9 Sunstone Combinations: Moonstone, Labradorite, Quartz

Jorge Silva
9 Sunstone Combinations: Moonstone, Labradorite, Quartz

Pairing sunstone with other unique crystals is one of the ways to enjoy numerous spiritual benefits.  On its own, sunstone is already extremely powerful.

Now, imagine combining it with stones like; moonstone, labradorite, or quartz! You are harnessing the power of 2 natural elements for yourself, which makes your desires and wishes come to pass. 

Have you considered combining your sunstone with other stones? Do you need to know which kinds of stone you can combine with sunstone?

These, and many more are the exciting questions I will address. 

In this article, I will disclose the 9 most potent combinations for sunstone. One of these combinations will generate tremendous power that brings all your desires to fruition. 

Read on to find out about these unique combinations

Should I combine Sunstone with other crystals?


Yes, you should combine sunstone with other crystals. Now, does this mean that sunstone is not powerful on its own? Absolutely not

However, to enhance its powers, it is a great idea to combine sunstone with other crystals. 

Before I unveil the 9 crystals you should use in combination with sunstone, here are some of the factors you should consider before combining sunstone with other crystals. 

Your intention is necessary. Before choosing to combine this stone with other crystals, you need to clearly state what your intentions are

Is this really necessary? Does your desire/intention require an additional gemstone? Get your intentions right before selecting the stone to use. 

You cannot also deny the place of your intuition. Crystals have energy levels. They resonate on different frequencies.

Some stones can resonate on the same frequency as you, while others will not. The way to identify these stones is to check how you feel while holding them.

If you feel drawn, then, your intuition is telling you to use them with sunstone.

It is dangerous to use a crystal you don’t resonate on the same frequency. 

If you have a kind of healing you need to enjoy, look out for the crystal that can give you the same. This is the stone to combine with sunstone. 

As discussed earlier, you should combine sunstone with crystals to amplify the energy levels of both stones. This gives you an amazing experience using them.

9 Best Sunstone Crystal Combinations

Crystal Combinations

Let us discuss the 9 best sunstone crystal combinations. If you have always wanted to combine a crystal with sunstone, here is your chance to discover the crystal to use.

This provides guidance and helps you to use the right type of stone for the best and most effective results. 

Therefore, read till the end to discover which combination is the best for you. 

1) Moonstone and Sunstone together


Combining moonstones and sunstones is powerful. 

According to history, both stones are associated with the 2 most powerful sources of power, which is the sun and the moon. 

Therefore, combining both stones means you are channeling the power of the sun and moon. It means that you have the sources of power at your disposal

One of the amazing benefits of combining these stones is balance. Harmonizing the energies of moonstone and sunstone helps you to achieve a state of mental and emotional balance.

If you are going through an inner conflict, you should try using both stones. 

This combination gives you the inner strength to keep your emotional and mental self under control. 

For therapeutic purposes, you can also use this combination. It calms your mind, restores peace to your heart and helps you to trust in your inner power. 

2) Labradorite and Sunstone together

Metaphysical Properties of Black Labradorite 

The dynamic and powerful synergy between these stones cannot be overemphasized

Labradorite and sunstone are a perfect blend to use whenever you have an intention or desire.

It is like outsourcing your desires to the spiritual world while you stand by and watch things come to pass. 

When you combine labradorite and sunstone, one of the things that happen is clarity of mind and total focus. If you notice that you have been distracted of late, get Labradorite.

The metaphysical properties of sunstone in combination with the therapeutic properties of labradorite calm your nerves and help you to achieve a state of mental clarity.

Also check here what are the best combinations for Labradorite.

3) Carnelian and Sunstone together

carnelian stone

Do you desire to be creative? Do you desire inner wisdom?

Well, your best bet to getting these is by combining Carnelian and Sunstone. Both stones get their energies from the sun

In the spiritual world, the sun is seen as an orb of light, which brings direction and clarity to the children of men. It is also seen as a being of light, which embodies spiritual wisdom. 

Therefore, when you use both carnelian and sunstone, it means that you have opened yourself to be imbued with creative power and inner wisdom.

With this combination, you can solve complex issues

Furthermore, carnelian and sunstone help with the transformation and inner growth.

The energy from these stones empowers your mind with sufficient information to become a better version of yourself. 

This is why you should have these stones in your collection. They help you to get better mentally.

4) Selenite and Sunstone together


If you make use of sunstone frequently, I will recommend having selenite in handy. The reason for this is that selenite is a self-charging crystal.

One of the benefits of using selenite and sunstone together is that your crystal cannot run out of energy.

In addition to this, the combination of selenite and sunstone helps with confidence and self-expression.

If you struggle with confidence, selenite and sunstone are the perfect crystal combination for you. With these stones, you will attain a new level of self-confidence.

I used selenite and sunstone for 4 months. It transformed my mindset and made me more confident. Try it out as well. 

5) Rose Quartz and Sunstone together

rose quartz cleansing incense

This is for love, friendship, and trust.  When you combine rose quartz with sunstone, an atmosphere of love is created around you

For example, if you notice a constant pattern of betrayal from people you love and care about, you might want to try combining rose quartz with sunstone.

Both stones will not just attract good people to you. They will ward off negative people from your life.

Also, if you desire to fall in love, then, don’t joke with this combination. The energy from sunstone and rose quartz brings your soulmate to you. It helps you to find true love.

6) Amethyst and Sunstone together


This is for healing! Amethyst is a crystal with metaphysical properties.

It has the power to heal people from various illnesses, reduce inflammation, burn off skin grafts, and so on. 

Therefore, when you combine it with sunstone, you will enjoy divine healing.

This can affect your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical life. 

7) Citrine and Sunstone together


Combining citrine and sunstone brings abundance and success into people’s lives.

For those going through a season of lack and scarcity, citrine and sunstone can bring an end to such a season. 

If you desire to succeed, be wealthy, and have an abundance of resources, try using both citrine and sunstone together.

Also check here what are the best combinations for Citrine.

8) Lolite and Sunstone together


The combination of these stones helps people to remain optimistic. If you sense a bad energy of pessimism, depression, worry, or anxiety around you, these stones can clear the air

Also, iolite and sunstone is the perfect combination for inner peace.

That is, when you make use of iolite and sunstone together, your mind will be calm even when things go wrong on the outside.

Iolite and sunstone help you to not give in to pressures easily

9) Red Jasper and Sunstone together

Red Jasper

If you feel like you are losing control over your life, then combining Red Jasper and Sunstone is your best option.

Red jasper will keep you calm while giving you courage and strength at the same time. Sunstone will help you to be fearless and regain your power back.

This combination will give you the push you need to gain control over your life again. They help you to stand up for yourself without thinking about others’ opinions!

If you love Red Jasper, check here the best combinations for the crystal.

Should I use more than 1 combination?

crystals cleanse and charge sage

Yes, you can use more than 1 combination

However, this depends on the need. There is no point using a combination you don’t have similar intentions for/with. 

To save time and resources, use the combination that your intentions align with. If you have other intentions that require other combinations, then, you can go ahead.

Before you leave, also check the best combinations for Black Obsidian and some perfect combinations for Smoky Quartz.

Final Words

When you combine these crystals with a sunstone, expect explosive results! It is time to begin to harness the powers of crystals the right way. 

Start by combining sunstone with other crystals today.

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