11 Malachite Combinations: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Moldavite

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11 Malachite Combinations: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Moldavite

Malachite is one of the most popular and powerful crystals for manifestation. It’s also one of the most versatile stones on the planet.

While malachite can be used in many different ways, it can sometimes be clarified how best to combine this crystal with other ones.

In this guide, we’ll explain why combining Malachite with other crystals makes sense and how it can help you manifest your dreams into reality!

Can I combine Malachite with other crystals?

Real Malachite

Yes, you can combine Malachite with other crystals. The best way to do this is in your jewelry or meditation space, but it’s also possible to place them in your garden.

Most Malachite Crystals are occasionally Borealis, but some Malachite is also found in more common colors such as green, brown, and blue. These colors have an electric charge, but this rarely matters.

Do not worry about whether you have a Borealis or non-Borealis Malachite Crystal; just be sure it’s a real Malachite crystal before you try to combine it with other crystals.

Why should I do that?

Crystals combination

Malachite is a powerful stone that clears and activates the chakras by combining it with other crystals.

When you combine crystals, their powers become stronger and will help to manifest your wishes faster.

It can help to:

  • Protect against negative energy;
  • Strengthen your aura;
  • Increase intuition and creativity.

Malachites can also absorb negative energy from other stones, so you don’t have to worry about them affecting you or your home when placed near each other.

But it’s also important to remember to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly.

11 Best Malachite Crystal Combinations

11 Best Malachite Crystal Combinations

The malachite crystal combination is so versatile and beautiful.

With these crystals as your guides, you’ll be able to create a wide range of combinations that will suit your every mood.

Whether you’re looking for a more subdued look or something edgy and bolder, there’s something here for everyone! Here are the 11 best combinations of Malachite.

1) Malachite with Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Malachite and Lapis Lazuli is a great combination because they both have blue hues and many beneficial properties.

Malachite is known to help with stress and anxiety, while lapis lazuli can help you relax during meditation or yoga sessions.

Lapis lazuli also has an affinity for opening up your third eye chakra, which promotes intuition, psychic abilities, and creativity!

2) Malachite with Pyrite


Malachite and Pyrite are both copper minerals. These two stones combined will change your life, in a good way.

They are both used for protection and healing emotional traumas.

Malachite and Pyrite are the best at protecting you from psychic attacks, negative vibrations, and negative thoughts.

3) Malachite with Aquamarine

Aquamarine ring
Aquamarine ring

In this combination, aquamarine is the main focus.

The stone has a strong blue color and can help you to see what’s hidden beyond the surface of things.

It can also help you to embrace change and learn from it.

The malachite crystal is a powerful tool that connects you with your roots and helps you stay grounded while being open-minded about new ideas, thoughts, experiences, and beliefs.

This can be an excellent stone for grounding yourself when faced with challenging situations in life!

4) Malachite with Chrysocolla


The combination of Malachite and Chrysocolla is a powerful stone for those who are looking to increase their intuition, as well as to enhance psychic abilities.

These two stones work together to allow you to see things clearly, making it easier for them to help you make better decisions.

They also have a similar energy vibration, making them both good choices when manifesting your dreams or desires into reality.

5) Malachite with Moldavite

Real moldavite stone
Real Moldavite Stone

Moldavite is a glassy green stone that is formed by a meteorite impact.

It’s also known as “The Stone of Transformation” and has been used for thousands of years to help people with change and transformation.

Moldavite can help you connect with the divine, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for guidance on how to make your life better!

This combination is good for those who are starting a new phase in life.

6) Malachite with Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Eye stone
Tigers Eye stone

Malachite and Tiger’s Eye together are a powerful combination.

These stones are protective and transformational, making them ideal for people who want to maintain their physical health while also working on emotional issues.

Malachite brings about balance in the body, while Tiger’s Eye helps us understand how to best take care of ourselves emotionally.

