11 Best Protection Crystals for Empaths: You Will Love!

Jorge Silva
11 Best Protection Crystals for Empaths: You Will Love!

Empaths are referred to as energy sponges. They absorb all the energies of the world – be it good or evil

As an empath, you might feel a sense of purpose to care for people around you. Because of the gift you have, you might feel the need to ALWAYS be available to show compassion.

As beautiful and noble as this intention is, empaths stand the risk of suffering an emotional and mental breakdown. Do you know why

It is because of the instability in feelings they go through as they intend to absorb people’s pains on their behalf. 

Because of this, empaths are seen as the most endangered species on Earth. They are seen as sacrificial lambs to be slain on behalf of people. 

Now, as an empath, you can protect yourself from suffering this fate. There are protective crystals you can use to keep your chakras balanced despite absorbing all the negativity, pains, and sufferings of people. 

In this article, we will talk about these 11 best protection crystals for empaths. Do well to stick around to find out these crystals.

What are the best crystals for empaths?

Solar plexus chakras

When it comes to searching for the best crystals for empaths, here are some of the things to look out for before choosing the stone to use for protection:

  1. The stone must have grounding properties: Choose crystals that will help empaths stay connected to the present moment, and also help them to stay in tune with their inner energy;
  2. Ensure that the selected stone can absorb or transmute negative energies: This helps empaths to transfer the negative energy they have absorbed into the stone;
  3. Must be able to maintain balance: Because of the instability empaths face, the crystal to select must be able to maintain emotional stability and balance;
  4. Choose a stone that can enhance the intuitive ability of empaths: With this stone, empaths can accurately discern their own emotions from that of others. This helps them to know how to navigate themselves through unwanted emotional energies;
  5. Stones with calming or soothing energy: These stones ensure that they find their inner peace, and become emotionally stable. It is like an emergency remedial stone, which always works to ensure that empaths are not depressed or vulnerable to negativity. 

Always look out for these properties in the stone you intend to choose. As an empath, you can never go wrong choosing a crystal with one or more of these properties for protection. 

11 Best protection crystals for Empaths

rose quartz crystal necklace

As an empath, below are the 11 best protection crystals to use every day

These crystals possess the necessary qualities to protect you and keep you in balance. 

1) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli

Known as “the stone of peace”, it possesses the spiritual ability to maintain your inner peace.

Sometimes, being an empath means that you are susceptible to chaos, and the negativity of others. 

However, by keeping lapis lazuli around you, there is sufficient energy to protect your mind.

Despite the chaos you absorb, this stone will keep these negative energies from penetrating your mind or disturbing your core

Spiritually, this crystal also helps your throat chakra. It fosters easy communication and expression.

Lapis lazuli helps you to learn to stand up for yourself in more ways than you can imagine

As an empath, this stone ranks as one of the top crystals to use as protection for your mind against the chaos you might absorb during the day.

This is why you should have one for yourself.

Before you use this crystal, read here the possible side effects.

2) Brown Agate

Brown Agate

This crystal is attuned to the earth’s energy. With the power of brown agate, you can be assured of enjoying grounding and stability. 

Keeping this crystal around you helps you to absorb the earth’s energy, stay grounded, and remain mentally stable

Furthermore, brown agate ensures that you are not affected by negative energies.

It builds a shield around your mind, which prevents depression, anxiety, fear, or worry from other people from getting to you.

If you want to remain grounded and stable as an empath, brown agate is the best stone to make this happen. 

3) Hematite


This stone possesses protective powers and qualities. It shields you from getting affected by negative energies from other people.

Its black and silver mix keeps your mind on the defensive. An invisible barrier is built around your mind with the energy from this stone. 

Furthermore, the energy from this stone gives you ideas on how to compartmentalize the energies of other people.

It helps you to learn how to differentiate between other people’s energies and yours

When this happens, you can confidently tap into your own emotions and emit frequencies from that realm. 

