7 Miracle Crystals For EMF Protection (With Images)

Jorge Silva
7 Crystals For EMF Protection

Do you know why you need these crystals?  Let me explain something to you!

In the world we live in today, we stand the risk of suffering health defects due to the technological advancements around us.

For example, the phones we use have made communication easier, faster, and smoother. Therefore, the positive impact of technology is undeniable. 

However, all of these mobile and electronic devices emit electromagnetic energy, which can be dangerous. Prolonged exposure to this radiation can affect the eyes, skin, and so on. 

This is why it is important to learn how to protect yourself from this potential risk. Especially if you cannot do without interaction with these devices for a prolonged period. 

Well, one of the best ways to protect yourself is by using crystals. I am sure you know about the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals. 

But, are there crystals that help with EMF?  In this article, we will discuss this topic extensively and I will reveal the 7 best crystals you should use while interacting with electronic devices

Are there crystals to help with EMF?

woman with headache

Yes, there are crystals to help with EMF

As discussed earlier, a lot of people know crystals for healing, metaphysical, and spiritual purposes. Only a few people understand the energetic properties of crystals.

Not everyone understands the power of certain crystals to harmonize our energy shield – thus protecting us from EMF radiation.

This is why you should stick around to read more about these crystals. 

In the world of crystals, there are thousands of gemstones used for various spiritual practices and purposes. 

Amongst these crystals, you will find some gemstones with hidden energetic properties. They are somewhat difficult to discover because major emphases are on their healing properties and so on. 

These unique crystals have hidden energetic and protective properties, which guard our inner energy shields against being exposed to electromagnetic force radiations

With their spiritual cleansing properties, residual electromagnetic force in our systems can be flushed out. 

Using these crystals can protect radiation from getting into your system. I am sure you are eager to discover these crystals, aren’t you? Especially if you use your phone or laptop a lot. 

Read on to find out the 7 best crystals for protection against EMF.

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7 Best Crystals for EMF Protection


These are the 7 best crystals you should use for EMF protection. 

1) Amethyst


When dealing with EMF, one of the ways to reduce its effects is by taking a long nap. Sleeping for a long time reduces the risk of suffering the negative effects of EMF exposure.

To have a good sleep, your mind needs to be calm and relaxed. 

This is where amethyst comes into play. It does not directly affect the radiation of EMF. However, its soothing energy comes to the surface when sleep becomes necessary

Using this stone puts your mind in a relaxed state. With this, you can sleep for as long as you wantuntil the radiation in your system is flushed out

The calming properties of this stone make it one of the best crystals for EMF protection.

Endeavour to keep it around you at all times – especially after you are done interacting with electronic devices.

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2) Hematite


In the world of crystals, this stone is known for its ability to protect and absorb negative energies.

It has been known to ward off evil spirits and fight off the evil stare of jealousy from people. 

However, only a few people have truly paid attention to other aspects of this stone, which is its ability to absorb electromagnetic frequencies.

This is one of its numerous qualities. The protective properties of this stone also shield people away from the negative effects of EMF radiation. 

For example, hematite should be kept with you while pressing your phone.

The reason is that its protective properties create an invisible energy shield around you, which bounces off EMF radiation. 

Therefore, if your job exposes you to a lot of EMF radiation, get hematite crystal for yourself

3) Shungite

Shungite work place crystals

This stone is known for its high level of carbon. Apart from its healing and metaphysical properties, it is also known as an absorbent.

Its properties make it one of the best crystals for EMF protection. 

Its ability to absorb negative energies makes it functional and useful for EMF. While using your phone or laptop, this stone absorbs EMF radiation

Therefore, rather than getting exposed to radiation, your shungite crystal does all the work for you.

It absorbs this radiation and transmutes them into positive energy, which is beneficial to you.

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4) Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline

In the spiritual world, this stone is known for protection. Using it keeps away negative energy from your environment.

In the same way, it can protect you from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

To harness the power of this gemstone, all you need is to constantly place it around you. You don’t have to wear it as jewelry or put it in your bag.

Once this stone is present in your environment, its spiritual functions can reach you – thereby protecting you from all the radiation frequency you’ve exposed yourself to. 

This is one of the stones I use frequently. It keeps these radiation frequencies out of my body. 

5) Labradorite

close up black labradorite

The healing properties of this stone make it appropriate for EMF protection. 

When you get exposed to EMF, one of the side effects is constant headaches. In extreme conditions, it can worsen into migraines. 

With labradorite, this will not happen. The healing powers of this stone ensure that your health does not suffer the adverse effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. 

Additionally, this crystal also absorbs the radiation from electronic devices.

With this, you are free to use them for a long time without the fear of radiation exposure. 

6) Malachite


This stone possesses energizing and stimulating powers. It is used for hyperactive functions. Now, you might be wondering why it is a great choice for EMF protection

The side effects of too much exposure to EMF are fatigue and low energy.

The radiation from electromagnetic force disrupts your body’s energy level, which can make you feel weak and exhausted. 

However, with the use of malachite, the radiation will not disrupt your body’s energy level.

Even if it does, the stimulating power of this stone instantly recharges your energy level and fills you with the strength to go about your daily activities

Therefore, if using electronic devices is non-negotiable, then having malachite around you is the best choice to fight against fatigue and low energy as a result of this radiation. 

7) Selenite


This self-charging and cleansing crystal is known for its anti-inflammation properties. Using it for EMF protection keeps the radiation from penetrating your skin.

One of the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to EMF radiation is inflammation in certain areas of the body.

Through radiation, people can develop skin sensitivity problems like burning sensations in the skin, inflammation, rashes, and so on. 

However, with selenite around, this can be reduced and prevented. 

Therefore, to protect yourself from the adverse effects of EMF radiation, you should have a selenite stone around you more often.

It is one of the best crystals to protect you from EMF radiation.

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How can I use these crystals?

many bracelets and necklaces

Here are the different ways to use these crystals for EMF protection:

  1. Carry or wear them: Once they are close to your body, a personal energy shield is built around you for protection. It keeps the adverse effects of this radiation from affecting your health;
  2. Place these stones near electronic devices: To make this work perfectly, select the stone that can absorb these radiation frequencies. Stones like selenite, shungite, or hematite are perfect for this. Keeping them around electronic devices absorbs the radiation of these devices;
  3. Jewelry: You can make EMF protection jewelry with these stones. Attach them to chains, necklaces, bracelets, and your shirt buttons;
  4. While engaging in meditation: You can make use of these gemstones. Keeping them around you during meditation stabilizes your emotional self. 

These are 4 major ways to use these stones for adequate protection against the adverse effect of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic energy.

Can I use more than 1 crystal to block EMF?


Yes, you can use more than 1 crystal to block EMF.  Each of these stones possesses unique compounds and properties. 

Therefore, to enjoy them all, you can use them together. 

Place some on your body, wear some as jewelry, create crystal grids with them, and place energy-absorbing crystals around your electronic devices

There are no side effects to using more than 1 crystal for EMF blocking and protection

Final Words

Conclusively, using these stones helps with protection

However, you should also try as much as you can to stay away from electronic devices for a while. For example, if you have spent 3 to 4 hours around these devices, take a break for proper relapse before continuing

Engaging in this healthy tip with the use of the crystals mentioned above will help you run electronic devices without suffering any negative effects. 

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