9 Best Crystals for Overthinking: Clear Negative Thoughts!

Jorge Silva
9 Best Crystals for Overthinking: Clear Negative Thoughts!

You’d think that overthinking would make life easier because you’d be prepared for any and all events. Sadly, this is rarely the case.

You could overthink every possible worst outcome to a specific situation and life will still throw you one you hadn’t thought of. 

Thankfully, there are metaphysical ways to help solve the problem when all other approaches have failed.

The power of crystal energy is endless and strong, and with the right crystal backing you, you’ll stop overthinking. No problem in life will hold you back. 

Can I Use Crystals to Help me with Overthinking?

Woman worried

Yes, you absolutely can use crystals to help with your overthinking, and other problems, too. 

One of the very best ways to clear your head and find some clarity is to meditate.

I struggled to meditate when I first started. Everything around me was too loud and too noisy, and I couldn’t clear my mind.

After a time, I learned how to shut out all the noise and bluster. You can, too. Meditation, especially when combined with crystals, helps to slow things down.

It pushes out all the things in your head that you shouldn’t be worrying about right now, enabling you to set things out in priority order and take the right paths. 

9 Best Crystals for Overthinking and Clearing Negative Thoughts

Amethyst cleanse

I have good news for you if you’re on the hunt for healing crystals that will banish overthinking, clear your mind of negative thoughts, and provide the focus for the journey ahead: there are plenty to pick from

1) Amethyst


Amethyst has a wide range of associations, but it is perhaps best known for being a very calming and soothing energy.

It’s used to clear the mind, slow racing thoughts, and offer overall relaxation.

Also linked with transformation, spiritual growth, focus, and cleansing, it’s commonly used during meditation.

Amethyst is commonly used in jewelry, so you could also wear it as earrings, a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, etc.

I believe your will love these healing crystals for anxiety and depression.

2) Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper
Yellow Jasper

Jasper is actually a stone instead of a crystal but is still classed as a healing crystal.

Linked to the Earth element (and also planet Earth), it’s a great crystal to use for clear thinking, total focus, motivation, and strength.

You can use it to make all the background noise and bluster go away, leaving you with clarity and the headspace to do whatever it is you need to do. 

Place yellow jasper on a surface close to where you’re working/sitting/sleeping.

You can also keep it in your pocket or wear it as a piece of jewelry. Just remember to cleanse it when you get it, and every two to four weeks afterwards.

3) Covellite 


Commercially sold covellite is often a pretty, little iridescent stone.

Often used in reiki healing, tarot readings, and sessions with mediums, it has lesser-known benefits other than its close links to the spiritual world. 

The blue tones of this healing crystal are reflective of the wide expanse of the ocean. It seems so empty and large.

You can use that same energy to clear your mind, leaving behind an empty expanse just like the ocean. 

Because of this, you can use it in many, many different ways. It’s most used during manifestation.

For matters of the heart, you can lie down on the floor and put your covellite crystal directly over your heart. Alternatively, you can put it in the center of your forehead for matters of the mind. 

This soft crystal is rare, and is notoriously difficult to work with, especially when it comes to shaping and cutting the stone.

For this reason, it’s not advisable to try and shape it into something that can be worn as jewelry.

Also try these crystals for letting go and releasing.

4) Rutile


Few people are aware of rutile despite it being a common mineral found in countless places around the globe. But still classed as rare because of its titanium content and the mining industry.

When it comes to reverse overthinking, rutile is one of the best healing crystals to grab.

It’s linked to all root chakras, has a remarkably high energy frequency, and offers inspiration, grounding energies, knowledge, and total mental enrichment. 

The best way to use rutile as a healing crystal is to cleanse it, charge it, and carry it around with you.

Some spiritualists recommended putting it into a small bag with other grounding and clarifying crystals, and others will go as far as to suggest adding a piece of gold to the bag for best results. 

5) Magnesite


When your problems are related to depression, anxiety, stress, or similar mental health conditions, magnesite is a really great crystal to turn to

The white color of the healing stone is reflective of the blank white canvas of your mind.

When everything is cleared away and released, you’re left with the thoughts you want to focus on. The overthinking and anxiety will essentially get blown away. 

Most healers would suggest using the crystal during meditation, focusing hard on cleansing negativity from your mind. You can also use it in your bedroom, putting next to the bed.

Alongside the Third Eye chakra, magnesite is associated with the Crown chakra, too

The closer you place the crystal to your head (the crown), the more you will benefit from the focusing energy.

Also try these crystals for meditation (they are great!).

6) Neptunite


Neptunite is one of the newer crystals, believed to be less than one hundred years old in discovery.

You might find this particularly difficult to obtain, as it’s found only in Greenland, Canada, and one particular spot in the U.S., in California. 

This crystal is associated with inner confidence, connections and communications, and clear thinking.

Neptunite is very delicate, however, so it’s not the kind of healing crystal you can take out and about with you, carrying it in your pocket. 

Ideally, your neptunite crystal will be kept as an ornamental piece, in your bedroom or another low-traffic spot in your home.

You can meditate and manifest with it, but without touching it. 

7) Scheelite


This crystal might have a funny name, but it’s a powerful crystal offering not just clarity and calm thinking, but also balance and purpose.

It’s quite rare because the material is used to extract tungsten, but it is possible to buy smaller pieces

Are you struggling to get to the end of a project? Scheelite is a great healing crystal to use for exactly that purpose. You’ll get the results you need, at the right time.

Carry a piece of scheelite in your pocket or leave it on your desk or area of anxiety. Associate with the Crown chakra (as well as Sacral and Solar Plexus), consider putting a piece on your bedside cabinet, or somewhere close to your head.

You can also use it in meditation and manifestation. 

8) Snow Quartz

Snow Quartz

Snow quartz, also known as milky quartz, is a common crystal that also carries the name ‘white wisdom quartz’.

This gives you a little insight into what it brings to the table. Clear thinking leads to wisdom and smart decisions.

With snow or milky quartz cleansing problematic spaces, all that’s left is calmness, peace, and tranquility. This is the perfect headspace for solving problems and getting things done. 

Lie flat on the floor during meditation and place the crystal on your forehead, between the eyes. This will allow it to connect with the Crown chakra. 

You can also use snow quartz in matters of the heart, placing the crystal over your heart instead of your head during meditation. 

Smoky quartz offers similar clear-thinking properties. 

9) Sodalite

Clenased Sodalite

A beautiful rich blue stone, you’ll find sodalite in similar places around the world as amethyst and is often confused with lapis lazuli.

You’ll often find little black and/or white threads running through it, 

It’s a great crystal for focus and clear thinking, especially when you’re having an internal battle, such as imposter syndrome.

It’s also helpful in times of decision-making, eradicating confusion and helping to guide the way clearly. 

Sodalite is linked with the Third Eye and Throat chakras, so wearing them close to your throat or face is suggested.

Earrings and necklaces will help keep the healing crystal close to the areas in which it has the most energy.

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Will These Crystals Clear Negative Thoughts from My Mind?

working with black tourmaline

With the right crystal and the right technique, yes, these crystals can help you to clear negative thoughts from your mind.

You do need to believe in the metaphysical power of the crystal, though.

The crystal should be treated with respect, cleansed as soon as purchased, charged if necessary, and used appropriately. 

Final Words

Besides the 9 crystals mentioned above, there are many other crystals that will help you to stop overthinking.

If you don’t know which one to get, let your intuition guide you. It’s important that your energy level matches the one from the crystal. So, don’t pick it just because it’s beautiful.

Crystals are very powerful when used properly. And I guarantee you that your mind won’t be filled with so many negative thoughts almost immediately.

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