9 Best Crystals to Keep By Your Bed (With Images)

Jorge Silva
9 Best Crystals to Keep By Your Bed

Good sleep is essential for long life and good health. It helps your mind to easily process facts, be calm during the day, and be clear to absorb information. 

However, certain things can disrupt your sleep life, which can become problematic in the wake of their constancy. 

This is why you should take precautionary steps to eliminate these disruptions and also prevent anything from affecting your sleep life. 

There are several steps to take. But, I will point your attention to the use of crystals

These natural gemstones have been infused with divine powers from the heavens, which can be supernatural and therapeutic at the same time. 

In this article, we will discuss the 9 best crystals to keep by your bed.

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Can I put crystals in my bedroom?

Where should I place crystals in my bedroom?

Yes, you can put crystals in your bedroom. These gemstones can be placed in every part of your home for several reasons. 

In the spiritual world, the bedroom is significant because it is seen as a portal or sacred place where men translate out of the earthly realm through sleep.

It is believed to be a place where men retreat from external activities to reconnect with themselves and their intuition. 

Because of this, it is important to have a powerful gemstone in your room.

One of the things it does is to condition the atmosphere of your bedroom to ensure a successful transition in your sleep.

With crystals in your room, they can act as conduits or energy channels for you to experience amazing things in the astral realm through your dreams.

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Can I keep crystals near my bed?

sleeping well

Yes, you can keep crystals under your bed

When you keep crystals under your bed, you are opening up yourself to the energy from these stones. Doing this also aligns the crystal with mother earth

Therefore, when it begins to emit energy, a mixture of powerful energies will be released, which results in attaining spiritual grounding or a heightened sense of spiritual awareness. 

Keeping a crystal under your bed also helps you to sleep better.

It opens your mind up to relaxation. If you have gone through a stressful day, placing crystals under your bed helps you to relax. It eases you of the pressure.

Making use of a crystal grid, you can create a spiritual boundary around your room by making the grid under your bed.

This way, nobody will see these crystals or disrupt their arrangement

9 Best crystals to keep by your bed

crystals arrangement bedside table

Below are the 9 best crystals to keep by your bed:

1) Celestite


This crystal comes in a delicate blue color. Because of this, it comes with a calming and soothing energy that aids relaxation.

Keeping this stone by your bed conditions your environment. 

Since the energy that comes from this stone is calm, it makes your environment serene enough.

With this, you will be induced to sleep whilst forgetting all the pressures you went through during the day

Celestite is connected to the celestial realm. Therefore, it is possible to communicate with angels while you sleep with this stone beside your bed.

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2) Clear Quartz

Damaged clear quartz crystal

The amplifying properties of this stone make it great for sleep.  Spiritually, it is used to manifest intentions and maintain energetic balance

When you place it by your bedside, it takes away any impurity in your environment. Just like celestite, it conditions your atmosphere.

With the energy from clear quartz, your mind will be open enough to have great dreams. 

Well, that’s not all! With clear quartz, you won’t just have good dreams. You recall every dream you have

Place it on the right side of your bed to harness its power. 

3) Selenite


Selenite is one of the crystals that can be used in the room. Placing it by your bed opens you up to several amazing experiences

One of the benefits of using this stone is spiritual sensitivity. The energy from selenite opens up your spiritual senses.

When you sleep, you will have visions, encounters, and spiritual feelings of all sorts. 

Furthermore, selenite ensures that you wake up feeling energized. Contrary to the weakness you feel while sleeping, this stone ensures that the narrative changes. 

This is one of the stones I use for my sleep. I have never regretted using selenite ever since! You should try it out for yourself.

4) Citrine


Citrine is a unique crystal with great spiritual properties. Its vital properties have made it a widely sought-after gemstone

You should keep this stone by your bed for positivity. Are you going through a tough moment in your life

This stone should be your companion at such moments. It helps you to be positive.

The moment you lay down to sleep, the energy from citrine fills your mind with gratefulness and optimism that everything will be fine. 