Keeping hematite with you protects you.

Learn how to cleanse and charge your hematite crystals.

4) Obsidian

Black Obsidian Metaphysical Properties

This stone is known for its inner strength

Most times, empaths are easily manipulated because of their kind heart. A lot of people take advantage of these people.

This is why you need to protect yourself from such manipulation. 

With obsidian, your inner foresight will be heightened. It becomes easier for you to spot manipulators

Furthermore, obsidian keeps bad people with evil intentions away from you. It makes them uncomfortable around you and eventually drives them from you. 

As an empath, who daily interacts with people, protect yourself from manipulative people by shielding yourself with obsidian stone. 

5) Moonstone

The main purpose of moonstone is to keep bad energy far from you. In the African tradition, it is known as keeping bad juju away from you. 

Empaths need to use moonstones much more

The light of the moon is trapped in this stone and can be used to constantly purify your mind and external environments from the negativity of people’s thoughts, words, and so on. 

Wearing a moonstone bracelet does the magic.

It releases beams of light constantly. Even when people dump their worries and troubles on you, this stone ensures that you are not affected.

It keeps traumas far from you

6) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal
Clear Quartz

This is for those who are suffering from traumas.

As an empath who has been exposed to a lot of negative energies and feelings, it is possible to start suffering from traumas

Once this begins to happen, clear quartz is the best remedy. 

This stone absorbs all negativity from your mind and also heals you of traumas. 

7) Rose Quartz

Rose quartz stone

Because your emotions are involved in this, you should have rose quartz around you more often.  

This stone keeps you emotionally stable. When you start feeling emotionally vulnerable because of the pressures on the outside, the energy from this stone immediately fills you with the strength and fortitude to remain stable

8) Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz in light

Spiritually, this stone helps you to remain positive.  The energy from this stone keeps negative energy away from you. 

As an empath, it is easy to fall into negativity because of how much you absorb energy.

With the help of smoky quartz, you will filter unwanted energy frequencies, and remain positive and stable. 

9) Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite
Blue Apatite

This stone is also great for protecting your mind against negative vibes. It shields your chakras from negative energy. 

Blue apatite can be worn as a pendant. It serves as a spiritual barrier and shield.

Furthermore, this crystal enhances your intuitive powers.

It increases your spiritual awareness and sharpens your empathic-psychic powers. 

10) Malachite


This stone helps empaths to attain a level of inner strength

Furthermore, it absorbs negative energies from an empath; thus, leaving them free from negativity

Wearing this stone, or keeping it in your bag is a great way to protect yourself as an empath.

Before you use Malachite, read here all the possible side effects of this stone.

11) Citrine

Citrine stone

This stone helps your solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for inner strength, confidence, and self-awareness

As an empath, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. You can forget who you are while trying to help others figure out their lives. 

Keeping citrine close to you ensures that this never happens. It helps your mind to remain aware of who you are, which helps you to stay in tune with your intentions.

Before you use Citrine, read here all the possible side effects of this crystal.

Can any empath use these protection stones?

holding rose quartz

Yes, any empath can use these protection stones.

All that is required is to select the protection stone that best solves the unique problems of every empath. 

If your problem is learning how to balance your emotions, a stone that protects you against negative energy and boosts inner strength is the best bet

Discovering your pain point helps you to identify the perfect protection stone to use. 

Can I use more than 1 crystal at the same time?

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

No, it is not advisable to use more than 1 crystal at the same time.

Because of how fragile your mind is – as an empath, you should not expose yourself to a lot of external energies.

Identify the crystal that works best for you and stick with it. Even if you intend on using multiple crystals for protection, do this one at a time. 

Final Words

This article just provided a lasting solution to your problems as an empath. 

Ensure to get one of these protection crystals. Take it around with you for protection and a constant flow of positive energy to your core. 

These crystals also ensure that your chakras are working perfectly. Do you have other crystals you’ve used? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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