11 Lapis Lazuli Combinations: Sodalite, Citrine, Amethyst

Rita Smith
11 Lapis Lazuli Combinations: Sodalite, Citrine, Amethyst

Lapis lazuli is an ancient stone that goes back to the beginning of the world.

It is said that it was even one of the stones in the breastplate of righteousness, mentioned in the Bible, as a stone of protection.

The lapis lazuli stands well on its own, it has power. But its effects are magnified when combined with other healing gems.

In the world of crystal healing, that means combining stones and gems to strengthen the power of your physical and spiritual journey.

Use this guide to learn of the 11 most powerful lapis lazuli combinations

Should I combine Lapis Lazuli with other crystals?

Lapis Lazuli

The answer to this is a definitive yes. You can and should combine lapis lazuli with other crystals.

Every single crystal in crystal healing has its own function.

When you are seeking wisdom, protection, or guidance, lapis lazuli is a key tool that will help. When you combine that with other crystals, that power is amplified.

Self-forgiveness, the forgiveness of others, healing, and increasing your natural sense of compassion are skills not always associated with lapis lazuli.

But the wisdom of others and your own personal journey is.

When you use the lapis lazuli for this wisdom, and another stone to enhance the skills you need to succeed, you get that much closer to the specific destination you are seeking.

Getting closer to Higher Powers is the purpose of all healing acts. When you get closer to a Higher Power, actually closer, you feel more compassion and loving kindness in your journey and life than in any other moment of your life.

The lapis lazuli is known to do that, and this is why it is such a revered stone.

Bringing other stones in with this work will be nothing short of miraculous to those that are genuine in their intent. 

11 Best Lapis Lazuli Combinations 

11 Best Lapis Lazuli Combinations 

It is difficult to break down the combinations of lapis lazuli combinations with other healing gems because this is a stone that will pair well with any other stone.

The best lapis lazuli combinations are the ones that will enhance the strengths of the lapis lazuli powers, while the lapis lazuli enhances the strengths and gifts of the other stone. 

Lapis lazuli is a metamorphic rock with a composition of pyrite, sodalite, and lazurite. For this reason, stones with this composition will be the favored picks to pair with lapis lazuli.

Still, there are many that you will enjoy using with lapis lazuli. Try all of these combinations with lapis lazuli to experience the effects for yourself. 

1) Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis lazuli and amethyst are an excellent combination. Both are stones for wisdom.

Where lapis lazuli focuses on manifestation, amethyst will give you the wisdom to see how to manifest.

Amethyst is also a stone of protection, and it helps you to expand your awareness of the present moment. Amethyst is said to be helpful with your dreams and sleep experiences for example.

Lapis lazuli helps you to understand what is happening in front of you.

Combining these two stones helps you to bring your dream world into the present moment in a way that you know to be true. 

2) Citrine and Lapis Lazuli 

Citrine is a stone of expression, and it helps you to become and feel more confident in your daily life.

As such, combining it with lapis lazuli helps you to put more truth and authenticity into your daily life.

It becomes easier to not just know of this wisdom that you have within, but communicate it beautifully.

Lapis lazuli is about showing you where that wisdom is, while citrine will help you to communicate what that means to others.

This will help you to build relationships, tap into your inner confidence, and help you to think clearly. The end result is a more productive and successful life

3) Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis lazuli and sodalite are a good combination because they are both very similar in composition to some degree.

Combining these at your table of healing is similar to bringing two red wines to the table for dinner.

Sodalite is excellent for helping you to understand jumbled thoughts and emotions. Lapis lazuli is helping you to recognize what you need to do with those emotions.

This is like sodalite being the appetizer to the meal, and lapis lazuli brings the main course of understanding.

When you know how to understand your confusions better, you can more effectively utilize the wisdom of the future that lapis lazuli brings. 

4) Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli 

Like lapis lazuli, turquoise has been around and used in crystal healing almost since the beginning of time. Indigenous populations and tribes still use lapis lazuli today.

This stone is one about releasing tension. Everything from trauma from the past to your daily life can create tension that can block your growth and path to success.

Turquoise can help you to release that. Without it, during those moments of tension, the lapis lazuli may not be as effective.

