9 Blue Lace Agate Combinations: Jasper, Amethyst, and Quartz

Jorge Silva
9 Blue Lace Agate Combinations: Jasper, Amethyst, and Quartz

The blue lace agate has fascinated a lot of people in recent times.

However, what seems to amaze me is how people rely on this stone for its calming properties. It feels like nothing else could be therapeutic enough to calm the mind. 

The blue bands of this stone mixed with its aesthetic properties make it one of the most desired crystals. 

But, do you know that there are certain crystals you can combine with this stone? Shocking, right? I felt the same way upon discovery. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you in the dark. 

In this article, I will discuss how to combine other crystals with blue lace agate with the spiritual benefits you stand to enjoy. 

Therefore, stick around till the end to understand the 9 blue lace agate combinations

Should I combine Blue Lace Agate with other crystals?

blue lace agate and other crystals

Yes, you should combine blue lace agate with other crystals

Unlike using one crystal for a spiritual purpose, there is an advanced way of getting your desires to come to pass quickly and efficiently.

This advanced method is through the combination of crystals

This is why it is a great choice to combine blue lace agate with other crystals. Additionally, combining blue lace agate with other crystals leads to amplified energies.

For example, if you intend to use the blue lace agate for good luck, you will enjoy double benefits by combining this crystal with another crystal. 

Don’t worry about how to do this! I will explain the HOWs in this article. 

Before you combine blue lace agate with other crystals, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • You should ensure that the supplementary crystal resonates on the same energy frequency with blue lace agate. This is to prevent energy overload;
  • Also, check the crystal to be sure it is not contaminated. When you combine blue lace crystal with a contaminated stone, you expose your blue lace to the same negative energy, which makes you vulnerable to spiritual attacks;
  • The crystal you choose must resonate with your energy frequency. That is, you should have a psychic connection with the stone. 

That being said, let us delve into the 9 combinations of crystals with blue lace agate. 

9 Best Blue Lace Agate Crystal Combinations

Blue necklace
Image from: https://www.jami.pt

We have discussed important factors to consider before combining crystals with blue lace agate. In this section, let us discuss the various combinations of how you can combine them with this unique crystal

Read on to find out. 

1) Red Jasper and Blue Lace Agate together

red jasper crystal
Red Jasper

Bringing red jasper and blue lace agate together creates a fusion of energies, which can be beneficial. 

Once you have set your intention clearly, the next thing is to cleanse and charge both stones. This makes them ready for use.

As explained earlier, don’t use these stones without cleansing and charging them. 

The best way to combine these crystals is by wearing jewelry that accommodates both. Doing this helps you to harness their energies. 

With this, you will enjoy calmness in your mind. Using red jasper and blue lace agate together helps you to be mentally and emotionally stable all day long.

I believe you will love to know all the combinations of Red Jasper.

2) Amethyst and Blue Lace Agate together

holding amethyst

The synergistic effect of using both stones together cannot be accurately described with mere words

Both stones are powerful individually. Now, imagine using both for a spiritual purpose! You can be sure of getting your intended result. 

The best way to use both stones is by wearing them as jewelry during the day. 

With amethyst and blue lace on your body, you will enjoy chakra healing.

Also, your mental state will be balanced. The calming and soothing energy from both stones ensures that you stay positive all through the day. 

Using amethyst and blue lace agate brings good luck as well. It opens you up to a lot of positive energy.

Also read the benefits of using Amethyst with Rose Quartz.

3) Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate together

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

I love combing both stones together because of their soothing energies

Rose quartz is known for stimulating friendship and love, while blue lace agate is known for maintaining peace of mind. 

Combining both crystals helps you to become mentally stable enough to deal with your relationships

Whenever you combine both rose quartz and blue lace agate, your relational skills will improve. It also promotes self-confidence

For those seeking to express themselves to people they love, rose quartz and blue lace are the perfect combo to give such results. 

4) Moss Agate and Blue Lace Agate together

Green Moss Agate
Green Moss Agate

The spiritual benefit of using this stone is clarity of thought

For example, if you are confused about something, moss agate and blue lace agate can be used together for clarity of thought.