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection from negative energy, but it also helps you release stress by removing negative emotions, brings balance between your mind and body, and opens up new levels of spirituality within yourself.

7) Malachite with Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Malachite and Clear Quartz together are a powerful combination.

They are both stones of transformation, which will help the user bring their past into the present by releasing old contracts that hold them back from living fully realized lives.

Clear Quartz is a stone of clarity and amplification and helps to amplify energy in any situation.

This makes it perfect for use with Malachite amplifying energy flow throughout your day-to-day activities.

8) Malachite with Citrine

Citrine crystal

Citrine is a stone of abundance, and malachite is a stone of transformation.

Together they work to bring you into balance with your emotions, bringing peace and calmness into any situation.

When citrine enters the picture, it helps you see things from another perspective to make better decisions about handling the issues in your life.

Malachite’s ability to help release negativity comes when worn on an emotional level (i.e., as jewelry).

By wearing these two stones together, we can express our feelings without being judged or criticized by others—and ultimately find healing through them!

9) Malachite with Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

The crystal properties of malachite and black tourmaline are very similar, which makes them ideal for combining.

They also represent two different aspects of the same energy, which can be helpful when working with them in your own life.

Malachite is often associated with courage and leadership, while black tourmaline represents intuition and insight.

Combining these two crystals will help you gain clarity on personal and professional matters.

However, it’s important not to overuse this combination as it may cause anxiety or stress later on down the line if used too much!

10) Malachite with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz ball

You may not know, but malachite and rose quartz is a great match. Both stones are powerful healing crystals and can help you heal any injuries or ailments.

They both protect against negative energy, making them ideal for those who work in stressful environments or want protection from negative energy from other people or places.

Malachite is one of the most protective stones out there—it’s said to have healing powers that allow it to shield its wearer from witchcraft spells cast by others (or even just stress).

Rose quartz also has healing properties; however, its main purpose is usually as an aid during meditation.

This stone helps calm emotions while offering clarity on what needs to be done next with your life goals in mind!

11) Malachite with Amethyst

Amethyst crystal

Amethyst and Malachite are a great combination for meditation, as they help you focus on the present moment.

Malachite will bring clarity to your thoughts, while amethyst can help you relax and fall into a state of relaxation.

Amethyst is known for bringing calmness and peace into any situation, but when paired with malachite, it can be even more powerful!

This combination gives off an “earthy” vibe that helps ground us in our bodies when we feel overwhelmed by stress or anxiety.

Can I use Malachite with other crystals in my jewelry?

Malachite jewelry

Malachite is a beautiful gemstone that can be used in jewelry.

It has various other properties, including poisonous and harmful to the liver, so it’s important to know what you’re doing before incorporating this stone into your designs.

When working with Malachite, it’s best to avoid combining it with any other crystals or stones. For example:

  • Rose Quartz: often works well with Malachite but may cause the stone itself to become cloudy and lose its luster;
  • Amethyst: will also dull its coloration;
  • Moldavite: will cause an imbalance in energy levels within your aura.

Is Malachite powerful?

Malachite earrings

Malachite is a powerful crystal. It has been used for protection and healing, but it’s also believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body.

This can help you relax after a hard day at work or school.

Malachite is said to bring good luck and prosperity when worn or carried with you by its owner.

Malachite is a very powerful stone for protection, grounding, and purification. It protects against negative energies from the environment and within your energy field.

Malachite also holds great spiritual powers, allowing you to communicate with angels, goddesses, and channels.

Final Words

Malachite is a powerful stone and can be used in many ways. It can be used for protection, healing, meditation, and much more.

Malachite has a strong energy that will help you feel safe and secure throughout your day.

It is great for any situation where you need extra protection or grounding from negative energies such as stress or worry about what could happen next.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about Malachite, its history, and its uses. We also hope you have learned some new techniques for combining minerals with other stones in your jewelry designs. If so, please let us know!

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