11 Miracle Crystals That Help With Anger (They Work!)

Jorge Silva
11 Miracle Crystals That Help With Anger (They Work!)

Do you know that there are miracle crystals that help with anger issues?

For those who have anger issues or emotional imbalance, you should read this article till the end because I have found a solution to your issues. 

You might be wondering if they work or not, well, the answer is “YES”. These miracle crystals work like miracles

The 11 crystals for anger are potent to help with your emotional issues.

Therefore, if you desire to end these uncontrollable fits of anger, then, use one of the crystals you will discover in this article. 

Can I use crystals to control anger and frustration?

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Yes, you can use crystals to control your anger and frustration.

Here are 3 reasons why crystals are powerful enough to control your emotional issues:

  1. Calming properties: A lot of crystals possess calming energy, which keeps your mind at peace. Sometimes, the reason for anger and emotional uproars is that the mind is not calm enough. However, with these crystals, your mind will remain calm.
  2. Emotional Healing: Using crystals with healing properties can control anger or frustration. Your anger might be caused by past traumas, which you need healing from. With the use of healing crystals, your frustration can be taken care of. 
  3. Energy balancing: Whenever your energy levels are out of alignment, you might feel anger, frustration, and negative energy. Therefore, crystals with grounding properties are great spiritual elements for controlling anger and frustration. 

11 Best Crystals that Help with Anger

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In this section, we will discuss the 11 best and most miraculous crystals that can help you with anger.

If you are battling with anger issues, this is where to find the solution to your issues

By using one or more of the crystals listed below, you will attain a level of peace, harmony, and stability. 

1) Citrine


Using this stone helps your mind to stop feeling frustrated

By harnessing the power of citrine, you will be encouraged to not give in to negativity even when things don’t go as planned. 

When people are uncontrollably angry, it might be due to a bad day, or an unmet expectation. Therapy might not be the cure for their problems. Crystals will do a better job

With citrine, the person’s mood will be uplifted, and hope will be restored. 

If you had a bad day, which is the reason for your anger, then, hold this crystal in your right hand and breathe in and out to harness its energy.

You will be amazed at how calm and optimistic you will become within a short while. 

2) Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz crystals

This unique crystal is another powerful gemstone to use for anger issues. Anger is a result of negative energy

Once this is dealt with, the major cause of your anger is solved

Well, you don’t need to smudge sage or perform any protection ritual.  By using smoky quartz, your negative energies will be released.

This powerful crystal eliminates negative energy from your chakra points. It fills you with positive energy, which instantly takes out your anger and frustration.

Read here all the benefits of using Smoky Quartz.

3) Hematite


The function of this stone is a bit different. It encourages you to not box your anger within yourself.

Rather than doing this, hematite inspires you to express your anger and frustration. 

However, the unique thing about this stone is that it provides enough mental balance for you to express how you feel in a controlled manner

Therefore, rather than using hurtful words, screaming, crying, or amplifying your anger, hematite puts everything under control. 

It helps you to release your anger. Afterwards, you will feel a lot better and in control of your emotions once again.

Read here all the benefits of using Hematite bracelets.

4) Selenite


One of the reasons behind uncontrollable anger is the unwillingness to let go of the past

Perhaps, something bad has happened to you in the past, which has formed a major part of your present life!

Well, this is why you are always angry and frustrated

Read the benefits of sleeping with Selenite under your pillow.

To overcome this feeling, you need to let go of what was done to you in the past. With the use of selenite, your mind will gradually begin to erase those gory images of your past. 

Additionally, selenite strengthens you to forgive those who have hurt you.

5) Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The energy from rose quartz is therapeutic. It releases compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. 

For example, if someone has hurt you, which is the reason behind your frustration, you should keep rose quartz around you often. 

The reason is that its soothing and therapeutic energy helps your mind to be compassionate. It helps you to forgive every wrong done against you. 

Once this is accomplished, your uncontrollable anger will stop

Do you know why? It is because the cause, which is unforgiveness, has been taken away by rose quartz. 

Using this stone also helps you to stop getting angry with your friends or your spouse.

Also read the benefits of sleeping with Rose Quartz under your pillow.

6) Howlite

Howlite Turquoise
Howlite Turquoise

You can use this stone to calm the mind during stress

When people suddenly overreact to issues, it is a sign that they are stressed. This might also be the reason for your sudden fits of anger and frustration.

