crystals is an enchanting tango between heaven and earth.

The sun awakens the energy of the crystals and the crystals keep us on the right path of healing through our spiritual journey.

However, with the sun, there are precautions to be taken since even crystals that are considered “sun safe” may suffer from overexposure.

These precautions are also an invitation to respect our crystals more, establish a stronger bond and better appreciate their qualities.

Finally, with attentive eyes and through respect, the act of charging a crystal in the sun is not only healthy for the crystal and beneficial for both, but it is also breathtakingly beautiful.

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