11 Tiger’s Eye Combinations: Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz

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11 Tiger’s Eye Combinations: Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz

The powerful Tiger’s eye crystal is of the family of Quartz. It has a characteristic brown and orange color, with luminescent golden bands along the surface; thus the name, tiger eye

In ancient times, it was believed to give courage, so it was normally worn by soldiers and warriors during war.

Also, in ancient China, it was believed to attract good fortune to the bearer, so people often wore them as bracelets. 

The crystal represents courage, personal power, and fearlessness. It encourages the bearer to take risks and live beyond their comfort zone.

However, this crystal is also believed to have many other special benefits when paired with other stones

For this article, we’ll be looking at the different powerful combinations with this crystal that can give positive results. 

Should I combine Tiger’s Eye with other crystals?

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The tiger eye crystals are believed to be well-complemented when they are used in combination with other crystals.

This combination enhances their properties and makes them more feasible for different healing properties. 

Typical examples are wealth-enhancing crystals like:

  • Citrine;
  • Pyrite;
  • Malachite;
  • Green Aventurine.

They all give different healing properties when combined with tiger eye crystals. 

What crystal go well with Tiger’s Eye?

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Tiger eye crystals can work perfectly well with other crystals of the silicate family. It, however, can not be combined with conflicting crystals.

This is because the energies will end up canceling out each other leading to no positive result.

A typical example of this is Amazonite. It is a wonderful stone that promotes sleep.

When, however, it is paired with the tiger eye crystal, it ends up canceling out the relaxing benefits and keeping the bearer awake instead. 

You do not necessarily need an abundance of one energy, but maintaining a healthy crystal balance is key when trying to combine stones. 

11 Tiger’s Eye Crystal Powerful Combinations

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Tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal with numerous healing properties that keeps a bearer well-protected and full of power and courage.

These features are even more pronounced when the crystals are combined with some compatible nonconflicting crystals. We’ll look at some of them

1) Tiger’s Eye and Citrine

The tiger eye and the Citrine are a perfect combination

The Citrine stone is quite popular regarding its ability to attract wealth and prosperity to your life when you wear them.

It is often referred to as the “lucky merchant’s stone ” due to its ability to attract financial wealth and success 

The tiger’s eye on the other hand is known for courage and willpower

When both crystals are combined, there’s a unique combination of earth and solar energy that can help you stay grounded and very well sensible with wealth, yet being protected from greed. 

  • The citrine can improve your mood by surrounding you with positivity and encouraging generosity.
  • While the Tiger’s eye helps in effective financial decisions and increases your ability to attract fortune. 

If you often experience fear of failure, the crystal combination can help you combat it and leaves you with the energy to live life optimistically

2) Tiger’s Eye and Rose Quartz

The combination of Rose Quartz and Tiger eye crystals is another set of crystal combinations that support physical healing throughout the body

While the tiger eye crystal, with its fearlessness ability, helps you step out of your comfort zone to embark on challenging tasks.

Rose quartz which is known as the love stone helps to open you up for nurturing unconditional love by balancing and opening up your heart Chakra. 

A combination of both crystals will blend their unique features by assisting you to understand your heart’s needs and propelling you toward achieving them. 

3) Tiger’s Eye and Amethyst

Tiger eye has a unique healing property when combined with Amethyst. 

Amethyst is a powerful crystal that can transform any negative energy in the environment and transform them to positive energy.

It reduces tension and helps to calm the mind; enhancing memory and focus. I

Tiger eye; the stone of protection wades off any negative energy and paves the way for quick thinking and positive actions. It stimulates the first, second, and third chakra — building strength and balancing the root chakra.

A combination of both crystals will largely keep you calm, grounded, and well-focused.

That way you can be able to make important decisions without being clouded by emotions. While the tiger eye helps you understand your needs, Amethyst will help you maintain clarity to see things the way they are. 

4) Tiger’s Eye and Black Tourmaline

Tiger eyes and Black Tourmaline can be combined effectively together to achieve a unique healing property

The Tiger’s eye gives you courage and helps you work through life’s difficulties. It aids the healing of broken bones and gives more strength when needed.

You tend to be more active, both physically and mentally. It stimulates the three chakras where its energy has a more powerful effect. 

