13 Crystals for Healing Sickness: Nausea and Vomits

Jorge Silva
13 Crystals for Healing Sickness: Nausea and Vomits

There are many ways to deal with illnesses. One of those ways is through the use of crystals. 

For centuries, these precious gemstones have been used for various healing purposes with a 100% success rate

Therefore, if you are suffering from nausea, vomits, and other forms of illnesses, you should read this article till the end. 

I will be talking about the 13 powerful crystals for healing sickness. Using these gemstones brings an end to your constant sickness.

Read on to find out more about these crystals with additional guidelines on how to use them for your healing.

What are the best crystals to use when you feel sick?

holding rose quartz

The best crystals to use when you feel sick must have the following properties:

  1. It must have healing properties: This is a non-negotiable factor to look out for. Since the purpose for using these crystals is healing, they must possess the ability to heal you of every form of sickness. Therefore, if your selected crystal does not possess healing properties, then, it is not the best crystal to use for your sickness;
  2. The crystal must have therapeutic properties: In addition to its healing properties, the best crystal to use when you feel sick must possess therapeutic properties. It must have the power to calm the mind and restore soundness to the psychological being of an individual. This is instrumental in the healing process of any sick person.;
  3. The crystal must have enough energy for use: It is a waste of time to use a crystal with little or no energy. When it comes to healing, crystals burn a lot of spiritual energy. Therefore, if your stone has healing and therapeutic properties but is not well-charged, it is not the best crystal to use at the moment. It is recommended to charge it properly using appropriate spiritual meaning before use. 

4 Best Crystals for morning sickness

morning sickness

Using crystals for your morning sickness gives you enough relief. 

If you have been troubled by morning sickness for a long time, here are the 4 best crystals you should use henceforth

1) Amazonite


This unique crystal is powerful enough to heal you from morning sickness.

Whenever you constantly feel sick in the morning, it shows that you need to keep this crystal around you every time

One of the ways to harness the power of this crystal is by placing it on your lower abdomen. You can also hold it in your right hand whenever you feel discomfort in the morning.

Because of the low toxicity of this crystal, you can create an elixir with it by placing it in water for 10 minutes. Once this is done, sip it throughout the day. 

With the healing power of Amazonite, you can be sure of relief and total recovery from your morning sickness. 

2) Larimar


Spiritually, this stone is recognized for its healing powers. If you can get your hands on this crystal, your morning sickness problems are over. 

In ancient history, this crystal is known as the dolphin stone because of its calming energy. 

Therefore, using it calms your body, puts you in a state of slow sleep, and gradually heals you of this morning sickness. 

To harness the power of this crystal, simply wear it around your neck every morning. Before you engage in any activity, make this the first thing to do. 

Larimar crystal is potent enough to cure you of morning sickness. 

3) Petalite

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

The first time I heard of this stone, it was difficult to believe in its powers. The reason was that I knew other common stones like pink tourmaline, and so on. 

Well, guess what! The healing powers of petalite are potent to heal you of any form of sickness – including morning sickness. 

One of the ways to enjoy the power of this crystal is by using it for meditation practices.

Doing this releases its powers, which penetrate the core of your being and heals you of the morning sickness you are suffering from. 

4) Seraphinite


This unique crystal is also powerful enough to heal you of morning sickness. It takes away every form of discomfort instantly. 

It is associated with angelic beings, cosmic activities, and therapeutic functions.

Also, when it comes to healing nausea and vomiting (which can happen if you have morning sickness), seraphinite is one of the stones to use. 

Therefore, if you can get a hold of this crystal, your morning sickness troubles are over

4 Best Crystals for Nausea and pregnancy nausea

pregnancy nausea

There are crystals for nausea and pregnancy nausea

Using them heals you and calms your central nervous system. It affects every part of your inner body system. 

Whenever you are nauseated either because of irritation or pregnancy, here are the 4 best stones to use as a spiritual cure

1) Moonstone

Black Moonstone
Black Moonstone

Its connection to the moon makes it suitable for women. Whenever you use this stone, your nausea will be alleviated

The energy from the moon is soothing and relaxing. Rather than feeling agitated, you will be at peace, which stabilizes your inner body system. 

