11 Benefits of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

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11 Benefits of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

While the many benefits of wearing a black obsidian bracelet are well-known, most people don’t know why it helps with weight loss or helps you to sleep better.

What does this stone have to do with these things?

The answer lies in the positive energy that it exudes and the way it interacts with your aura to affect change in your life.

To see what else this stone can do, keep reading.

About Black Obsidian crystal

Black Obsidian Healing Benefits

Black Obsidian is a potent crystal that can help to protect you from negative energy.

It can also assist in banishing any negativity that may already be present in your life.

This crystal can also help to cleanse and purify your auric field. Black Obsidian can also help you release any attachments you may have to unhealthy people or situations.

Additionally, it can assist in bringing any repressed emotions or traumas to the surface to heal them.

Finally, Black Obsidian can help you connect with your higher self and attain a greater understanding of who you are.

It can also provide spiritual protection on your journey towards enlightenment.

These qualities make Black Obsidian one of the best crystals for use during astral travel and lucid dreaming and everyday protection against outside forces.

Should I wear a Black Obsidian bracelet?

Black Obsidian bracelet
Black Obsidian

If you’re looking for a powerful protection stone, black obsidian is definitely for you.

This Stone is known for its negative energy and cleansing of the aura. It’s also excellent for dispelling EMF radiation.

You may notice improved mental clarity and increased physical stamina if you wear it.

Black obsidian is also helpful in releasing emotions like anger, fear, and grief that are no longer serving you. When you wear a black obsidian bracelet, it will remind you to be mindful and live your life with compassion and forgiveness.

Black Obsidian can also balance yin-yang energies and bring clarity to our intuition.

It’s important to note that because black obsidian is volcanic glass, some people experience slight irritation when they first start wearing one – this usually subsides within one or two weeks.

How to wear a Black Obsidian bracelet/necklace?

Black Obsidian necklace
Black Obsidian necklace

Black Obsidian is a mighty, creative, and protective stone. It can be worn as a bracelet or any other type of jewelry.

It is essential to cleanse your Black Obsidian jewelry often, as it can absorb negative energy.

When wearing Black Obsidian, it is necessary to set your intention for what you want to achieve with its help.

Whether you are looking for protection, creativity, or healing, focus your thoughts on your goal and let the Obsidian do its work.

You can wear Black Obsidian bracelets for both protection and grounding purposes.

For example, if you’re feeling out of balance or off-center in some way, try putting on a Black Obsidian bracelet that has been cleansed beforehand. With continued use, these stones will make all the difference in your life!

Which hand to wear a Black Obsidian bracelet?

Wearing a black obsidian bracelet

You can wear your Black Obsidian bracelet on your left wrist if you wish to receive its beneficial effects or simply switch it around, so it is on your right.

The choice is yours! If you have any concerns about which hand to wear your bracelet, then ask yourself what energy I need more in my life.

If the answer is protection, put it on your left arm; if the answer is knowledge and guidance from higher realms, then put it on your right arm.

But whatever you decide to do, remember that these stones simultaneously give off both positive and negative energies.

Be mindful when choosing the hand to wear your Black Obsidian bracelet!

11 Benefits of wearing a Black Obsidian bracelet

Benefits of wearing a Black Obsidian bracelet

Wearing a black obsidian bracelet can help deflect negative energy away from you and protect you from harmful vibes.

This powerful stone is also known for its ability to cleanse and purify your aura, removing any stagnant or stuck energy.

If you’re feeling lost, confused, or just out of sorts, putting on a black obsidian bracelet can help center and ground you.

It will also clear your head so you can think more clearly about what’s going on in your life.

Black obsidian has been said to give courage, dispel fear, and bring hope when worn around the neck. Here are 11 Benefits of Wearing a Black Obsidian Bracelet

1) Obsidian Provides Protection

Wearing black obsidian is like having your bodyguard.

This powerful stone has been used throughout history as a talisman to ward off negative energy and protect the wearer from harm.

Obsidian is known for absorbing negative energy, so it’s no surprise that it’s often used as a shielding stone.

If you’re feeling vulnerable or exposed, wearing obsidian can help you feel more grounded and safe.

2) It Helps with Energy

If you are someone who channels energy or works as a psychic or healer, it is essential to protect your energy field from outside influences.

Black obsidian is an excellent stone for this purpose, as it creates a barrier against negative energies.

It also helps to ground you, so you can stay focused and clearheaded while working.

And since it deflects negativity, this obsidian may be helpful for those in healing professions who take on other people’s emotional baggage (such as therapists).

You can also use black obsidian with another grounding stone like red jasper to make sure your energy doesn’t get drained by others.

3) Wearing an Obsidian Bracelet Cuts Negativity

Negative energy can come at us from all sorts of sources – other people, our environment, our thoughts, and our emotions.

Whatever the start, it can weigh us down, making us feel tired, anxious, or even sick.

We must find ways to protect ourselves from these energies that can erode our emotional health.

One way is by wearing an Obsidian Bracelet, which is said to deflect negativity away from you and out into the world.

Another great thing about Black Obsidian is that it doesn’t emit any negative vibrations, so it will not absorb those vibrations when you wear one. It’s like a shield against dark forces!