Black Tourmaline, is a powerful stone that produces a connection between the earth and the human spirit.

Its energy aligns the energy centers of the body and directs healing light throughout the body. It promotes willpower and self-confidence helping you gain a clearer view of your world and empowering you for effective living amidst difficult times. 

This combination will promote overall harmony and serenity. It will then provide a perfect balance of the three chakras

5) Tiger’s Eye and Red Jasper

The Red Jasper and Tiger’s eye are very powerful stones used for spiritual growth.

The red Jasper can clear away any negative energies within its environment. It also can clear away anything that might hold you back from becoming a better version of yourself. 

The tiger’s eye, on the other hand, is the stone of courage and fearlessness

Combining both stones will help you attain inner peace by opening up any clogged-up energy that might be restricting the free flow of positive energy. 

With the aid of this crystal combination energy can flow freely and never experience being stuck along the way. 

With this, you are free as a bird to be all that you want to be with nothing at all hiding you back, physically or mentally. 

6) Tiger’s Eye and Lapis Lazuli

This is the perfect crystal combination for self-expression

While Lapis Lazuli is responsible for bringing mental clarity that you need not let other people’s opinions define you, Tiger’s eye, on the other hand, gives you the courage you need to make decisions yourself. 

Combining both crystals will help you express your personal feelings most healthily.

It brings with it the inspiration of being true to yourself so you can align properly with your fundamental nature. 

This crystal combination gives you the ability to allow your unique personality to shine through without any form of fear or anxiety. 

7) Tiger’s Eye and Clear Quartz

The Tiger’s eye pairs quite well with Clear Quartz crystals. It is useful for those looking for means to increase their willpower and strength

When you are courageous, you will want to take chances, you will be energetic toward pursuing your dreams and getting the best out of life.

Understanding yourself will help boost your self-confidence and make you more willing to take risks. 

It will help you identify with your strength by decluttering your mind of any form of negativity

8) Tiger’s Eye and Hematite

Hematite and Tiger’s eye are a good pair when it comes to combining crystals. 

Hematite clears and focuses the mind which helps for enhanced memory and clarity of thoughts. It soothes mental stress and calms emotions which can enable you to make rational decisions. 

Tiger’s eye, on the other hand, can attract wealth, money, and luck. 

Combining the crystals fills you with courage, inner strength, balance, and inner peace

9) Tiger’s Eye and Aquamarine

This is another perfect combination of the Tiger’s eyes crystal. 

Just like the name suggests, aquamarine evokes a unique relaxation like that of the sea.

It soothes and calms the mind of every negative energy. It inspires truthfulness hence promoting trust and confidence.

It enables you to easily let go of anything that hinders your development

The tiger eye, on the other hand, promotes confidence and courage, protects you from any form of harm from the environment, and empowers you to face life amidst challenges

10) Tiger’s Eye and Garnet

Garnet and Tiger’s eye is another good combination because of their healing properties. 

This crystal is believed to be helpful when you experience low self-esteem, depression, and a lack of enthusiasm for life. 

While the tiger eye boosts your confidence and brings courage, by keeping you grounded and safe till you are ready to chase your dreams, Red Garnet opens the door of hope, helping you withstand any life challenge 

11) Tiger’s Eye and Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz and Tiger’s eye are another perfect crystal combination that is great for promoting willpower and courage

They both possess high vibrations that can help you discover your purpose and find your best life

They do this by helping you identify with your core values, and setting goals that encourage you to take concrete action 

While smoky quartz helps you understand the values at your core, Tiger’s eye will enable you to make plans to achieve the best out of them by setting concrete goals that can propel you to take action. 

Can I use more than 2 crystals at once?

crystals on table

Yes, you can use up to three gemstones at a time. Three should be the maximum. 

However, you have to confirm if they are compatible and can effectively combine without neutralizing the effect of each other

It is not possible for conflicting crystals, as they tend to neutralize the energies of the other making them ineffective for healing. 

As long as they are compatible, you can use them together. 

Final Words

Tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal that possesses unique healing properties that can promote unity and attract good fortune. 

It has also been able to express further unique properties when combined with certain crystals. This combination enhanced their healing power making them more effective for different healing purposes. 

Nevertheless, it is more feasible when the crystals are compatible without any possibility of conflicting with each other.

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