One of the ways to enjoy the power of this stone is by wearing it as a pendant all day long. 

The Moonstone is the best crystal for healing pregnancy nausea.

Read here all the healing properties of black moonstone.

2) Labradorite

close up black labradorite

Spiritually, this crystal has healing properties for every form of sickness. Just like larimar, it is potent to deal with pains, inflammations, and so on. 

Therefore, if you are suffering from nausea – either in the morning, afternoon or at night — you should make use of this crystal for healing. 

The best way to use labradorite is by keeping it around you every time. 

One of the things I do is to make a necklace with my labradorite. Wearing it as a pendant also works just fine. 

When you are about to sleep at night, you can also place this stone beside your bed

Constant exposure to its energy helps you to speed up your healing process. It also takes away your nausea.

Read here all the healing properties of black Labradorite.

3) Green Aventurine

green aventurine

This beautiful crystal is known for its healing properties. In addition to its healing energy, green aventurine attracts good luck. 

Using this stone for your nausea also helps you to go through a spiritual cleansing process. It helps your mind to become more exposed to positivity.

Additionally, this stone is responsible for the general well-being of people. It promotes the stability of the mind and the body system.

Before you use Green Aventurine, read here the side effects of this stone.

4) Chrysoprase

Green Chrysoprase

This stone is believed to calm the digestive system. Whenever you begin to feel nauseated, getting a chrysoprase is a perfect remedy for this situation. 

Its calming energy keeps your digestive system in balance

Carrying a chrysoprase tumbled stone is one of the ways to harness the power of this crystal for your healing. 

5 Best Crystals for motion sickness

man sick

When it comes to motion sickness, it is nothing to worry about. This does not mean you should ignore it. But, there might not be the need for any serious medical treatment

There is a simple way to deal with this situation. 

Through the 5 crystals in this section, you can reduce your motion sickness.

These precious gemstones have the healing properties to eliminate the root cause of your motion sickness. 

1) Green Calcite

charge Green Calcite

This unique crystal is great for healing motion sickness. By using it, your mind stays calm. Its stimulating energy also keeps your mind busy with varying thoughts

It engages your mind while taking your attention off the journey

To enjoy its healing and stimulating energies, place it in your right hand during your travels. You can also wear it as a pendant. 

2) Rhodonite


This stone is believed to balance your emotions and alleviate motion sickness

Whenever you notice a constant occurrence of motion sickness, rhodonite is one of the best crystals to use as a spiritual remedy. 

Before traveling or going on a long trip, meditate with this crystal. Doing this helps you to harness its energy enough for the trip ahead. 

3) Aragonite

beautiful white aragonite

This unique crystal is beneficial for those suffering from motion sickness. It is commonly found in a large part of Europe and comes with positive energy.

Keeping this stone around you exposes you to enough positive energy to overcome your motion sickness problem. 

4) Nuummite


This unique stone is imbued with spiritual and grounding properties. It calms your mind and keeps you in a relaxed state while going on a long trip. 

All you need is to keep this crystal around you whenever you plan a long trip. Its spiritual properties help you to get enough relief from your travel sickness. 

5) Richterite


Not commonly known in the world of crystals, but powerful enough to heal you of your motion sickness

Its healing properties take away the nausea and dizziness you feel as a result of motion sickness. 

Using Richterite brings relief to you while traveling

Can I start using these crystals right now?

meditation nature

Yes, you can start using these crystals right now. 

Whenever you feel nauseated or dizzy either due to morning sickness, pregnancy, or travel sickness, these are crystals you should begin to use. 

However, ensure that your gemstone is well-charged and cleansed to give you the intended result. 

Once this is in place, nothing stops you from enjoying its power. 

Final Words

The 13 crystals for healing sickness in this article can alleviate symptoms of healing sickness, nausea, motion sickness, and so on

Ensure you select the crystal that resonates with your energy levels. 

Also, it is recommended to visit a medical practitioner for professional care. Using crystals does not take away the need for medical treatment. 

Have you used any of these crystals before? Share your experience with us in the comment section. 

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