Keeping citrine in your room is a great way to maintain positivity every night. 

5) Moonstone

Blue Moonstone
Blue Moonstone

From its name, it is clear that moonstone is associated with the moon’s energy

Keeping this stone by your bed is similar to placing the moon by your bedside.  Imagine the chill and comfort you will feel staring at the moon!

This is what you will feel in your body by keeping moonstones around you. 

Moonstone helps you to relax. It brings you to a place of sound sleep and good dreams

Additionally, keeping this stone by your bed takes off negative energy from your mind. As you sleep, the energy from the moonstone constantly purifies you (and your environment) from negative energy.

6) Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Did you experience a tough day? Has someone yelled at you and made you feel useless during the day? Were you betrayed? Did you just fight with your spouse?

All of these issues go a long way in affecting our perception. 

Therefore, once you notice self-hate flooding your mind, it is time to pull out rose quartz

Placing rose quartz by your bed enhances self-love. This crystal reminds you to stop looking for external validations. 

It tells you to embrace who you are and look beyond the mistakes and failures of the past

7) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

This is a crystal of peace and harmony. Furthermore, it brings healing to the mind, soul, and body. 

Therefore, it is a great spiritual asset to possess. If you have lapis lazuli, then you should place it beside your bed often. 

If you wear it as jewelry, you should wear it to sleep.

Are you going through pain due to stress during the day? Then, place this stone by the bedside. Enjoy its healing powers right away. 

With lapis lazuli by your bed, you can bid nightmares and sleeplessness goodbye.

8) Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline

This stone is known for its protection. Keeping it around you creates an impenetrable veil.

Negative energies, spirits, and evil eyes cannot adversely affect you. 

For effectiveness, keep 2 black tourmaline crystals by your bed. Place one on the right side of your bed and the other on the left side

Doing this keeps negativity far from you. It also prevents negative spirits from messing up your mind by giving you nightmares. 

Do you love to sleep with that feeling of protection? Then, black tourmaline is your best choice. 

9) Amazonite

Amazonite real stone

Amazonite is like a spiritual battery. It charges you and gets you ready for the next day’s activity. 

I use Amazonite every Sunday evening due to the nature of my Monday schedule. Yours can be every day. The pattern does not matter

Placing Amazonite by the side of your bed releases energy into your mind and body. When you wake up, you will be refreshed and strengthened for the next day. 

Furthermore, amazonite attracts good luck to you. It is a crystal of wealth and good health. Having it close to you also opens you up to enjoy these perks.

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What are the best crystals to keep by your bed?

woman working holding guasha rose quartz

When it comes to keeping crystals by your bed, it’s important to choose a crystal that will improve your quality of sleep and life in general.

My absolute must-have crystal for always keeping by my bed is citrine. My energy levels match my citrine perfectly.

But, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Here are some things you need to look for when picking a crystal to keep by your bed:

Therapeutic Properties:

You should choose a crystal with therapeutic properties. That is, the crystal must have the ability to bring about emotional healing.

It should be able to calm your mind, help you release pressure, and promote good sleep. 


Beyond the ability to promote good sleep, choose crystals that protect and purify you from negative energy and spirits. With this, you will be free of nightmares. 


This is also important. Crystals with healing properties are also great choices. You will enjoy the healing of your body, mind, emotions, and soul.

This can contribute to having a good night’s sleep as well.

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Can I use more than 1 crystal?

Citrine stone

No, it is not advisable to use more than 1 crystal

You need to sleep! Infusing yourself with too much energy is not good for sleep. 

To prevent disruptions in your mind, headaches, and possible sleeplessness, kindly avoid using more than 1 crystal

Carefully pick the crystal that can help with all your needs. If there is a need to use something different, take out the previous one. 

Final Words

Crystals can be kept by the bedside. Therefore, condition your sleeping environment by selecting one of the crystals mentioned in the article, and placing it by your bed. 

With this, you release nature’s energy to aid you on your journey to the dream world. 

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