4) This Stone Will Help You Reach Your Goals

When you set your sights on a goal, staying focused and seeing it through to completion can be difficult.

Wearing a black obsidian bracelet can help you keep your eyes on the prize by promoting concentration and drive.

This stone also eliminates distractions, so you can better zero in on what’s important.

If self-doubt has been holding you back, black obsidian can give you the boost of confidence you need to go after your dreams.

It’s also said to encourage assertiveness and decisiveness, two more qualities that will come in handy as you work towards your goals.

Lastly, black obsidian is known for its protective powers, which can help shield you from negativity as you pursue your objectives.

5) Promotes Fertility

One of the more unique benefits of wearing an obsidian bracelet is that it has been known to promote fertility.

Black obsidian may be worth a try for couples trying to conceive without success.

Theories abound on how Obsidian works magic in this department, but one thing is for sure.

There are countless testimonials from couples who have finally achieved their dream of starting a family after donning this beautiful gemstone.

6) This Stone Protects Children

Black obsidian is a mighty protection stone and is especially helpful in guarding children against harm.

It can also block negative energy and influences from adults who might seek to harm them.

This gemstone also promotes healing after trauma, making it an excellent choice for kids who have experienced abuse or violence.

When worn by children, black obsidian can help them feel safe and secure and boost their self-confidence.

It’s also said to help with concentration and focus, making it an excellent tool for kids who struggle with attention deficit disorders.

7) Unblocks Obstacles in Relationships

Whether looking for love or seeking to improve an existing relationship, black obsidian can help unblock any obstacles standing in your way.

This powerful stone helps dispel negative energy, providing clarity and insight into areas of your life that may be holding you back.

By cleansing your aura of negativity, black obsidian allows you to approach relationships from a place of positivity and authenticity

Start by slipping on a black obsidian bracelet if you’re ready to open yourself up to love.

8) Mental Clarity & Enhances Thoughts

When you want to improve your focus and mental clarity, reach for a piece of black obsidian.

This powerful stone helps to boost concentration and cognitive function by stimulating the mind.

Additionally, it can help to ease stress and anxiety, two common culprits behind scattered thoughts and fuzzy thinking.

If you struggle to stay on task or catch up at work, try keeping a small piece of black obsidian in your pocket or desk for an extra mental edge.

9) Reduces Pain And Anxiety

Black obsidian is said to be a master healing stone.

It’s purported to help reduce pain and anxiety, two conditions that often go hand-in-hand. If you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, or both, give black obsidian a try.

You may be surprised at how much relief it can provide.

Wearing A Black Obsidian Bracelet Can Lower Blood Pressure: Have high blood pressure? Try adding black obsidian to your regimen.

Not only does it contain chemicals that can stabilize blood pressure levels, but it also soothes nerves and strengthens your immune system

10) Provides Stability In Times Of Change

Black obsidian is a stone of protection against negative energy of all kinds.

It helps to create a shield around the wearer, deflecting harmful intentions and outside influences.

This is an ideal stone to reach for if you’re going through a difficult time or feeling particularly vulnerable.

For those who are generally happy and confident in themselves, it can still offer stability during times of change.

Whether changing jobs, changing schools, or starting a new relationship – black obsidian will provide support and guidance throughout the process. 

Black Obsidian is a stone of Faith! Faith seems to be on the decline in our world today; we rarely encounter people who live their lives with complete certainty about what they believe in.

11) Helps People Overcome Financial Problems

If you’re struggling with money issues, it’s time to invest in a black obsidian bracelet.

This powerful crystal is known for its ability to help people overcome financial problems and increase their prosperity.

Here’s how it can help you:

  • This stone clears away the negative energy that may be causing these struggles;

  • It also helps balance your emotions so that you remain calm and focused on getting back on track financially;

  • It even brings luck and abundance into your life by helping clear away bad luck or lack of mine from your past lives.

Can I wear this bracelet every day?

About this stone

Yes, you can wear your black obsidian bracelet every day.

We recommend it! The more exposure you have to the powerful energies of this stone, the better.

Some of the benefits you can expect to experience by wearing black obsidian every day include:

  • More significant protection from negativity;
  • Stronger boundaries between yourself and others;
  • Tremendous success in attracting love;
  • Money, creativity, clarity, and abundance into your life;
  • Increased happiness with less need for self-medication;
  • Strengthened intuition that will lead to significant decisions;
  • Enhanced focus on achieving goals with less procrastination or distraction;
  • And improved health with reduced need for doctors or medication. 

Black Obsidian is an excellent grounding stone that helps you take care of yourself first. 

Black Obsidian wards off negative energy, so it’s beneficial when doing psychic work or healing sessions. 

It enhances empathy and understanding of other people’s feelings which is helpful when trying to maintain healthy relationships with family members and friends who may be struggling emotionally.

Final Words

Black obsidian is said to be a mighty cleansing stone.

It’s also known for its ability to ground and protect the wearer. If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that will look great and offer some severe metaphysical benefits, a black obsidian bracelet is a perfect choice.

Whether helping with your grounding or protecting you from negativity, these bracelets will care for your needs! With so wide different varieties available, there’s no reason not to give one a try today.

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