Their calming energies put your mind in a relaxed state. These energies silence your mind, eliminate distracting thoughts, and identify the information you are seeking in your mind. 

The best way to use these stones together is by meditating with them.

Hold both stones in your left hand, breathe in and out, and meditate deeply while trying to harness their energies into your core.

5) Carnelian and Blue Lace Agate together

Carnelian Bracelet

Carnelian is a special crystal. Its purification properties make it one of the unique gemstones in the world. 

Now, your decision to combine it with blue lace agate is a great one. 

Do you know why? It is because your mind will be cleansed of every form of negative energy

In addition to this, the combination of carnelian and blue lace agate releases spiritual protection over you. It ensures that you are not vulnerable to spiritual attacks of any sort

Therefore, try wearing both stones as jewelry. When you are about to sleep, you can make a crystal grid beside your bed with both stones. 

6) Tiger’s Eye and Blue Lace Agate together

Tiger’s Eye

For spiritual sensitivity and connection, using both tiger’s eye and blue lace agate is a great choice. 

The energy from both stones helps you to attain a level of spirituality

For psychics, using both stones enhances your unique abilities to see visions, and have open dreams. 

When you combine both stones, your crown chakra becomes more effective. You will attain a higher level of spiritual awareness.

Also check here what are the best combinations for Tiger’s Eye crystal.

7) Shungite and Blue Lace Agate together

shungite stone

When you use both stones, you will enjoy spiritual grounding.

Using shungite and blue lace agate helps you to reconnect yourself with mother earth. It helps you to tap into the energy of the earth. 

In addition, using shungite and blue lace agate protects you from undue exposure to electromagnetic radiation, which can be emitted through electronic devices. 

You can combine both stones by wearing them as jewelry. Also, visualization and meditation are other methods to harness the powers of both stones at the same time. 

Therefore, if you desire any of the benefits discussed, use both stones together. 

8) Black Onyx and Blue Lace Agate together

black obsidian onyx

For self-expression and effective communication, you should learn to use both black onyx and blue lace agate together. 

Individually, both stones possess the spiritual ability to foster clear communication. 

However, combining both for this purpose helps you to become an orator.

The amplified energies of both stones give you utterance, which is the ability to speak clearly and command the respect of people

Furthermore, using both stones helps you to learn how to express yourself. They build confidence in you, which spurs you to express your emotions without the fear of being misunderstood. 

9) Lapis Lazuli and Blue Lace Agate together

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

For peace of mind and emotional stability, combine these stones. With both stones, your mind will never be perplexed by the pressures on the outside. 

The calming and soothing energies from these crystals are responsible for the emotional and mental balance you will experience while using them

To harness the energy from these gemstones, wear them as jewelry or place them by the right side of your bed every night

You can also use both stones for your household by hanging them at the entrance of your home. It works for everyone by restoring sanity and eliminating pressures from their minds.

I believe you will also love to know the best combinations for Lapis Lazuli.

Should I combine Agate with just 1 crystal?

blue and clear quartz

Yes, you should combine agate with just 1 crystal

Using more than one crystal exposes you to energy overload, which is not good enough. 

Whenever you want to combine crystals, use one of the crystals discussed above. If there is a need for an extra, then, take out the previous one.

It is not recommended to combine agate with more than 1 crystal. 

What is the best crystal to combine with Blue Lace Agate?

crystals on table

The 9 crystals explained in this article are powerful enough to grant your desires

There is no rank amongst them because of their unique properties and benefits. All you need is to set a clear intention.

Once this is achieved, then, you can select the best combination that suits your needs.

The best crystal to combine with blue lace agate is the one that resonates with your energy level and will provide the spiritual benefits that manifest your intention. 

Final Words

Combining crystals is not a modern spiritual technique. It has existed for a long time. 

Therefore, it is time for you to take advantage of this unique opportunity. By using an additional crystal with your agate, enough energy is available to bring your desires to pass. 

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