11 Best Crystals For Meditation: Stones With Images

Jorge Silva
11 Best Crystals For Meditation: Stones With Images

When it comes to re-enacting your energy levels, balancing your chakras, or maintaining a healthy mental and emotional life, crystals are one of the effective means of attaining these

These precious gemstones have been synced with spirituality due to the natural energy they emit

Using crystals for meditation helps you to successfully refocus your mind, balance your thoughts, and explore the mental and spiritual realm with unwavering focus. 

Certain crystals emit energies at extremely high vibrational frequencies, which are good enough for meditating

In this article, I will discuss the 11 best crystals for meditation. If you want to have a successful meditation exercise, read this article to discover how crystals can be of great help. 

What crystals are good for meditation?

holding crystals

Before discussing the 11 best crystals for meditation, let me briefly state some qualities you should look out for before choosing any gemstone for meditation purposes. 

  1. You need to clearly define your intention: People meditate for different purposes and there are crystals for each of these purposes. Understanding WHY you are meditating aids you in choosing the crystal that best resonates with what you intend to achieve;
  2. Having a personal psychic connection with the stone: The simple way to ascertain this is by holding the stone in your right hand. Breathe in and out to see if there is any connection or surge of energy whatsoever. Once this is established, you will know if you should use the crystal for meditation or not;
  3. Colors are important: In the spiritual world, the colors of crystals are meant for specific functions. When it comes to meditation, choose crystals with a color that can ensure a successful meditation exercise. 

Once all of these are in place, you will have selected the perfect crystal for your meditation exercise. 

11 Best Crystals for Meditation

meditating yoga healing

Earlier on, we discussed some factors you need to consider before selecting the best crystal to use

Sometimes, this can be herculean – especially if you don’t have varieties of crystals to test

In this section, I will list and explain the top 11 crystals you should consider using for meditation. You can also run tests on each to ascertain the one that best works for you. 

However, amongst these 11 crystals, you will find the most suitable for you.  Read on to discover these precious gemstones. 

1) Clear Quartz

Clear quartz

If you are battling with confusion or lack clarity as regards what to do at certain points in your life, you need to spend time meditating to clear your mind. 

Well, to help you accomplish that, try using clear quartz.

This beautiful transparent stone is believed to clear your mind. It removes every form of inhibiting thoughts, which have blocked your inner light from shining. 

Once you use this stone, everything will become clear in your mind.  Furthermore, you will know what to do and be inspired to take immediate action

2) Labradorite


When you intend to reconnect with your inner self, meditating with labradorite makes this an easy feat. 

The energy from this stone resonates at an extremely high vibrational frequency, which is good for soul reconnection. 

Have you recently suffered a major setback? Have you been exposed to negative entities?

Then, you need to reconnect with your soul. The fallout that happens with negative energy can be disastrous to the tripartite being of a human. 

However, the labradorite quickly fixes all of these and helps you align with your inner self. Also, it can bring about chakra healing. 

3) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Do you find it hard to sleep at night due to restlessness? Have you tried meditating with no success rate?

Then, you need an extra spiritual aid. 

Let me introduce you to lapis lazuli, which is known as the “stone of peace”. With this stone, an atmosphere is released into your home, which restores peace of mind. 

It also brings you to a state of rest. 

When you meditate with this stone, your mind will be calmer. Sometimes, you might sleep off while meditating, which is a sign that you have attained a high level of inner peace.

I believe you should also know the side effects of Lapis Lazuli.

4) Selenite

selenite and salt

The strength of this stone is found in restoring energetic balance. One of the purposes of meditation is to restore your energy levels to its normal frequency

For example, if you notice a sudden gloomy emotional energy running down your spine, it means that you are out of the normal psychic frequency. Through meditation, you can restore this. 

However, it might be difficult – especially when your mind is clogged with too many thoughts

Selenite is the perfect add-on for this. The power of this stone supercharges your chakras.

It helps your energy levels to boost to a much higher vibrational frequency, which makes you feel good, and in great body shape. 

5) Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Crystal
Rose Quartz

This stone helps you to fall in love with yourself. It helps you to finally embrace who you are

Majorly, I recommend this crystal to those battling low self-esteem

When you meditate with this stone, a lot of beautiful images will be created in your mind, which instantly helps you to accept who you are. 

Meditating with rose quartz boosts your self-confidence. It refreshes your mind and increases your self-awareness

Therefore, if you desire to become more confident and aware of your capabilities, rose quartz is your best bet for such. 

6) Amethyst

Amethyst and gold plate

Have you been stressed all day long? Then, you need to spend time meditating before you sleep.

This will prevent you from having bad dreams or suffering panic attacks. 

Now, because of how stressed you are, it is possible to have a hard time refocusing your mind. This is where amethyst comes in. 

This crystal is a stress-relief stone. It brings your inner peace to the surface and calms your mind.

For meditation purposes, amethyst helps your mind to be refocused without negative outbursts of tiredness

Therefore, if you want to meditate to relieve stress, amethyst is a crystal that can help.

You can also sleep with Amethyst under your pillow.

7) Obsidian

Obsidian healing power
3 Obsidians

This crystal resonates at a high vibrational frequency. With the energy from this stone, you will be purged from negative energy. 

The cleansing energy of this stone helps your mind to be positive while meditating. It also helps you to manifest your intentions

If you want to meditate for prayers, rituals, or spells, this special crystal can be of great help to you. 

8) Charoite

Charoite earrings
Charoite earrings

This purple stone is used for spiritual awareness

Do you feel disconnected from the spiritual realm? Do you want to balance your crown chakra

Use charoite for meditation. It has the energy and metaphysical properties to bring all these desires to pass. 

Place this stone beside you while meditating. It heightens your spiritual senses and boosts your intuitive powers. 

9) Pyrite


This stone is known to motivate people who are depressed. By using this stone for meditation, it means that you desire to be motivated. 

When you are discouraged, get pyrite stone and meditate with it. You will feel a rush of optimism rushing through the core of your being. 

After engaging in this spiritual exercise, you will be pumped up to keep at what you do

10) Celestite


In the spiritual world, this stone is believed to be connected to the heavenly realm. Its glistening color is believed to represent the light from heaven. 

Meditating with celestite enhances your spiritual senses. It also helps you to effectively communicate with the spiritual realm – especially angels

Using this stone for meditation opens your spiritual eyes to see beings, interact with them, and get higher guidance from the universe. 

11) Aquamarine

Aquamarine ring
Aquamarine ring

Mediating with this stone helps you to become less judgemental and more empathetic.

It helps you to improve your communication skills. Also, it helps you to become more friendly and understanding. 

If you desire to be more receptive, then, try meditating with this precious crystal. 

How can I use these crystals during meditation?

Holding clear quartz

Here are different ways to use these crystals during meditation:

  • Hold the crystals: Hold them in either your right or left hand while meditating;
  • You can wear these crystals as pieces of jewelry: Ensure the stone is connected to your body while meditating;
  • Create a crystal grid: Arrange multiple crystals (of various colors and for specific purposes) around yourself. Sit in the middle and begin to meditate. The energy from these stones will form a spiritual grid, which fosters easy access to the spiritual realm;
  • You can also practice crystal breathwork: All you need to do is to hold the crystal in your left hand and breathe in and out. Doing this opens your mind to its energy, which calms your mind and prepares you for meditation. 

Can I use more than 1 crystal during meditation?

Meditation with crystals

Yes, you can use more than 1 crystal during meditation. There is no limit to the number of crystals to use.

Once it aligns with your intention/reason for meditation, you are free to use as many as possible

Once the crystals are more than 2, then, it is best to use them by forming a crystal grid. With this, you are centered enough to harness the energy from each stone. 

Final Words

Meditation is a powerful spiritual exercise that fosters self-awareness, spiritual enhancement, and higher guidance.

It can also help to relieve stress, and anxiety, and attain a level of inner peace. 

With the use of crystals, you can enjoy an amazing meditation experience even as you are purged of negative energy and invited to a higher level of self consciousness. 

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