Turquoise helps you to release that negative energy so that you live a more compassionate and friend-filled life

5) Pyrite and Lapis Lazuli 

Pyrite is a stunning stone that is a wealth stone. And so why wouldn’t you want to pair it with a stone of wisdom? Of course, you would.

Lapis lazuli is also composed of a little bit of pyrite, so putting these two gems together is a recipe for actual success.

This is a combination that will help you to manifest the things in your mind that feel real, but you aren’t sure what is.

The Universe is ripe with abundance, and there is enough abundance for anybody that wants to and can pursue it.

This stone combination is a winning one. With time, you will see that for yourself. 

6) Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis lazuli and rose quartz are a great combination when you want or need more love in your life.

Again, here you pair the wisdom of the lapis lazuli stone with the loving compassionate nature of the rose quartz.

Rose quartz on its own will help you to heal from past loves and grief, and help you to attract more authentic love into your life and soul.

With lapis lazuli, the rose quartz is helping you to learn more about this journey of love and discover how to manifest it in your life. 

7) Moldavite and Lapis Lazuli 

The moldavite stone is all about positive energy. In this world and Universe, we have a yin and yang in every experience.

There are shadows everywhere, and in every personality.

The moldavite stone is about keeping you focused on the light and love of the world. On its own, it is a beautiful gem to use.

It really helps you to do constructive things with the negative energies of the world. The lapis lazuli stone can help you to become wiser about all of this.

The lapis lazuli stone is a teaching stone of wisdom. It can point you in the direction of the positive energy.

Moldavite can pick up where that intent leaves off by helping you to truly see what is positive and embrace it in your everyday. 

8) Malachite and Lapis Lazuli 

Change is important in this world, and inevitable. The malachite stone comes with the intent to get you through that.

Change can be stressful, and it can often be difficult to determine if change is negative or positive in our lives.

Malachite helps you to hone in on what you need to make the best decisions here. Malachite points you towards positive change.

Whether the transformation is within, or a job, location, or person, malachite will make your heart hum on the good ones.

The lapis lazuli stone offers the wisdom you need to make the soundest decisions here. 

9) Hematite and Lapis Lazuli 

Hematite is a crystal that offers grounding principles your way. This crystal is one where you can feel rooted in a decision, a situation, or just in your life.

When life throws curve balls and you need to feel rooted in the moment, hematite can help. Hematite works with the root chakra to help you to stay focused on what actually matters.

When combined with the lapis lazuli, you have the wisdom of what is next at your disposal as well. The lapis lazuli will help you to become interested in what you need for what is next

10) black obsidian and Lapis Lazuli 

Black obsidian is a stone that helps you to remove negativity and emotional blocks. This is a stone that can bring strength and courage to your day.

We spend so much of our time focusing on what is negative in our lives, it is almost natural for us to do that.

Black obsidian removes those obstacles. The lapis lazuli in connection with black obsidian is going to bring more freedom into your life

11) Chrysocolla and Lapis Lazuli 

The chrysocolla is a stone that is intended to calm you. The lapis lazuli is a powerful stone that brings wisdom and manifestation. This can be alarming to some.

The experiences can feel so different that you may even be unnerved by them.

Using lapis lazuli with chrysocolla will help you to find balance in the wisdom that lapis lazuli brings. 

Can I combine Lapis Lazuli with more than 1 crystal?

combining crystals

Of course, you can combine lapis lazuli with more than one crystal.

If you combine lapis lazuli with all of the items on this list, imagine the joy and peace you will have in your life. Each healing crystal has its own purpose and function.

The lapis lazuli is a stone of wisdom, but a fulfilled life is so much more than that.

Bringing other stones into your healing crystal garden will help you to find balance in every situation with time. 

What is the best Lapis Lazuli combination?

Lapis Lazuli

There is no cut and dry answer.

The best lapis lazuli combination is one that fulfills and meets your needs at the moment:

  • If it is love: then lapis lazuli and rose quartz will be the best;
  • If it is balance: lapis lazuli and chrysocolla;
  • If you want to understand spiritual principles more: use lapis lazuli with amethyst. 

Final Words

When you want to use lapis lazuli, you know you are using a powerful stone with wonderful properties.

The lapis lazuli is powerful on its own, and even more so when combined with other gems.

Use this guide to tap into that power. Find your own inner wisdom when combining lapis lazuli with many other gems. 

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