However, if you have a howlite crystal around you, constant soothing energy will be released to you.

Therefore, rather than feel stressed and burned out, your mind will remain active and refreshed. With this, you won’t need to get angry or frustrated at people.

7) Lepidolite


Lepidolite is a beautiful crystal that also calms the mind.

Whenever you are angry or frustrated, you should hold this stone in your right hand, breathe in and out, and practice thankfulness. 

Furthermore, using lepidolite enhances communication. No matter how angry and frustrated you are, this crystal helps you to communicate your feelings effectively. 

When you are feeling anger for no reason, it is a sign that you should retreat and harness the energy of this crystal for a quick refreshing and energizing of the inner self for stability

Holding this crystal inspires you to learn to talk things out with the offender. 

8) Red Jasper

Red Jasper

You can use this stone whenever you feel angry at EVERYONE.  There are times like this!

I have been at that emotional corner before, and I know how gory it feels.

Therefore, be on the lookout for this. The moment you start feeling angry at everyone in your life, it means that your emotions are under a spiritual attack. 

Get a red jasper for yourself immediately. 

Its fiery energy burns off the negativity latching on to your emotions. It also creates an invisible shield around you, which helps you to recover quickly while protecting you from spiritual attacks. 

9) Blue Chalcedony

blue Chalcedony

This unique stone is great for self-control

If you get angry easily, one of the reasons might be a lack of self-control, which we can also term emotional instability. 

To get out of this fix, get a blue chalcedony for yourself. Its soothing energy keeps your mind calm.

Also, its grounding properties help your mental self to remain stable. To help you out of this issue, constantly wear this crystal as a pendant.

Keep it close to your chest at all times. The reason is that your chest is connected to your heart chakra, which is the seat of your emotions. 

10) Amazonite

Amazonite real stone

Just like lapis lazuli and other amazing healing crystals, amazonite promotes emotional and chakra healing

Your constant anger and frustration might be as a result of emotional traumas, or chakra imbalance. 

This is why you should keep Amazonite close to you at all times

Whenever I want to realign my chakra points, this stone is used a few minutes before I sleep and a few minutes after I wake up. 

All you need to do is to hold it in your right hand and speak positive affirmations about yourself and your emotions.

This positive energy aligns with the healing properties of Amazonite, which instantly deal with your anger problems

11) Angelite


From its name, it is clear that this stone is connected to the angelic realm.  In the world of spirituality, this realm is known for peace and encouragement

Therefore, using this stone provides encouragement, motivation, and peace of mind. 

Whenever you use Angelite, your emotional issues will be dealt with through a constant infusion of motivation, joy, and optimism into your heart. 

Can I also use these crystals for frustration?

meditating yoga healing

Yes, you can also use these crystals for frustration

Any gemstone that can deal with anger will help with frustration.  Here are the best crystals you can use for frustration:

  • Selenite, Angelite, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Blue Chalcedony and Howlite.

Will these stones help me right now?

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Yes, these stones will help you right now.  Ensure you open up your mind and practice meditation with one of these crystals. 

Using this stone helps you to overcome the temptation to get angry at every given point.

Furthermore, it heals you of emotional traumas or chakra imbalance. If your energy levels are low, using these crystals increases your frequency, which makes you positive and less nasty. 

This is why you should use these stones for your anger and frustration

How can I use these stones?

jewelry natural stone crystal

To enjoy the spiritual benefits and qualities of these crystals, here are a few ways to use these stones to overcome your anger issues

  • Wear them as pendants;
  • You can wear them as bracelets or ankle chains;
  • Placing these stones in your bag or purse also harnesses their energies ;
  • Most importantly, use these stones for meditation exercises. Doing this soothes your mind and opens you up to forgiveness and healing;
  • Before you sleep, place these stones on the left side of your bed. 

Use one or more of these methods to heal from anger issues and emotional problems through crystals. 

Final Words

If you use these crystals, a miracle will happen! You will attain a level of emotional and mental stability that nobody can manipulate.

These stones (as mentioned above) deal with the root cause of your anger problems, which means that you will NEVER have to deal with such problems again. 

Crystal healing is the best method for emotional healing. 

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