9 Crystals to Attract and Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Jorge Silva
9 Crystals to Attract and Make Someone Fall In Love With You

When it comes to the subject of love, I believe that there is always a spiritual element attached to the release of such feelings.

There is an invisible connection between both parties that makes them attracted to each other. 

Have you ever loved someone without getting the same response? Is there someone you want to fall in love with?

There is a spiritual way to make this happen. Even though love spells and potions exist, I will recommend a simpler and less-complex spiritual method – crystals. 

I have discovered 9 crystals that will make someone fall in love with you. When you use any of these crystals, you can cause someone to find you attractive and become emotionally attached to you. 

In this article, I will discuss all of these crystals. Read on to find out about them

Are there crystals that help with love?

crystals that help with love

Yes, some crystals help with love. In the world of spirituality, there are several kinds of crystals we can use to have a beautiful love life.

Beyond the complex spells and rituals, we can actually deploy the use of crystals, which are a lot simpler to stir. 

Several crystals exist in the world, which can be used to attract the one you love.

Have you seen someone wearing certain crystals? It might be spiritual. Some of these accessories go beyond the fashion outlooks they have. 

To help you understand more, I will discuss 9 of these crystals, which are the best ones to use for love

Can crystals help me make someone fall in love with me?

crystals for love

Yes, crystals can ensure that someone falls in love with you. Now, you need to exercise extra caution with this type of spiritual practice.

You must be sure that you are not venturing into manipulation or some dark form of witchcraft. 

If you force someone to fall in love with you against their will, you might suffer consequences later on. 

Therefore, these crystals should be used if the person once loved you, but is getting distracted by someone else.

With this, you have every right to deploy spiritual means to draw his attention back to you. 

Also, this applies to both the masculine and feminine gender

4 Best crystals to make someone fall in Love with you

4 Best crystals to make someone fall in Love with you

In this section, I will reveal the 4 best and most powerful crystals that can make someone fall in love with you.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not to encourage any form of manipulation. Use this considering the best interest of the other party in mind. 

Having said that, let us talk about these crystals. 

1) Rose Quartz

In the spiritual world, rose quartz is known as a stone for pure love and romance.

It is believed to have a pink ember as its spiritual aura, which induces love and genuine affection.

The moment you notice that your soulmate is getting distracted by someone, this is a crystal to use. 

All you have to do is to write the name of the person you love on white paper and tie it around the rose quartz with a red thread. 

After doing this, shake the rose quartz and create your intention while doing so

This is powerful enough to divert the attention of your soulmate only to you.

2) Ruby

A few years ago, I recommended this crystal to a friend of mine and she experienced an almost-instant result

The first benefit of using this stone is that your soulmate will suddenly find you attractive again. Ruby also repairs a broken intimate life in a relationship. 

As we all know, once intimate attraction is in a relationship, almost half of the problem is solved

Furthermore, ruby is a crystal that also makes you look attractive to your spouse. If he/she is getting distracted, this stone has enough energy to send dreams to them.

In those dreams, they might find themselves having an intimate relationship with you or doing some romantic kinds of stuff. 

In the end, your love life will be resurrected again. Your spouse will fall in love with you again. 

3) Garnet

One of the reasons why I love garnet is how it creates an atmosphere of peace and love. It is said that garnet is a stone used for settling disputes in certain traditions. 

Have you had a fight with your spouse, which caused the love to die? If yes, then, you need to deploy the help of Garnet. 

By placing this stone in your home, your spouse will suddenly find a reason to communicate with you, express their hurt, and eventually forgive you.

This mends the relationship and makes them fall in love with you again. 

4) Blue Lace Agate

Perhaps, the person might not have fallen in love with you due to some of the negative traits you have!

Well, you might never know. This is why you need to take precautionary steps. 

By using blue lace agate, a thirst for self-improvement will be birthed in you, which is the beginning of the work of these crystals. 

Simultaneously, the person you are trying to woo will feel like giving you a chance

By the time you meet, both parties will find a satisfactory need to give romance a trial and this instantly awakens the love between both parties

5 Best Crystals to help attract love

5 Best Crystals to help attract love

Now, if you have never fallen in love before, these are 5 crystals that can help you to attract the right person.

You don’t want to waste your precious time attracting the wrong type of person or falling into the wrong hands. 

Therefore, use one or more of these gemstones for yourself. 

1) Moonstone

The power of moonstone helps people to find you receptive and compassionate. It creates an aura around you that arouses love.

Suddenly, people will find you friendly and begin to relate with you

In the process of doing this, the energy from this stone will further draw a particular individual to you, which will find you attractive and want to take things a step further. 

Therefore, if you desire to attract the right type of person, try getting a moonstone pendant. Hang it on your neck every time you go out. 

Also, you can take moon baths with this stone. Doing this creates the perfect energy around you.

It releases auras that arouse love, friendship, and attractiveness. 

2) Fire Agate

Funny enough, the name of this stone already explains what it does — Fire Agate. It sets the heart of your twin flame on fire to locate you

If you notice that you are in a season of love, but nobody is making the first move, it might be time to use the fire agate.

With this crystal, a mutual connection will be established between you and your twin flame.

Once this happens, there will be an unusual meeting, which sparks off the fire of love and romance between both of you

I recently spoke to a professional crystal expert and she claimed that one of the ways to quickly find love is by using the fire agate crystal. You should give it a trial. 

3) Pink Tourmaline

Have you ever heard of the pink tourmaline stone? It is a powerful crystal that brings positive people into your life

If you have suffered an abusive relationship in the past and are willing to start afresh, I will recommend using this crystal.

What it does is to attract only positive people into your life. It brings a caring and understanding partner, who will not repeat the negative relationship you recently got out of. 

4) Topaz

When you use the topaz crystal, it makes you attractive to your soulmate. It fills you with brightness and enhances your inner and physical beauty. 

Therefore, if you want help in attracting love, this might be an amazing option as well. 

5) Malachite

In the spiritual world, malachite helps you to build the self-confidence that is needed to attract the right kind of love into your life.

I believe this stone is great for men. It makes them bold to approach ladies. It also helps them to identify who is right for them. 

How should I use these crystals?

earing and ring crystal

You can use these crystals in many ways:

  • Taking crystal baths or moon baths;
  • Wearing them as necklaces;
  • Wearing them as bracelets;
  • Sleeping with these crystals under your pillow;
  • Performing crystal rituals using incense like cinnamon, frankincense, and rose.

In all of these methods, it is advisable to create a powerful intention, and also not distract your energy from the practice. 

Also, you can write the name of the person you want to have a relationship (if you have it/know it) on a piece of white paper, and tie it around the crystal of your choice. 

Using any of these methods works effectively

Can I use more than one crystal?

couple laughing

Yes, you can use more than one crystal. Let me recommend the best crystal combination for love:

  • Moonstone and pink tourmaline;
  • Fire agate and topaz;
  • Blue lace agate and garnet;
  • Ruby and rose quartz;

Most times, malachite stands on its own and should not be combined with other crystals – especially when it deals with love and attraction. 

However, you can follow the combinations above for effective results

Final Words

If you make use of these crystals, not only will you attract the right person, you will enjoy an amazing love life that is full of romance and everything you have ever desired. 

Crystals are that powerful! They can bring a total transformation to your love life and heal you from any past emotional trauma. 

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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