Black Moonstone Meaning & 11 Healing Properties

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Black Moonstone Meaning & 11 Healing Properties

Black moonstone is a powerful stone for protection. It can help deflect negative energy and psychic attacks. Is also excellent for absorbing and transmuting negative energy in general.

If you’re feeling drained or low, carrying or wearing black moonstone can help cleanse and recharge your energy field.

This stone can also help ward off depression and negativity.

If you’re prone to negative thinking, carrying this stone with you can help keep your thoughts more positive.

This stone is also said to be helpful for pregnant women and childbirth. It’s said to help ease labor pains and prevent miscarriages. This stone is also believed to be beneficial for the menstrual cycle and menopause.

 What is a Black Moonstone crystal?

Black Moonstone
Black Moonstone (Image from:

This crystal can be found worldwide, but some of the most significant deposits are in India, Madagascar, and Australia.

Despite its dark hue, black moonstone is quite a gentle crystal. Its nurturing energies allow it to ease emotional burdens, promote calmness and balance, reduce stress levels, and provide peace of mind.

It can also help with problems involving sleep disorders as well as irritability.

Additionally, this stone has been known to enhance intuition and psychic abilities while calming excessive emotions. 

3 Black Moonstone Meanings and Benefits

Black Moonstone Meaning and Properties

Black moonstone is a type of feldspar that gets its name from its inky black color. It’s a stone of new beginnings and is often used in rituals and spells. But black moonstone has other surprising meanings too.

1. Overcome sadness and depression

Black moonstone is excellent for helping people overcome sadness and depression and can protect against negativity from others.

It enhances creativity, intuition, self-expression, generosity, spontaneity, luck, and the ability to see opportunities.

The stone has been known to boost one’s self-confidence as well as one’s emotional stability.

2. Black moonstone is a stone of new beginnings.

Black moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. This stone can help nudge you in the right direction if you feel like you’re in a rut.

For example, if you’ve been trying to figure out what your next career move should be, this might be the perfect time to wear or carry a piece of black moonstone with you.

It’s not only about taking risks and getting out there; it’s also about being at peace with yourself and staying true to who you are.

3. Ability to balance emotions 

The most potent aspect of black moonstone?

It’s the ability to balance your emotions with their calming energies so that you are more capable of handling challenges without feeling overwhelmed by them! It is a protector stone, keeping negative energy at bay.

This stone also enhances intuition and insight, making it an excellent choice for use in meditation.

Black and White Moonstone Meaning

Black and White Moonstone
Black and White Moonstone

This crystal is a type of feldspar that gets its name from its inky black color.

Though it’s less well-known than other gemstones, black moonstone has some powerful healing properties.

  • The stone helps to stimulate the mind and aids in astral projection. It can also be used for communicating with spirit guides or ancestors.

  • When given as a gift, black moonstone can bring harmony to relationships and help to heal emotional wounds from the past.

  • Black moonstone promotes creativity and intuition and can help bring peace when dealing with family members or co-workers who are difficult to get along with.

White moonstone is a stone of great strength and will increase your determination and self-control.

It also helps to diminish anger or despair, bringing feelings of serenity and peace instead.

Black Moonstone’s Metaphysical Properties

Spiritual protection

Black moonstone is a powerful stone for protection, grounding, and healing. It has a solid connection to the earth and can help you feel more centered and balanced.

This stone also has surprising metaphysical properties that can help you in your spiritual practice.

For example, it will increase intuition and psychic abilities. It can also help pent-up release emotions like anger or resentment.

The stone may also aid with self-esteem issues by helping balance our emotions, so we don’t dwell on negative feelings too long or hold onto them without knowing why.

The energy of the stone also helps us learn from our mistakes rather than blame ourselves or others when things go wrong.

11 Black Moonstone Healing Properties

Black Moonstone Healing Properties

This gemstone is found worldwide, but some of the most significant deposits are in India, Madagascar, and Brazil.

This stone has a long history in folk medicine and crystal healing.

Some believe it protects against negative energies, while others say it’s an excellent stone for releasing emotional baggage.

1) It’s good for calming anxiety and stress

Black moonstone can be a helpful ally if you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

This stone is known for its calming and stabilizing energy, which can help ground and center you when feeling off-balance.

It’s also believed to draw negative energies away from the body and protect against psychic attacks!

Many people believe this type of quartz protects against psychic attacks by drawing out negative energies from the environment and body.

2) Use it to manage night terrors

Do you suffer from night terrors? If so, you’re not alone. An estimated 2-6% of the population experiences them.

And while there is no known cure, there are things that can help.

One of those things is the black moonstone.

You are placing a piece under your pillow before bedtime has been shown to minimize the severity and frequency of these nightmares.

Another way to use it for this purpose is to place it on your third eye area during an attack or before bedtime.

Finally, you can also use black moonstone with lemon balm and lavender to calm your nerves and get a better night’s sleep.

3) For chronic pain relief

This stone is a powerful healing stone that can be used to relieve chronic pain. It works by absorbing negative energy and converting it into positive energy.

This stone is said to help balance the chakras and promote emotional well-being.

To use black moonstone for this purpose, you can simply hold the stone in your hand or wear it as jewelry while you meditate. 

Another fascinating way to use the black moonstone is as an alternative remedy for headaches.

Put some pieces of black moonstone in a small cloth bag and place them at the base of your neck or forehead, where they will work their magic!

4) Protection from electromagnetic fields

This stone is a type of feldspar with inclusions of magnetite or hematite.

These minerals give black moonstone its protective qualities. This stone can help deflect harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) when placed on or near electronic devices.

Black moonstone is also said to be helpful for those sensitive to EMFs.

Additionally, it can work as an energy shield when hung above the bed at night. If you feel drained from EMF exposure, try sleeping with a piece of black moonstone next to your body and see if you feel better rested the next day.

5) Keep your muscles flexible

Your muscles are always working hard to keep you moving. But sometimes, they can get a little tight and inflexible. That’s where black moonstone comes in.

This powerful crystal can help to loosen up your muscles and improve your flexibility.

Plus, it has been shown to strengthen memory, which is essential for people who experience anxiety or depression.

6) Reduce bleeding after a period

If you’re looking for a way to reduce bleeding after your period, black moonstone may be worth considering.

This stone is said to have many healing properties, one of which is the ability to reduce bleeding.

Here’s what you need to know about black moonstone and its potential benefits for menstrual health:

  1. To reduce or stop bleeding, wear the crystal on your left wrist or carry it in your pocket.

  2. Place the crystal under running water for 30 minutes every day until your cycle ends.

  3. Gently touch the stone to sore or inflamed areas during menstruation; this can help soothe discomfort from cramps and lessen menstrual pain.

7) It boosts energy levels

Do you ever feel tired for no reason? Anemia, a lack of iron in the blood, can be one cause.

But if you’re not anemic and you’re still feeling sluggish, it could be that your chakras are out of balance.

Fortunately, black moonstone is a powerful crystal that can help to restore balance and boost energy levels.

It’s also beneficial for regulating hormone production. To use it, hold the stone with both hands while visualizing light flowing into your body from the rock.

8) Helps reduce menstrual cramps

Do you suffer from cramps during your period? If so, you’re not alone.

More than half of all women experience some form of discomfort during their menstrual cycle.

But there’s hope! This crystal is a powerful gemstone used for centuries to help reduce menstrual cramps.

Just place a black moonstone on the lower abdomen and relax.

In addition to easing menstrual cramps, black moonstone can be worn as jewelry or placed in water to purify it. 

9) It’s great for balancing mood swings

If you tend to experience mood swings, black moonstone can be an excellent crystal for you to keep around.

You can feel more balanced and stable by holding or wearing it.

Moonstone is known for its connection to the lunar cycles, which can represent the ebbs and flows of our emotions.

So if you’re feeling particularly off, this stone can help bring you back into alignment.

10) Black moonstone is said to bring good luck

Are you looking for a little extra luck in your life? Then you might want to consider carrying a black moonstone with you.

This stone is said to bring good luck to those who have it, and many people believe that wearing this stone can help you find a new job or meet the love of your life.

These beliefs are not just superstitions but are backed up by scientific research.

According to one study, when subjects wore black moonstone jewelry, their luck increased, and they were more likely to receive social benefits such as smiles from strangers and more time on hold during phone calls.

11) It can provide emotional grounding

This stone is a type of feldspar characterized by its inky black color. It is said to have a powerful energy that can help to ground and stabilize emotions.

This crystal can be a helpful ally if you feel stressed or overwhelmed.

It will give you the stability and balance needed to maintain your emotional equilibrium. 

Black moonstone is also suitable for those who feel insecure: it may stimulate an increased sense of personal power while offering protection from outside forces.

Those who struggle with self-doubt will find this stone an essential companion during their unique growth process as it helps them believe in themselves more fully.

Spiritual uses of the Black Moonstone

Meditation and relaxation

The black moonstone is a powerful stone used for protection and healing. It is said to help release negative emotions and energetic blockages.

The black moonstone can also be used to connect with your higher self and the divine feminine energy.

When feeling down, put some of this gemstone under your pillow at night.

Some other tips include meditating with it, wearing it as jewelry, or placing it around the home or office.

Where can I buy a Black Moonstone?

Amazon store

If you want to add black moonstone to your gemstone collection, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not hard to find.

It can be found in many locations, from jewelry stores and antique shops to natural stone vendors and grocery stores!

The sky is the limit for where you can buy this beautiful stone. And if none of those places works for you, check out Amazon; they have a wide selection available on their website!

Final Words

Black moonstone is a powerful stone that can be used for healing on many levels. It is said to promote happiness and joy while also helping reduce stress and anxiety.

This stone is also believed to help relieve grief and sorrow. Black moonstone may be the perfect choice if you are looking for a stone that can help you heal emotionally.

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